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The fatcat4


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The fatcat4

  1. 1. Once upon a time an old lady was cooking someporridge. She went out.
  2. 2. The cat ate the porridge andthe pot.
  3. 3. “Where’s my porridge?” Saidthe lady.
  4. 4. I ate the porridge, the pot and now it’s yourturn!
  5. 5. He met a butcher; the butcher asked “Why are you sofat?“I ate the porridge, the pot, the old lady and now it’syour turn!”
  6. 6. The cat met a postman.
  7. 7. The cat met a rock-band
  8. 8. The cat met a schoolchildren.
  9. 9. The cat met a nurse-maid. The nurse-maid asked “Why are you so fat?”
  10. 10. The cat met a doctor
  11. 11. The fat cat met awoodcutter
  12. 12. The woodcutter said “Noyou are a wrong my fat cat!”
  13. 13. The cat said: “I’m sorry!”
  14. 14. THE END