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Divas presentation


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Healthy divas, an afterschool pre teen self esteem program

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Divas presentation

  1. 1. Program coordinatorsDonna Fryman, Family &Consumer Sciences AgentGwen O’Cull, Expanded Food &Nutrition Program AssistantBarbara Campbell, SNAP-EdProgram Assistant UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE
  2. 2. In the beginning:•The idea: work with preteens to build their self esteem andencourage positive health behaviors•Saw news articles and a television newscast on similar topic.•Discussed among office staff and then pulled in specialist help.•Contacted school principal to see if this would be possible•Secured support from the school board•Secured funding
  3. 3. Objectives of program:•Encourages female students to take charge of their health.•Learn positive actions to empower themselves .•Students improve their self esteem• Increase their knowledge of healthy behaviors.•Provide an outlet to discuss topics of interest to them in a safe andwelcoming environment.•Provides student and adults with a positive bonding experience.•Students will serve as role models for other students in theschool.
  4. 4. How it evolved Students were selected by teachers. Parents received invites for their child to participate Students then met after school once a week
  5. 5. THE NAME
  6. 6. Components Journaling Health topic Exercise Nutrition
  7. 7. Journaling
  8. 8. Exercising can be fun!!!!!
  9. 9. More fun exercising
  10. 10. Nutrition and Food Preparation
  11. 11. Preparing and tastingnew foods
  12. 12. Students try many new recipes and foods
  13. 13. Food safety is covered at every session
  14. 14. Guest Speakers include Physicians
  15. 15. Presenters discuss skin and hair care
  16. 16. Grooming has been a popular topic
  17. 17. Community ServiceProjects
  18. 18. Accessory classMany used a sewing machinefor the first time ever!
  19. 19. Fun but useful skill classes Sewing skills Etiquette Craft projects Local History
  20. 20. Learning about local history while walking
  21. 21. Evaulation Students were given a pre-test at the beginning of each session concerning their beliefs, attitudes and behaviors related to the session’s health topic. Post tests were administered at the end of each 12 week period. . The questionnaire measures the changes in self-esteem, health habits and ability to resist at-risk behavior. The evaluation tool was developed by Kenneth Jones, University of Kentucky , Cooperative Extension Service Director of Program and Staff Development
  22. 22. Results Results over the four year time period of the 258 students have reported: 75% are aware of health consequences of tobacco, drug, and alcohol misuse. 64% have started consuming more fruits and vegetables daily 68% have increased physical activity time daily. 85% have improved their grooming techniques 55% have started journaling on a regular basis
  23. 23. Collaborators/Funding The success of this program is due to the involvement of agents, Extension Program Assistants, Extension Specialists and the County School System. Cooperative Extension Service funded the project School District provided the space and additional support through the Guidance Counselors and Family Resource Center Staff.
  24. 24. For more informationContact:  Fleming County Donna Fryman, Cooperative Extension Family & Consumer Service Sciences agent PO Box 192 Flemingsburg, KY Gwen O’Cull, 606-845-4641 EFNEP assistant Email: Barbara Campbell, SNAP-Ed assistant