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Prague highlights


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A short presentation showing the highlights that most tourist encounter when visiting the city Prague. The slides include the Church of our Lady before Tyn, St. Nicholas church, Powder tower, St. Francis of Assisi church, View over Prague, Bridges over the Vitava river, Charles bridge, Prague castle, Old town riverfront and the Old town square.

For more pictures of Prague please follow:

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Prague highlights

  1. 1. PragueHighlights of the capital of the Czech Republic by Mad Planet Earth
  2. 2. Mad Planet Earth Impressions of Prague 1. Church of our Lady before Tyn 2. St. Nicholas church 3. Powder tower 4. St. Francis of Assisi church 5. View over Prague 6. Bridges over the Vitava river 7. Charles bridge Prague 8. Prague castle 9. Old town riverfront 10.Old town square
  3. 3. Mad Planet Earth Church of Our Lady before Tyn Prague
  4. 4. Mad Planet Earth St. Nicholas church Prague
  5. 5. Mad Planet Earth Powder tower Prague
  6. 6. Mad Planet Earth St. Francis of Assisi church Prague
  7. 7. Mad Planet Earth Prague View over Prague
  8. 8. Mad Planet Earth Prague Bridges over the Vitava river
  9. 9. Mad Planet Earth Prague Charles bridge
  10. 10. Mad Planet Earth Prague Prague castle
  11. 11. Mad Planet Earth Prague Old town riverfront
  12. 12. Mad Planet Earth Prague Old town square
  13. 13. For more impressions of thebeautiful Czech city Prague... Please click on the link below