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Marketing timetable dependencies


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3rd page includes 8 core members and responsabilities

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Marketing timetable dependencies

  1. 1. Job Role Executng The Task Task: 7-Jun 14-Jun 21-Jun 28-Jun Internal demographic survey Group demographicsview data Collection of private defined base begins (continues through- out) Research venues/events to market at (non media publicity) Begin approaching gatekeepers with propositions for marketing at their venue/event Internet media marketing begins (facebook, twitter page created) Finalize social media marketing strategies Source materials and resources Begin implementing strategy Conventional media coverage Send Save the date Distribution of collateral Media advertising- Press release Send email invites Discuss and implement in house marketing strategy with curator Reminder and incentive email sent to those who RSVP'D Implement thank you emails and feedback system DEPENDENCIES Fundraising Branding Logistics
  2. 2. 5-Jul 12-Jul 19-Jul 26-Jul 2-Aug 9-Aug 16-Aug Final brand Size, Schelule of location of the event the venue for for invintations determining actual numbers of Meeting with all groups to discuss Social Media Marketing strategy
  3. 3. Meeting with all groups to discuss Social Media Marketing strategy
  4. 4. 23-Aug 30-Aug 6-Sep 13-Sep 20-Sep 27-Sep 4-Oct save the date flyer Determine logistical need for Social media marketing strategy
  5. 5. 11-Oct 18-Oct 25-Oct 1-Nov 8-Nov 15-Nov 22-Nov collateral Final email Curation Feedback design invites meeting system and Thank you
  6. 6. 29-Nov 6-Dec 12-Dec
  7. 7. Name: Role: Responsiblities: Anuja Singhal Chairman Steer meetings/Planning Maya Khouri Lead Project Manager Communication/Planning Rim Ismail Lead Consultant Manage database Nic Burrill Finance Liasion Sponsorships, PR Kanika Gupta Finance Liasion, Minute Minute Keeper, Non-media Manager publicity Media Publicity: Magazine Marie Clarke Media Manager and press coverage Rav Indra Internet Marketing:Update Interactive Media facebook and Twitter page Steve Wheen Steer Social Media strategy Sponsorship and materials