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EdWeb Navigation System Design


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Published in: Education
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EdWeb Navigation System Design

  1. 1. EdWeb Navigation System DesignMae GuerraNavigation MechanismsSparse or Rich NavigationThe navigation needs to be user friendly for my 4thgraders. I want mylearners to have the freedom to go back and forth between sessions but Ialso want to guide my learners through the course along a specific pathalong the navigation system. In order to reach both needs I will haveelements of both sparse and rich navigation.MenuOn the menu I will be providing a constantly displayed menu to helpusers navigate the site. The users will always see how the course isorganized and the can jump from one session to another. I will be using aleft margin constant menu that displays all the topics and can beexpanded to show sub topics, just like the eCollege shell. The menu willprovide complete freedom to move from topic to topic.Location IndicatorsI will have visual icons on the assignment pages where students mayclick on the button to read about the activity and learn about the currenttopic. The learners will need an easy to understand interface. EnglishLanguage Learners will need these visual icons to help guide themthrough certain assignments.GlossaryThe Glossary entries will have hyperlinks to the sections of the coursethat relate to the entries. In this way, it will be both an index and aglossary. There will be a glossary link available all the time in the upperright.PagingThe paging will not span more than one page. Lessons will be designedfor minimal paging.