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Vocab Tomas And The Library Lady


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Published in: Education
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Vocab Tomas And The Library Lady

  1. 1. American Stories – 4th GradeTomas and the Library Lady<br />Mary Ann Terrell<br />VCUSD – Cave Elementary<br />Created July 2009<br />
  2. 2. borrow<br />bor-row<br />to get temporary use of<br />Spanish translation:<br />pedir prestado <br />tomar prestado <br />apropiarse <br />emprestar <br />tomar a préstamo<br />Filipino translation:<br />magpahiram<br />umutang<br />manghiram<br />managot<br />arain<br />hiramin<br />humiram<br />ihiram<br />take a book, but<br /> bring it back<br />
  3. 3. check out<br />check out<br />to withdraw an item, as a book in a library<br />Filipino translation:<br />magpatala nang umalis<br />Spanish translation:<br />verificar<br />pagar la cuenta e irse<br />
  4. 4. eager<br />ea-ger<br />excited, enthusiastic<br />yes, yes<br />Spanish translation:<br />impaciente<br />apremiante<br />vehemente<br />ilusionado<br />ambicioso<br />ansioso<br />entusiasmado<br />anhelante<br />desalado<br />Filipino translation:<br />sabik<br />masigasig<br />sabik na sasabik<br />masugid<br />
  5. 5. glaring<br />glar-ing<br />looking at angrily<br />Filipino translation:<br />nakasisilaw<br />kapuna-puna<br />nanlilisik<br />nandidilat<br />napakatingkad<br />Spanish translation:<br />flagrante <br />deslumbrador<br />muyevidente<br />
  6. 6. lap<br />lap<br />to lick up or slurp<br />Spanish translation:<br />envolver<br />traslapar<br />estar al nivel de<br />correr<br />chapalear<br />cercar<br />besar<br />lamer<br />aventajar<br />volar en<br />hacer una vuelta<br />doblar a<br />tocarse<br />traslaparse<br />Filipino translation:<br />isanib<br />magsanib<br />tiklupin<br />sumanib<br />masanib<br />pagsanibin<br />ibalot<br />dumila<br />lupian<br />ilupi<br />ipambalot<br />
  7. 7. storyteller<br />sto-ry-tell-er<br />a person who tells stories<br />Spanish translation:<br />narrador<br />cuentista<br />Filipino translation:<br />mananalaysay<br />istoryador<br />
  8. 8. Can you remember the words in another language?<br />and they all<br />lived happily ever after<br />