Anglisht me foto dhe fjali - English with photos and words - Little Picture Dictionary


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Anglisht me foto dhe fjali - English with photos and words - Little Picture Dictionary / Fjalor ne 112 faqe - shume praktik!(m.d)

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Anglisht me foto dhe fjali - English with photos and words - Little Picture Dictionary

  1. 1. E-mail.: madopol(at)yahoo.comLITTLE ENGLISH (PICTURE)DICTIONARY -1-
  2. 2. Adjectives An adjective is a word that describes something. afraid alike angry asleep ajar When things are alike When you are angry, When you are When youre afraid, Something that is ajar you are scared. is partly open. The they look the same. you are very mad. asleep you are not awake. door is ajar. bad When something is biggest awake bad, it is has big bigger The boy on theWhen you are awake, unpleasant qualities. When someone or The boy in the middle right is the is bigger than the boy you are not asleep. The opposite of bad is something is big, it is biggest of the good. above average size. on the left. three. broken brittle When Something that is something is black blue brittle will break or broken, it doesBlack is the color of a The sky is blue during brave snap in two easily. not work or very dark night. the day. Someone who is has been Potato chips are brave has courage. damaged. brittle. courage colorful A quality in brown clean closed Something that is which a personBrown is the color of colorful is brightly can face When something is When something is wood. colored or has many danger or pain clean, it is not dirty. closed, it is not open. colors. without The door is closed. showing excessive fear. -2-
  3. 3. different early excellent dark When things are dirty When somethings WhenWhen it is dark, there different they are not When something is happens early, it something is isnt much light. the same. dirty, it is not clean. occurs in the excellent, it is beginning part of the very, very day or it occurs good. before it was expected to happen. frightened fast fat fiery full When we areThis girl can run very The opposite of fat is Fiery means very hot. This glass is full. frightened, we fast. thin. Fiery embers flew Empty is the opposite are afraid. out of the campfire. of full. green gray Grass, broccoli, and good Elephants are large, many other plants are healthy When something is gray mammals. Gray green. You can make happy When you are good, it is has nice paint can be made by green paint by People usually smile healthy, youqualities. The opposite mixing black and mixing blue and when theyre happy. are not sick. of good is bad. white paint. yellow paint. last little littler large When someone or The boy in the hot When someone or The last item or something is little, it middle is littler Fire is very hot. something is large, it is person is the one at the end. is below average in than the boy above average size. size. on the right. -3-
  4. 4. loud mad littlest long When you are mad at many The boy on the left is When something is The opposite of loud The are many someone, you arethe littlest of the three. long, it is not short. is quiet. apples above. angry with them. new multicolored narrow When something is old open Multicolored means When something is new, it hasnt been When someone or Something that having many colors. narrow, it doesnt take used before. something is old, it is open is not up a lot space from has been around for a shut. The door side to side. is open. long, long time. orangeOrange is a color. You pink purple red can mix red and Pink is the color you The color purple is quiet Red is the first yellow paint to get get when you mix red made by mixing red When it is quiet there color in the orange. and white paint. and blue paint. is no noise. rainbow. short shortest sad scared When someone or shorter The boy on theSometimes people cry When youre scared, something is short, it The boy in the middle left is the when theyre sad. you are afraid. is below average is shorter than the shortest of the height. boy on the right. three. slow smaller sick When something is small The boy in the shut When you are sick, slow it does not When someone or middle is When something is you are not healthy. move quickly. something is small, it smaller thanshut, it is not open The door is shut. is below average size. the boy on the right. -4-
  5. 5. ________ tall smallest straight WhenThe boy on the left is splendid Something straight is someone or smart the smallest of the Someone who is smart When something is not curvy or bent. something is three. splendid, it is very, tall, it is above can think well. very good. average height. tiniest taller tiny tinier The boy on theThe boy in the middle tallest When someone or The boy in the middle The boy on the right is something is tiny, it left is the is taller than the boy is tinier than the boy tiniest of the the tallest of the three. is very small. on the left. on the right. three. upside down unhappy When something is violet ugly upside down, its top white Sometimes people cry Violet is a bluishSomething that is ugly Snow is white. when theyre unhappy. is where its bottom purple color. is not nice to look at. used to be. young When someone or yellow something is young, wide Yellow is a color. The it has only been When something is sun is yellow. Lemons around for a shortwide, it takes up a lot are yellow. time. A baby is space from side to young. side. -5-
  6. 6. Adverbs An adverb is a word that describes an action, telling "how," "when" or "where" the action took place. angrily fastWhen you act bravely daily When something early When something orangrily, your When you act bravely, When something is done someone moves actions you face danger and act is done daily, it is done each day. early, it happens in the fast, they changeindicate that without fear or despite beginning of the day or position veryyou are very your fear. Firefighters Some people exercise daily. before the expected time. rapidly. The sprinter mad. bravely face danger. The sun rises early in the ran fast. day gracefully happily fiery When you do When you do harmoniouslyWhen something friendly something gracefully, something with When people, countries,acts in an intense When people you do it with pleasure or joy, you or other groups behave in or hot way, it is act nicely to elegance and beauty. a friendly manner, they do it happily. She fiery. The fire each other, they A ballerina dances happily helped her are acting harmoniously. burned hotly. are being gracefully. brother. friendly. horizontally joyfully When you do late magically monthly When something When something is When something something with When something moves horizontally, it done with magic and is done monthly, great pleasure or happens late, it is moves left and right. mystery, it is done happiness, you do it done after the it is done each Trains travel magically. The rabbit month. People joyfully. She expected time or ishorizontally along their appeared magically out pay their bills joyfully went on done towards the tracks. of the magicians hat. vacation. end of the day. monthly. -6-
  7. 7. quickly sadly When something People behave strenuouslyor someone moves rapidly sadly when they When you do vertically quickly, they When something or are sad or something When something change position someone moves rapidly, depressed. She strenuously, you moves vertically, it very rapidly. An they change position very cried sadly when put a lot of force moves up and down. athlete runs quickly. A cheetah runs she found out the and energy into it. Elevators move quickly. rapidly. bad news. vertically in a building. weekly violently When something is wiggly yearlyWhen something acts violently, done weekly, it is When something When something is doneit uses great force. The wind in done each week. Sue or someone is yearly, it is done each year. a tornado spins violently. wiggly, it twists People celebrate their birthday shops weekly for and moves all over. yearly. groceries. Astronomy-Related Words asteroid astronomer Asteroids are tiny asteroid belt astronaut Astronomers are astronomyplanets that mostly orbit The asteroid belt is a An astronaut people who study Astronomy is the between Mars and doughnut-shaped goes up into astronomy and science that studies the Jupiter. concentration of space to explore. learn about universe. asteroids that orbit objects in the the Sun between the universe, like orbits of Mars and stars and planets. Jupiter. -7-
  8. 8. 1,000,000,000 Big Dipper The Big Dipper is billion aurora a group of 7 stars A billion is a thousand atom Auroras are contained in the million. The Earth is Everything is made beautiful lights Northern billions of years old. up of tiny atoms. in the near-polar Hemisphere atmosphere sky.The atmosphere is the constellation Ursa gas that surrounds a major (the Great planet. Bear). constellation comet A constellationA comet is the a small, is a group of crescent Earth eclipseicy object that orbit the stars that we moon The Earth is the An eclipse happens Sun. Its tail always see in the sky. A crescent third planet from when the moon blocks points away from the They are not moon is smaller the sun. Its where out light from the sun sun. necessarily than a half we live! or the Earths shadow located moon. goes across the moon. together in space, but looks as though they are from Earth. gibbous moon falling star full moon galaxy A gibbous moon half moon A falling star is not a A full moon appears A galaxy is an is between a half A half moon looks like star; it is a meteor as an entire circle in enormous group moon and a full half a circle. the sky. of stars. moon. (made of rock and/oriron) which is burning up in the Earths atmosphere. -8-
  9. 9. Little Dipper Mars The Little Dipper is a Mars is a meteor Jupiter group of stars in the reddish planet Mercury A meteor is a Jupiter is the largest constellation Ursa and the fourth Mercury is a meteoroid that has planet in our solar minor (the Little planet from the moonless planet; entered the Earths system and the fifth Bear). This group of sun. It is the it is the planet atmosphere, usually planet from the sun. stars ends at Polaris, planet that closest to the Sun. making a fiery trail as the pole star of the comes closest to it falls. It is sometimes Northern the Earth. called a shooting star. Hemisphere. Most burn up before hitting the Earth. meteoroid Meteoroids are tiny meteor Milky Way Galaxy meteoriteA meteorite is a meteor stones or pieces of shower Milky Way Our solar system is in metal that travel A meteor The Milky Way is the Milky Way galaxy.that has fallen to Earth. through space. shower is when a bright line of We can see the MilkyMeteorites are made of stone, iron, or stony- a lot of meteor stars stretching Way as a band of stars iron. fall through the across the night in the night sky. atmosphere in a sky. short time. North Star The north star is a Neptune star that is located Neptune is the almost due north moon nebula eighth planet and is useful for observatory The Earth has one A nebula is a cloud of from the Sun. navigation. An observatory is placemoon. The moon has no gas and dust in space. This frozen Polaris is where people observe atmosphere. The same planet has 8 currently the pole the skies, using aside of the moon always moons. star of the device like a telescope. faces the Earth. Northern Hemisphere. -9-
  10. 10. phases of the Moon Pluto orbit As the moon circles Pluto is the ninth and The Moon orbits the the Earth, the shape planet planetarium usually the farthestEarth. The Earth orbits of the Moon appears Nine planets Planetariums put planet from the Sun. the Sun. to change. The phases orbit our Sun. on star shows that Pluto is the smallest of the Moon are: the teach astronomy. planet in our Solar new moon, waxing System. crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, and waning crescent. Saturn quasar Saturn is the shooting star A quasar is a distant sixth planet A shooting star is satellite Solar Systemenergy source in space from the Sun. It not a star; it is a Satellites orbit the which gives off large has beautiful meteor (made of In our Solar System, Earth. nine planets, many amounts of radiation. rings. rock and/or iron) which is burning asteroids, comets, and up in the Earths other objects orbit atmosphere. around our sun. Sun stars The Sun is a Uranus space shuttle Each of the stars medium-sized Uranus is the seventhThe space shuttle flies spacesuit we see in the yellow star in our planet from the Sun. into space and back Astronauts wear night sky is Solar System. We Uranus looks bluish down again, carrying spacesuits when they another sun, but and is covered with get our light andpeople and equipment. walk in space. much farther clouds. It has an most of our away than our energy from the unusual, tipped axis, sun. which gives it extreme Sun. seasons. - 10 -
  11. 11. Venus Venus is the second zodiacplanet from the Sun and The zodiac is a bandthe hottest planet in our of 12 constellationsSolar System. From the (groups of stars) in Earth, Venus is the the sky, including brightest object in the Capricorn, Aquarius, sky except for the Sun Sagittarius, Scorpio, and the Moon. Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Pisces. At the Firehouse: Words ambulanceAn ambulance takes sick Dalmatian danger ax boots The Dalmatian is a You can get hurtpeople to the An ax is useful for Boots are a type of shoe. white dog that has in a dangerous hospital. chopping wood. Boots cover the feet and dark spots. situation. part of the lower legs. flashlight fire truck A flashlight firefighter flame helps you find fire A firefighter is a person Fire fighters on a fire A flame is a fire. truck help put out fires. your way in theFire is very hot. who puts out fires and dark. saves peoples lives. hatchet hero A hero is someone who is hose hydrantA hatchet is an helmet Water flows Fire fightersax with a short A helmet protects your admired for great courage, through a hose. hook a hose up handle. head. Firefighters wear noble character, and performing good deeds, to a fire hydrant helmets. to get water. like a firefighter. - 11 -
  12. 12. wrench ladder water A wrench is a toolYou can climb rope that turns nuts or A rope is useful for tying Water is a liquid that can bolts, like those onup a ladder to put out some types of things together. a fire hydrant. reach tall fires. things. Bathroom-Related Words bathtub bubbles eyedropperYou take a bath in a It is fun to comb An eyedropper is used to faucet bathtub. blow soap A comb is a used to drop liquids one drop at You can turn water bubbles! smooth or untangle hair. a time. flow on or off at a faucet. hairbrush mirrorA hairbrush is used You can see sink to brush and shampoo We can wash our your reflection untangle hair. A shampoo is a liquid shower hands at a sink. in a mirror. soap used to wash hair. When you shower, you When you shampoo your wash your body in a hair, you wash it. stream of falling water. toothbrush soap toilet You can keep your teethSoap and water help Toilets are in toothpaste healthy by using a clean things. bathrooms. toothbrush to clean them. You use toothpaste to towel clean your teeth. You can dry things with a towel. tub A tub is a large container. Tub is also another word for bathtub. - 12 -
  13. 13. At the Beach: Beach-Related Words ball beachA ball is round A beach is where the clam coral reef and fun to bathing suit water meets the land. Clams are animals Coral reefs are warm,bounce, throw, A bathing suit is a You can build sand with two shells. clear, shallow oceankick, or catch. garment you wear castles on the beach. They burrow under habitats that are rich in while swimming. the sand. life. crab fiddler crab A crab has a The fiddler crab is fish hammockhard shell and small crab that lives Fish live in the water fishing rod A hammock is a largeeyes on stalks on beaches. The and breathe with gills. People use fishing net or cloth that is used on its head. male fiddler crab rods to catch fish. for sleeping or has one enlarged relaxing; it is hung up claw. by both ends. ice cream intertidal zone The intertidal zone kelp coneAn ice cream is where the sea Kelp is brown seaweed kite net meets the land, the that grows in cold You can fly a kite A net is used to catchcone is nice to area between high water. on windy days. things. eat on a hot summer day. tide and low tide. popsicle reef sandA popsicles is a Reefs are warm, Sand is a loose material sandcastle sandals A sandcastle is a small sweet, frozen clear, shallow ocean composed of fine S andals are open castle made of damptreat on a stick. habitats that are rich debris of rock and shoes worn in warm sand. in life. mineral particles. weather. - 13 -
  14. 14. sea A sea is a large sand dollar body of salt water seaweed shellSand Dollars are sea gull Seaweed is a plant Some animals grow a that is connected to Sea gull is the common coin-shaped an ocean. A sea may name for some birds that lives in the sea. shell for protection. spiny-skinned be partly or sea bed animals that live near oceans completely and lakes. that have 5-part surrounded by land.radial symmetry. Sun starfish The Sun is a medium-sized swim Starfish (also When you swim, you swim fins known as sea yellow star in our People wear swim Solar System. We move around in the towel stars) are water. fins on their feet to You can dry thingsanimals that live get our light and help them swim. with a towel. on the ocean most of our energy floor. from the Sun. trash can wave A trash can There are waves of holds garbage. whelk water in the ocean. Whelks are ocean animals with a hard, spiral shell. - 14 -
  15. 15. Bird-Related Words Arctic tern The Arctic tern is a beak albatross bald eagle A beak is the hard, small bird that flies bipedThe albatross is The bald eagle is a outer part of a some from the Arctic to the A biped is an animalweb-footed bird animals mouth. Birds, Antarctic and back large bird of prey. It that walks on two legs. that can fly for is the symbol of the octopi, squid, and again each year. People and birds area long period of USA. other animals have bipeds. Tyrannosaurus time. beaks. Some dinosaurs rex was a biped. had them too. bird Birds have blackbird bluebird blue jay The blue jay is a bones feathers and Blackbirds are black! The bluebird is a Bones are hard, wings. Most beautiful song bird beautiful, noisy blue structural parts of the birds can fly. that is the symbol of bird. body of many animals, many of the states in including birds. the USA. Canada goose canary cardinal carnivore cage The Canada goose is Canaries sing very The Northern Cardinal Carnivores are Some people a large North well. is a bird with a short, organisms that eat keep birds in American bird that wide bill. The male is meat. Many birds, like cages. honks. bright red; the female eagles, are carnivores. is brownish-red. claw cockatoo cassowary A claw is a hard, Cockatoos are birds A huge, chick sharp, curved nail on A chick is a baby that have a large, flightless bird the feet of some chicken feathery crest and afrom Australia chicken. Some other animals. Bears, cats, hooked bill. They are with a helmet- baby birds are also A chicken is a farm birds, dinosaurs, and called chicks. animal. from Australia andlike crest on its many other animals Indonesia. head. have claws. - 15 -
  16. 16. crane crow The crane is a A crow is a very dodo wading bird with smart black bird. The dodo is an dove a long neck, a cuckoo extinct, flightless The dove is a birdlong bill, and long Cuckoos are birds whose call bird that lived on that is a symbol sounds like coo-coo. an island in the of peace. legs. Indian Ocean near Africa. duck Ducks are birds ducklingthat have webbed A duckling is a eagle The eagle is a large bird of prey. emperor feet and a young duck. egret It has a hooked bill and sharp The egret is a penguin flattened bill. talons. large wading The emperor They swim well bird. penguin is the and live near the largest penguin; it water. lives on ice packs in Antarctica. endangered emu species flamingo extinct featherThe emu is a large Endangered species The flamingo is a are types of When a group of animals or Birds have Australian bird pink bird that eats animals or plants plants goes extinct, they are feathers. that cannot fly. shrimp. that may become gone forever. Some extinct extinct soon. Many animals include dinosaurs, birds species are saber-toothed cats, and dodo endangered. birds. - 16 -
  17. 17. fly goldfish gooseThe fly is a small, food web Geese are gosling flying insect. The food web (or A goldfish is a type of carp that migrating birds A gosling is a food chain) is all of makes a nice pet. that honk! baby goose the interactions between predators and prey in which plants and animals obtain food. habitat guppy A habitat is the groundhog Guppies are a natural place great horned The groundhog is a owl gull type of small where a plant or rodent that is also tropical fish. an animal lives.The great horned Gulls are birds that live near called the For example, aowl is a large bird oceans and lakes. woodchuck. toucans habitat is of prey from North and South the rainforest. America. hummingbird harpy eagle HummingbirdsThe harpy eagle is are tiny birds that heron drink flowerone of the largest A large wading nectar. They can eagles in the hawk hen bird with hover in the air world. It lives in The hawk is a bird A hen is a female chicken. Hens distinctive and even fly rainforests of of prey, a raptor. lay eggs. plumage and a backwards. Central America long, sharp bill. and South America. - 17 -
  18. 18. kiwi The kiwi is a kookaburra junco chicken-sized kakapo The kookaburra jay This junco is a flightless bird small songbird The kakapo is a large, flightless, is an AustralianJays are beautiful, from New from North nocturnal, solitary parrot from bird whose call noisy birds. Zealand. It is America. New Zealand. sounds like generally laughing. nocturnal (most active at night). macaroni penguin The macaroni mallard meadowlark penguin is a The Mallard is a common wild The meadowlarkpenguin from the macaw duck. is a brightly- moaAntarctic that has Macaws are parrots colored songbird The moa werea yellow, feathery from rainforests in that lives in huge, extinct, crest on its head. the Americas. meadows and flightless birds grasslands. from New Zealand. nest nocturnal mockingbird Some animals, like birds, make Nocturnal nene The mockingbird The nene is nests to hold their young - even animals are more is a North Hawaiis state bird. some dinosaurs built nests for nightingale active at night. American bird It is an endangered their eggs. The nightingale is Owls arethat can mimic the goose that lives on a bird that sings nocturnal birds. songs of many beautiful songs. volcanic slopes. other birds. - 18 -
  19. 19. owl oriole Owls are birds of ostrich prey that have nuthatch The oriole is a oropendola The ostrich is the The nuthatch is a black and orange large eyes and The crested oropendola is a largest bird. It small perching bird that eats fruit very good tropical black bird that makes cant fly, but it bird that can and nectar. It builds eyesight. Most long, pendulous nests. runs very fast. climb down trees a hanging nest. owls hunt at and opens nuts night.using its bill like a hatchet. peacock parrot The peacock is a peregrine The parrot is a beautiful bird from falconbeautiful bird that india. The male has pelican The peregrine penguin can imitate a large train of The pelican is fish-eating bird falcon is the Penguins aresounds very well. feathers. with a huge, pouched bill. fastest-flying birds that cannot bird. It prey upon fly but swim very other birds. well. petsPets are animals pigeon quailthat live with us, There are a lot of prairie chicken puffin A quail is a like parrots and pigeons in cities. The prairie chicken is a bird that The puffin is an bird; it spends a canaries. lives in grasslands of North Arctic sea bird. lot of time on America. the ground. robin quetzal The robin is a rainbow lorikeet roadrunner common bird The quetzal is a A small, colorful, rhea The roadrunner is with red-colored beautiful rain brush-tongued The rhea is a large, flightless a bird is a fast feathers on its forest bird with parrot from bird from South America. running bird that breast. very long tail Australia. rarely flies. feathers. - 19 -
  20. 20. snowy owl rockhopper sea gull The snowy owl is sparrow The sea gull is the a white owl that The sparrow is a penguin common name for snow goose lives in the North small, common The rockhopper some birds that live The snow goose is a migratory American tundra songbird. penguin is a near oceans and bird from North America. (a cold, snowysmall, aggressive, lakes. environment). crested bird that cannot fly. tern Terns are birds that are spotted owl swan sometimes called "sea turkeyThe spotted owl is Swans are long- swallows." Turkeys are an owl from the necked water birds. toucan large birds that Pacific coast of The toucan is a nest on the North America. rainforest bird ground. that has a big, colorful beak. vulture xenops umbrellabird The vulture is a woodpecker Xenops is aThe Umbrellabird The woodpecker is a bird that rainforest bird big, bald-headed is a rain forest can peck holes in trees. from the bird that eats dead bird with a large Americas. animals.tuft of feathers on its head. - 20 -
  21. 21. Birthday-Related Words balloons candleBalloons are rubber birthday birthday cake cake You have a Birthday cakes are Cake is a sweet A candle is a stick of waxsacks that are filled with a wick that can burn. with air or other birthday every sweet and delicious! dessert. gases. year. clown chocolate Clowns are people Chocolate is a tasty who dress up in cupcake candy treat made from funny clothes and A cupcake is a tiny cake.Candy is very sweet. children cocoa beans and try to make you Children are sugar. laugh. young people. ice cream gift Ice cream is Its nice to give cold, creamy, juice lollipop paper plategifts. Its nice to get Juice is pressed from A lollipop is candy A paper plate is a and sweet them too. fruit or vegetables. on a stick. disposable plate that is treat. made out of paper. People use paper plates at picnics and some parties. pizza ribbon Pizza is made of popsicle present A popsicles is A present is a gift, You can tie a bow dough that is in a ribbon to toyscovered with tomato a sweet, frozen something you give decorate We play with toys.sauce and cheese; it treat on a to someone. stick. baked in an oven. - 21 -
  22. 22. Body-Related Words ankle bandage The ankle is the A bandage is a clean pad biped anatomy that is used to cover and A biped is an animal joint between your body Anatomy is a protect cuts and other that walks on two legs. Everyone has a foot and leg. science that injuries. People are bipeds. body.studies the body. Tyrannosaurus rex was a biped. bones Bones are hard, brain cheek chin earstructural parts of We think with our The cheeks are the sides The chin is the part of We hear thingsthe body of many brain. The brain is of the face between the the face below the with our ears.animals. We have protected by the mouth area and the ear. mouth. Our ears give us 206 bones in our skull. a sense of skeleton. hearing. eye We see with our eyebrow eyelash eyelid elbow The eyebrows are dense Eyelashes are long Eyelids are flaps eyes. Our eyes give The elbow is the us a sense of sight. patches of hair above the hairs on the edges of of skin that coverjoint in the middle eyes. and protect our the eyelids. of your arm. eyes. face feet finger We have ten toes femur fingernail This is a funny We have five fingers on our feet. The femur is the upper Fingernails grow face! on each hand. leg (thigh) bone. It is the at the ends of longest bone in the your fingers. human body. - 22 -
  23. 23. fingerprint foot foreheadThe pattern marks We have five toes The forehead is the part hair handon our fingertips on each foot. of the face that is above Hair grows on all We can do are fingerprints. the eyebrows and below mammals. amazing things the hair. with our hands. head heel hips healthy Your hips are We all have a When you are The heel is the back head on our part of the foot. below your waist healthy, you are not and above your shoulders. sick. heart Your heart pumps blood legs. throughout your body. knee intestines The knee is Intestines are a iris kidney where the leg part of the The colored part of The kidney are bean- bends. It itdigestive system. the eye around the jaws shaped organs that take between the The intestines pupil is the iris. Jaws let you open and waste from the blood lower leg and thehelp digest food, close your mouth and and produce urine. upper leg (theabsorb it into the take bites. thigh).body, and excrete waste. legs Many animalshave legs. People have two legs, lips Chickens dont mouth nail cows have four lungs We use our mouths to Nails are hardlegs, insects have have lips, but Some animals use lungs eat and talk. scales that grow six legs, and people do. to breathe. People have at the ends ofspiders have eight lungs. your fingers. legs. Tables and chairs also have legs. - 23 -
  24. 24. pupil A pupil is the neck opening in the naked nose center of the When you are Your neck is nurse We use the nose to eyes iris - thenaked, you arent between your head breathe; it also gives us a A nurse takes care of pupil looks like a wearing any and your shoulders. you when youre sick or sense of smell. black circle in the clothes. hurt. middle of the eye. skeleton tongue shoulder A skeleton is the skull Your shoulders set of bones in a skin The skull is the bony Our tongue helps are under your body. People have The skin is the outer structure of head that us eat, taste, and neck. encloses the brain and talk. skeletons, and so covering of our body. do many other supports the jaws. This animals. is a T. rex skull. stomach spine The stomach is a The spine (also pouch-like organ toe called the thumb We have five toes on toenail that is part of the backbone) is a The thumb is the widest each foot. Toenails grow at digestive system. series of finger on a persons hand. the ends of your The stomach helpsconnected bones The thumb is next to the toes. digest food by in the back that pointing finger. All apes churning it in an surround and (like gorillas and chimps) acid bath.protect the spinal have thumbs. cord. tooth We use our teeth vertebra waist x-ray A vertebra is one of the series The waist is the middle to chew food. of small, connected bones in An x-ray is a picture of of the body, between the your bones or teeth. Teeth are held in the spine that surround and protect the spinal cord. The chest and the hips.the gums by roots. plural of vertebra is vertebrae. - 24 -
  25. 25. Building-Related Words arch bank An arch is a curved You can put your building cabin money in a bank brick A building is a A cabin is a small, opening. This fireplace is for safe keeping. structure built by simple house. made out of bricks. people. castle church doghouse A castle is a huge, Some people door Some dogs live in You can go in and out elevatorfancy building where a worship in doghouses. king or queen lives. through a door. An elevator carries churches. people and things up and down a tall building. greenhouse entrance exit gargoyle A greenhouse is a You can go into an You can leave an Gargoyles are stone building, usually area through an area through an sculptures of grotesque made out of glass, in factory entrance. exit. creatures that sit which people grow Many items, like perched atop some plants. cars, are made in buildings; they act as factories. waterspouts. home house hut igloo An igloo is a house library Home is where you Some people live A hut is a small, Libraries have books, simple shelter. made out of blocks of live. in houses. tapes, and computer ice. Brr! programs. - 25 -
  26. 26. lighthouse A lighthouse shines a museum palace very bright light so log cabin market Museums exhibit art, A palace is a hugeships wont sail ashore A log cabin is a historic objects, and house where a king We can buy things or into rocks by house made of scientific finds - like or queen lives. at a market. mistake. logs. dinosaur fossils. pyramid roof school stadiumThe pyramids in Egypt The roof is the A stadium is a large A school is a placeare huge buildings that top covering of a skyscraper building in which building. where you learnhave a square base and A skyscraper is a very sports events are things. triangular sides. tall building. held. tent A tent is a wall store tepee urban A wall is a side of a A store is where we temporary shelter A tepee is a house Urban means relating building or a room or can buy things. made of fabric. made by some to or located in a city. a fence. Native Americans. White House The White House iswhere the President ofthe United States lives and works. The address of the White windmill House is 1600 A windmill usesPennsylvania Avenue the wind to NW, Washington, generate power. D.C. - 26 -
  27. 27. Camping-Related Words camera camper camp fire You can take A camp fire is a fire You can travel backpack cabin pictures with a and sleep in a made during a A backpack is a sack that A cabin is a small, camera. campout; it is used to worn on the back and is simple house. cook food and to used to carry things. warm up people in cold weather. camping candleWhen people go camping, A candle is a stick canoe compass they go into an outdoor of wax with a wick A canoe is a small A compass boat. east area and sleep in a tent, that can burn. always points East is a compass cabin or camper. north. direction. East is opposite west. lake A lake is a large flashlight forest kayak body of water A flashlight helps you A forest is a large A kayak is a small surrounded byfind your way in the dark. group of trees and boat with an land on all lantern underbrush where opening in the sides. Really A lantern is a device many animals live. center for a person. huge lakes are that gives off light. often called seas. mountain A mountain is a map very tall high, log A map shows the natural place on northA log is a short piece of a log cabin features of an area. Earth - higher North is a compass tree trunk. A log cabin is a You can find your than a hill. The direction. North is house made of logs. way around by tallest mountain opposite south. using a map. on Earth is Mt. Everest. - 27 -
  28. 28. tent sleeping bag A tent is aA sleeping bag is a fabric south water bottle west temporary shelter sack you can sleep in. South is a compass A water bottle West is a compass made of fabric. direction. South is holds water. direction. West is opposite from north. opposite east. City-Related Words alley ambulance art gallery automobile avenueAn alley is a narrow An ambulance takes sick You can see works An automobile is a car. An avenue is a road between people to the hospital. of art at an art wide street. buildings. gallery. bus bridge A bus is a large bank vehicle that can cab You can put your A bridge is a structure building Cab is another over water, or over take manymoney in a bank for A building is a word for taxi. another thing that is passengers to safe keeping. structure built by difficult to cross. places. people. carYou can travel in a church city crosswalk car. Some people worship in A city is a place A crosswalk is a elevator churches. where a lot of marked area on a An elevator carries people live. street where it is people and things safer to cross. up and down a tall building. - 28 -
  29. 29. garbage truck fire truck A garbage truck house fire hydrant Fire fighters on a Fire fighters hook a hose fire truck help put picks up garbage Some people live up to a fire hydrant to and hauls it to the in houses. factory out fires. dump. Many items, like get water. cars, are made in factories. library hydrant intersection lane Libraries haveFire fighters hook a A lane is a small books, tapes, and An intersection is a hose up to a fire where two or more road. computer mail carrierhydrant to get water. programs. A mail carrier things, like roads, meet. delivers the mail. motorcycle museum neighborhood A motorcycle has two Museums exhibit A neighborhood is obelisk market wheels and can go art, historic objects, the place where An obelisk is a tall,We can buy things at and scientific finds fassssttttttt! you and the people four-sided tower a market. - like dinosaur topped with a around you live. fossils. pyramid. palace school A palace is a huge road A school is a place sidewalk house where a king A road is a wide path where you learn A sidewalk is a skyscraper or queen lives. made for travelling. things. paved path for A skyscraper is a people to walk on. very tall building. stop sign taxi stadium A stop sign is a traffic sign that tells store street People pay a taxi driver toA stadium is a large building in cars to stop moving before they A store is where we can buy A street is a public road. drive them places. which sports events are held. continue; it has eight sides. things. - 29 -
  30. 30. traffic light train truck town A train has an A truck is a vehicle urban A traffic light directs A town is a very traffic safely. Green engine that pulls that can carry big Urban means small city. railroad cars along loads. relating to or means go, yellow means prepare to stop, and red a track. located in a city. means stop. vanA van is a truck used wall to haul people and village A wall is a side of a things from one A village is a very small building or a room place to another. town. or a fence. - 30 -
  31. 31. Clothing and Grooming-Related Words blouse apron backpack A blouse is aAn apron protects beads A backpack is a shirt, a type of clothing from Beads are small objects sack that is worn bathing suit with a hole through them garment worn getting dirty. A bathing suit is a on the upper on the back and is so that they can be strung used to carry garment you wear while part of the body. together to make jewelry things. swimming. or other things. bootsBoots are a type of bow button shoe. Boots cover A bow is loops of bracelet A button is usedthe feet and part of ribbon or sting that A bracelet is jewelry braid to fasten the lower legs. are tied together. you wear on your wrist. A braid is three or more clothes. strands that are woven together into a rope-like shape. cape cane A cape is a flowing clothes cap change purse People wear A cane is a A cap is a type of piece of clothing that Coins are carried in a walking stick. clothes. hat. hangs loose on your change purse. shoulders. crownclothes hanger clothespin coat A crown is a Clothespins are costume fancy hat worn We hang up A coat helps you keep People wear costumes toclothes on clothes used to hang wet warm when it is cold. by kings and laundry on a pretend they are someone hangers. queens. clothes line to dry. or something else. - 31 -
  32. 32. glasses earmuffs eyeglasses Glasses help dress Earmuffs keep earring Eyeglasses help some some people seeA dress is a piece your ears warm. Earrings are jewelry for people see more clearly. more clearly.of clothing with a the ears. top and a skirt. hat hairbrush Some hats glove A hairbrush is used to hanger protect youWe wear gloves to gown brush and untangle hair. We hang up clothes on from the sun.protect our hands. A gown is a fancy hangers Some hats are dress. just for fun! ice skate When you wear iron helmet Irons press the wrinkles jeansA helmet protects ice skates, you can jacket Jeans are pants out of clothes. A jacket is a short coat. your head. glide across ice. made from denim fabric. jewel jewelryJewels sparkle and Rings, pins, kimono knitting shine. earrings and A kimono is a beautiful lace Sweaters and socks are necklaces are gown worn by Japanese Lace is a very made by knitting. jewelry. women. delicate fabric. lorgnettes laundry Lorgnettes are glasses (or mittenDoing the laundry laundry basket opera glasses, which are Mittens keep means washing Laundry is put in loafers small binoculars) that are your handsand drying clothes. laundry baskets. Loafers are a type of mounted on a handle. warm. slip-on shoe. This type of glasses was used a long time ago. - 32 -
  33. 33. overalls mortar board Overalls areA mortar board is necklace necktie baggy pantsa square hat that is A necklace is A necktie is a narrow nightgown with shoulder worn by people jewelry for your band of fabric tied A nightgown is a long, straps and a when they neck. around the neck. loose garment worn to piece of fabric graduate from bed. covering the school. chest. purse pin A purse is a overcoat pajamas pants A pin is a small, sharp small bag inAn overcoat will Some people wear Pants are clothes that piece of metal used in which somekeep you warm pajamas to bed at cover the legs and up to sewing. girls andwhen it is cold. night. the waist. women carry their money and other things. sew safety pin You can sew raincoat A safety pin is a using a needleA raincoat keeps type of pin that is scarf and dry when it used to fasten sandals A scarf is a piece of cloth Clothes are rains. Sandals are open shoes that people wear around made by clothes and worn in warm weather. their neck or on their sewing. diapers. head. silk shirt Silk is a delicatesewing machine Some shirts have thread that isA sewing machine short sleeves, shoe shorts used to makesews stitches very some have long People wear shoes on Shorts are pants that reach fine fabric. Silkquickly and easily. sleeves, and some their feet. above or around the is obtained from The sewing have no sleeves at knees. the cocoon of machine was all. the silkworm invented in 1846 moth. by Elias Howe. - 33 -
  34. 34. spectacles slipper sock Spectacles is A slipper is a sneaker another word skirt We wear socks under our A sneaker is a type ofA skirt is a piece casual shoe worn shoes. for glasses. shoe used for manyof clothing that is around the house. sports.worn on the lowerpart of the body. suitcase sunglasses tie When you travel, Sunglasses help to A tie is a suit protect your eyes fromA suit is a set of you carry your swimsuit narrow band of clothing in a too much sunlight. fabric tiedmatching clothes. A swimsuit is a garment suitcase. you wear while around the neck. swimming. tutu underwear t-shirt Ballerinas umbrella undershirt People wear A t-shirt is a sometimes wear An umbrella protects An undershirt is a shirt underwear simple shirt tutus when they you from the rain. that is sometimes worn under theirwithout buttons or dance. under clothes. clothes. a collar. vest A vest is a watch wig uniform sleeveless piece of A watch is a small clock A wig is fake A uniform is a wallet you can take with you to hair. clothing that isspecial outfit worn People carry money in a tell time. usually worn over by members of a wallet. a shirt. group. yarnSweaters are made zipper out of yarn. You can open and close a zipper. - 34 -