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Klewel Brochure 2008


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As easy to use as your favorite web search engine
Thanks to a fully innovative digital solution your content is always available and is easily promoted
online. This solution automatically references the full content of presentations (including the audio,
video and slides). These presentations are fully accessible from your Intranet or website. Browsing is
fast and easy across all of the presentations. Any interested parties can immediately access and
retrieve specific information without having the need to play back the full presentation. This is as
easy to use as your favorite web search engine. The greater the volume of indexed content (such as
conferences and congresses) the higher the level of performance of our solution. The talks are
captured thanks to an efficient and unobtrusive multimedia digital capture station.
Your advantages
• A leading-edge service for sharing knowledge
• A full solution for recording, storing and sharing your presentations
• A fast online distribution with the content available only a few hours after your event
• A statistical tool which allows you to measure and track the way users access the stored
• A user-friendly web interface, easily accessible to everyone
The software developed by Klewel obtained the 2008 Seal of European e-Excellence in Multimedia
at the CeBIT forum, one of the largest international trade shows in the domain of Information
and Telecommunication technology. UNICEF and the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery),
one of the largest scientific conference organizers in the world, trust Klewel.
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Klewel Brochure 2008