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What is Called Design Thinking?


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A presentation to the 2008/09 class of the Institute without Boundaries

Published in: Business, Education

What is Called Design Thinking?

  1. 1. What is called Design Thinking?
  2. 2. Let’s get empirical
  3. 3. Human-centered Prototype-driven Mindful of process
  4. 4. David Kelley
  5. 5. So. Do designers think differently?
  6. 6. As opposed to?
  7. 7. “Business people need to become designers” Roger Martin
  8. 8. An opposable what?
  9. 9. If design is a method of action
  10. 10. Then what is thinking is a method of ???
  11. 11. Is Design Thinking a method at all?
  12. 12. THE Trigger?
  13. 13. It was all my idea
  14. 14. No, it was mine
  15. 15. Wicked!
  16. 16. Not opposed, but opposable
  17. 17. It’s about the people, stupid
  18. 18. T-shaped
  19. 19. Signal of human intention
  20. 20. Opposable minds T-shaped people Design intent
  21. 21. Examples
  22. 22. 9 QUESTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS MODEL PARTNER KEY VALUE RELATIONSHIP CLIENT NETWORK ACTIVITIES PROPOSITION MANAGEMENT SEGMENTS What are your key activities What type of relationship and how difficult are they to does your client expect you to perform (by others)? establish and maintain with him? What can partners do better Which one of your client’s than you or at a lower cost problems are you solving and What are your client’s needs, (and thus leverage your why will he work with you desires and ambitions? business model)? KEY rather than with a competitor? DISTRIBUTION & RESOURCES ACQUISITION CHANNELS What are your key resources Through which means does and how difficult are they to your client want to be reached copy (by others)? and addressed by you? COST STRUCTURE REVENUE STREAMS / PRICING What is the cost structure of your What value are your clients business model and is it in harmony with really willing to pay for and the core idea of your business model? how will they pay for it? Alexander Osterwalder, Ph.D. Sponsored by:
  23. 23. simple client profiler what’s on his mind? his/her preoccupations his/her worries what he thinks what does he what does he see? hear? what his boss says his environment what his friends say his friends what his wife says what the market offers him/her what does he say? his/her attitude how he appears in public what he tells others
  24. 24. All in the game
  25. 25. So, is Design Thinking a method at all?
  26. 26. The Last Discipline
  27. 27. Design Thinking Norms
  28. 28. Observe Co-create Ideate Prototype Think visually Tell a story
  29. 29. A method for innovating method