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Butterfly foundation


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Butterfly foundation

  1. 1. Madi and Julia
  2. 2. Brief history The Butterfly foundation was established in 2002 August by Claire Vickery who found many gaps and problems with the public health care system in relation to eating disorders. Now the Butterfly Foundation is the largest not for profit organisation that works to provide support for people with eating disorders and negative body image
  3. 3. General information EmploymentThe Butterfly foundation employs both permanent paid workers and volunteers. Employment opportunities for paid work can include education services co-ordinator, hosting workshops or been apart of the even organising team. Who is in charge of the organisation?The Butterfly Foundation has a CEO, Christine Morgan with a Board consisting of ten directors and one treasurer. There is also a Chief Patron, Lady Marigold Southey and a patron, the Honourable Justice Peter Vickery Where is the organisation located?Butterfly Foundation provides support groups in New South Wales and Victoria for those suffering eating disorders and also provides school and community based workshops for young people nationwide. The organisation has its headquarters in Melbourne and Sydney.
  4. 4. Vision and mission statement Vision statement: To live in a world that celebrates health, well‐being and diversity. Mission statement: The Butterfly Foundation is dedicated to changing the culture, policy and practice in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and negative body image.
  5. 5. Purpose and services provided The Butterfly Foundation provides support for Australians with eating disorders and negative body issues. They are dedicated to creating change to the culture, policy and practice in the prevention, treatment and support of those who are affected by eating disorders and negative body images.The objectives of The Butterfly Foundation include: Promoting healthy and positive body images and behaviours Encourage a better understanding of the complications involved with eating disorders and the need for a compassionate response. Endorse excellence and consistency in the care and support for people with eating disorders to the community, health providers. Government and other agencies. Aid the development of effective models of prevention and care for people at risk of eating disorders. Control a financially sustainable national foundation for future generationsThe Butterfly Foundations offers: Telephone and online support Health promotion programs in schools and the community Developing effective treatment options „Direct Relief‟ for treatment and support Supporting rural and regional eating disorder networks
  6. 6. Methods of fundraising The Butterfly Foundation holds many successful fundraising events to raise money for their cause. They have around 92 event supporters such as Sportsgirl, Sass and Bide, David Jones and the Australian Ballet Company. They have many awareness weeks for instance the Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week. The Butterfly Foundation partners up with Sportsgirl for “Give Hope Week” represents optimism and support. It also supports the Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Sportsgirls role in this is selling three specially designed bags and all profits will go to the Butterfly Foundation.
  7. 7. Methods of Fundraising Another fundraiser is the annual Butterfly Foundation Chrysalis Ball. It is a fantastic evening full of fun and celebration. There are speakers who share their personal stories of how they have dealt and lived with eating disorders and mental illnesses. Their stories were an inspiration to everyone in the room. Many donations are given and sponsors and companies donate items for the auction.
  8. 8. Additional information The Butterfly Foundation Support Line takes over 3,000 calls and emails per year In 2010 the Butterfly Foundation awarded 3 collaborative project grants, 1 full PhD scholarship and 3 PhD top up scholarships Butterfly‟s school & education programs have reached over 200,000 people Butterfly provides financial support for treatment for 18 sufferers across Australia