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  1. 1. StudentInformationManual 2012
  2. 2. Thank you for choosing to study at Channel School of English.My name is Maribel and I am the co-Director of Country Cousins, alongwith my husband, Jose. We both look forward to meeting you duringyour time in Ilfracombe.Country Cousins is a small, family business. We know all our students bytheir names, and we aim to help them to achieve their personal goals.From the first moment at Channel School our Welfare team, Teachers,Sports Instructors, Activity Leaders and Host Families will be there to at-tend to your needs to ensure an experience to take home and treasurefor life. Jose and me at the front of Channel SchoolThis Student Manual will provide you with some information which wehope you find useful.Please read it carefully and bring a copy with you…… you might be a winner! (see last page for details) Maribel
  4. 4. POCKET MONEY ey on m e t f o r to ck h po ll be ents uc , wi par a m g r s . ow brin you ere i osts H u d h c yo u an but e to yo cide, guid de g h rou Magazine £3 Ice Cream £1.25 Postcard £0.50Fizzy Drink £0.80 Overseas £0.60 StampChocolate bar £0.65 Crisps £0.65 Cinema £6 Burger £2.20 Swimming £3.50 Pool Chips £1.50 Return bus ticket to:-Small / Medium - Barnstaple £4.50 £6.50 Pizza (shopping) - Woolacombe £3.50 (beach)
  5. 5. 7 THINGS TO REMEMBER WHILST IN ENGLAND1. SMOKINGIn the UK it is ILLEGAL for those aged under 18 to buy cigarettes. Englandis now a smoke free country, so smoking in enclosed public spaces is not allowed!2. ALCOHOLIn the UK it is ILLEGAL to buy or consume alcohol if under 18, whether in a pub orfrom a shop. It is also illegal to drink alcohol on the streets of Ilfracombe!Do not enter a pub without your host family or our staff if you are under18!3. STEALINGIf you are caught stealing or shoplifting, the POLICE will be informed, yourPARENTS will be notified and you will be sent HOME at additional cost to yourparents. Stealing could result in you having a CRIMINAL RECORD.4. ROAD SAFETY: “THINK, STOP, LOOK & LISTEN, WAIT, CROSS”• THINK! Find the safest place to cross, preferably a pedestrian crossing.• Always wait on the kerb until the bus has departed before attempting to cross the road.• USE YOUR EYES AND EARS! Look left then right again for traffic, and please listen. Traffic could come from any direction.• WAIT UNTIL IT IS SAFE TO CROSS! If traffic is coming, let it pass.• NEVER wear headphones or chat while crossing.• CROSS! When it is safe, go straight across the road — walk, do not run, keep looking and listening while you cross.5. Close Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV Cameras)CCTV cameras are everywhere (pubs, shops, streets, parks, publictransport, around the school...) They help improve security and are very usefulin the fight against crime. Some of the CCTV cameras are very small, and youcannot always see them.6. GRAFFITISpray painting public property is against the law.Writing or drawing on the walls, doors or tables in and around the schoolwill be dealt with seriously.7. COASTAL SAFETY in NORTH DEVONPlease be VERY careful when walking around the beautiful coastline. Someyears ago a young student was tragically KILLED when she fell from cliffs inIlfracombe. Please do not become another VICTIM. The cliffs are DANGEROUS. REMEMBER: NO SMOKING, NO ALCOHOL, NO STEALING, CROSS SAFELY, NO GRAFFITI, COASTAL SAFETY
  6. 6. Who’s Who at Country Cousins Managing Director Jose Manages Operations, Finances, IT, and Social Brinkmann programme. First aid. Welfare & Marketing Director Maribel Co-Director. Manages office, student welfare and Cabrera placement, marketing and strategy. First aid. Director of Studies—Teachers and syllabus, student Clie van class lists and placements. Overseeing tuition on the Helsdingen Stay With an English Teacher Programme. Michelle Accommodation and Welfare Officer Schofield Student welfare & placement, First aid. Julie Mayling Secretary and PA to Jose Brinkmann Office and first aid. Food Manager. Transport Manager Matt Boni Tel: 00 44 7724 019 015 Driver, maintenance manager and first aid. Karl Baggott Driver Local and long distance. Dave Moulton Driver Local and long distance. Paul Moulton Driver Local and long distance. Pete Barnes Driver Long distance. David Hedderly Driver Long distance. First aid. Jan Tonkin Driver Long distance. First aid. George Squires Driver Long distance.In addition we have an experienced team of Teachers,Sports Instructors and Activity Leaders. There are photoboards at the school providing more information.
  7. 7. SUPPORT, WELLBEING & 24HR SAFETY m 5.30 p 0 am – m 8 .3 op en fro fice is The of – Friday. ay A l l of Mo nd our ho selecte st fam d, visi i experie ted an lies have be d insp e nced W elfare ected b n carefully staff. y our If you feel u nwell or ill, please come to the officetell your hos or t family, anappointmen t with the dowill be mad ctor e If the office is closed and you need to contact us, please telephone the EMERGENCY NUMBER 0044 1271 862834
  8. 8. ABOUT ILFRACOMBE Country Cousins runs Channel School of English in Ilfracombe l choo ge s gua t lan is low. anen io n ly perm populat e on dent ool is th ign stu Ilfrac Sch the fore ombe l nne n, so is a Cha tow e the N small sea i n th orth Devon side to coast wn on . HEATHROW AIRPORT The townindu g stry, rew arou but t n he m d the ha e is an ain i ndus rbour and Ilf racomb round . try n ow is fishing n Coast a ural Beauty’ touri rt h Devo N at sm The No utstanding f O ‘Area o
  9. 9. ILFRACOMBE AND SURROUNDING AREA antic rful Atl e, along onde hes are the w rough. T or us bo ous f by b Puts inutes mbe and re all fam . 10 m aco e, a nd Just s of Wool d Croyd olden sa e n g beach aunton a r miles of S ei with g and th surf in The town is close to National Exmoor Park. Ilfra c inutes by b us swim ombe h rnsta ple is 40 m excellent min as an town of Ba shops, an g po indo The market has many ol! or ombe and l amenities of a from Ilfrac all the usua tre and leisure Cen . larger town Good ten nis and able, plu table ten s the us nis club ual seaf s are av ro n t att a ractions il- .
  10. 10. YOUR FIRST TWO DAYS Plea s e ch t i me ec table k your sure a that nd mak time you e ! a re o ill b e a n n am , t h e r e w l. at 9:30 l Schoo On Sunday ing at Channe he way to o n meet w yo u t inducti ily will sho ur week ly Yo u r h ost fam iv e n y o hannel il l b e g ol . You w hown around C the scho be s do on me and w what to program that you kno School , so g. ee mornin have thr Monday en a Set. We o be giv Yo u will als , B a nd C t sets: A d if f e r e n You wil l take a mornin placeme g to giv nt t during your English e us a b est on Monday four things . From etter ide a o f yo u ill do placed i your se r level o pe y ou w n a diff erent cla cond da y yo u fWe h o uage t h e t est . may be h lang re The resu ss b a sedstay : Englis ultu a s t h ey lt on t merely r s of this test ar he results of f ledge o lish c ou r know ut the Eng eflect yo e not pu rove y g abo ur know blished 1. Imp learnin If you h ave any ledge of w hile ife. question English ay of l please a s about . and w h by s k yo u r teacher t yo u r p r o Englis Ac a d e m o help y gramm ur spoken our own ic Mana ou, e rove yo eaking y ith ger, or v isit the o ask the 2. Imp g sp ting w av oidin d by interac ffice. age an ly and other langu mi ost fa ts . your h onal studen a ti intern around rien ds from e new f 3. Mak orld! t he w !!! nt l y , E FUN mporta ti d HAV much as mix students as an 4. Mos OURSELF ENJO YY We ssons and p ossible during le day one. activities from
  11. 11. GETTING TO SCHOOL MONDAY to FRIDAY BUS ROUTE TO CHANNEL SCHOOLIlfracombe is a relatively small town and most students walk to/from school, but thereis a free bus service for those not within walking distance or for Young Learners (6 to11 years old). 8.50 am / 7.15 pm Coach Park, Adjoining Pack of Cards 8.55 am / 7.20 pm SeasideCOMBE MARTIN 9.00 am / 7.25 pm Bus Stop at Barton Lane Junction with main Combe Martin Road 8.50 am / 7.10 pm Bus Stop at Roundabout by Marines Base 8.55 am / 7.15 pm Braunton - Opposite Murco/ Costcutter garage CHIVENOR/ BRAUNTON 9.00 am / 7.20 pm Agricultural Inn Car Park 9.05 am / 7.25 pm Nethercott & Upcolt turning by Scrapyard Bus Stop near Knowle 9.05 am Hele Bay ILFRACOMBE 9:10 am Swimming Pool 9.15 am Pimpernel Garage RETURN BUS TO HOST FAMILIESAfter a daytrip, or an activity outside Ilfracombe, the bus will drop students onits way back.If students have had an activity in Ilfracombe or finish classes the bus willleave at about 5.15pm from Channel School.For evening activities the bus will leave at 10.00pm after the activity finishes.
  12. 12. A TYPICAL DAY AT SCHOOL 9:30—11:00 LESSON ONE 11:00 – 11:15 BREAK 11:15 – 12:45 LESSON TW0 12:45 – 13:45 LUNCH BREAK 13:45 – 17:00 YOUR ACTIVITY PROGRAMME!MEET ING POIN Duri TS F n OR A CTIV ITIE stud g brea en k S drin ts can s from MAKE SURE YOU FIND ks f rom purc h l YOUR SIGN! and som a ven ase sna essons barb e lu ding ck s eque ncht mac and !! imes hin there e… is a
  13. 13. SCHOOL RULES1. BULLYINGCountry Cousins welcomes students from all over the world and respectstheir different cultures and religions. We expect our students to do thesame and to make the most of the opportunity to find out more about theworld.We call it “bullying” when a student (or a group of students) is unkind oraggressive to another student (or group of students).Bullying can include:• Calling someone rude names• Hurting someone• Ignoring someone or leaving them out of the game• Playing unkind tricks on someone• Sending unkind text messages, emails or messages via social networking sites• Threatening to hurt someone if they do not give you their money or possessionsIf anyone is bullying you or your friends, you must tell your group leader,your teacher or another adult at the school.Anyone who bullies another student will be punished and, inserious cases, will be sent home at their parents’ expense.2. MOBILE PHONES AND IPODsMobile phones and iPODs are banned during lesson time and if youare caught using such items they will be confiscated for one week. TURN THEM OFF!!3. CHEWING GUMChewing gum is banned at Channel School, so please do notuse it either in the school or the gardens.4. PUNCTUALITYYou must be on time for all your lessons and activities. DO NOT BE LATE!! NO BULLYING, NO MOBILE PHONES, NO IPODs, NO CHEWING GUM, BE ON TIME!!
  14. 14. PLAN OF CHANNEL SCHOOL Classroom Boys’ Toilets 11 Young Teachers’ Room LearnersBoys First Floor&Girls ClassroomToilets& Matt Boni’s Office 10Show- Staff Lockers & (Transport)ers Vending Machine Classroom 12 Classroom Classroom Classroom Classroom 8 9 77 Classroom 13 Staff Only Girls’ Toilets kitchen Classroom Classroom 14 Director of Studies’ 5 Classroom Office Staff only 6 Toilets St e P th ep ar Stairs to s k Main Office: to first floor Reception, Internet Student Welfare, Classroom Jose’s Office Bureau de Change 1 Classroom Classroom 4 3 Ground Floor & Main Entrance School grounds and Exit Vending Picnic Area ** Please use the Bins ** Machine e- m r e a e Bi c c l ark p ext to botto th e scom e hill, K at th la y a R n of t AR PA Barbecue be P area To C h Fire Assembly Point
  15. 15. MEALS IN ENGLAND During the w eek your hos you a packed t family wil e lunch to eat l give ight lik during you at the school nin g you m dish r excursions or One eve nationa l or activities. to cook your mily. You must n ot go home fo host fa r lunch. for you Dinner is no rma rude to be late lly at 6pm and it is very sin ce the famil for you. y will be wa iting HOT TIP!! Food is alw ays point and th a good conversation is is a grea t opportunit A typical talk to you r host y to packed l family befo unch conarrival abou t which food re your tains...dislike. s you like a nd A bag of crisps One sandwich Drink (fruit juice or water) Chocolate bar / sweet A piece of fruitSo...• How do you like your sandwich? With salad? With butter? Withcucumber and tomato? With cheese? With ham or chicken?• What flavour of crisps is your favourite?• Do you prefer an apple, a banana or a pear?• What kind of drink would you like: fruit juice or water? PLEASE TELL YOUR HOST FAMILY!!
  16. 16. EVENINGS We hav e a fun such as pro a weekl gramme of ev CONC y DISC ening a ERT an O, KAR ctivitie d GAM A s, ES EVE OKE, ROCK NING. NIGHT TIMES FOR ALL STUDENTS!!We have a set of times, which apply every night.All students have a copy, as do the English families. Sothere is no excuse if you are late, please think that yourfamily is waiting for you!You should be home by these times: Up to 11 years old: evening activities only 12 years old: 9 pm 13 & 14 years old: 9:30 pm 15 & 16 years old: 10:00 pm 17 years old: 10.30 pm
  17. 17. SO, WHAT NEXT? 1. Please print a copy of this Student Manual and bring it with you. 2. If you have not already done so, please read it carefully because.... 3.yourwhen day, arrive willthe school on ... first you there at be a quiz, with cool prizes for the winners such as free burgers, bags or sweets.4. Now have a nice journey, and don’t forget to look for your escort’s sign at your UK port or airport: YOUR HOME YOUR ESCORT AT UK TERMINAL