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The worst PPT I've ever seen


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This is without a doubt, the worst presentation I have ever seen. An agency (name hidden to protect privacy) walked in and presented this gem to us over 45 minutes that I will never ever be able to recover.

What started out as a BTL activity pitch for a daily deals site (Groupon India), morphed into the world's worst crash course in marketing.

There is a something bizarre on each and every slide. Enjoy.

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The worst PPT I've ever seen

  1. 1. C****S ENTERTAINMENT Your Partner for Communications
  2. 2. Porposal
  3. 3. OPPURTUNITY (89%)
  5. 5. 1. Social media integration Highly present on social media advertising. Why? More than 1 lakh fans on their Facebook page.2. Explicit advertising @ DLF cyber city Flooded with hoardings, lifts-branding, building facades etc.3. Visible on portals like way2sms, PK.SONGS, GSM ARENA etc..4. Word of mouth5. Following the CSR practices quite enough to grab a main story at Yahoo.Com
  6. 6. 1. Via Invites, One could refer points to invite friends & to be on their database, one easy way was through INVITATIONS. “Send invitations to 20 friends & earn 1000 bugs to shop on the portal” It was quite helpful for them6. FACEBOOK, primarily was their hit point. They made Glamour as the magnet to fetch CUSTOMERS!9. Presentation, not of the deals, but of the PORTAL, did give them quite an eyeball.11. Sisterly- Brotherly connection of FASHION & YOU helped DEALS & YOU at large too.13. Association with the best in class events, like Lakme Fashion Week & products that directly mean GLAMOUR by and large was the key to their fame.
  7. 7. 1. Great advertising on Social Media Integration.On almost every social network, it had its presence prominently.3. By and large, They believed to advertise their E-commerce deal site online only.
  8. 8. Now, What they forgot & we should Remember!
  10. 10. Wondering why a Blank slide ??!! It’s a saying, “ One + One is Eleven” ..Lets make that TRUE in our case.. How?!Club E-Commerce with a pinch of Crazy M-Commerce.
  11. 11. PRINT ADVERTISING1. Newspapers would act as A teaser to arouse curiosity3. Selection of newspaper would be based on the TG, Demographics, Psychographics etc
  12. 12. Y CRAZ + S DEAL = .coCRA ZEAL m
  13. 13. OOH (Out of Home) - Advertising BTL ACTIVATIONSCRAZY DRINK…Oh! Yes.. If they can Drink HELL.. We Give HEAVEN..Where do we serve them: CCD & McD.NO PARKING PLATEST SHIRT BRANDINGFor the maintenance staff of high end market areas.OB TEAM, RADIORoad shows/ Contests at high end market areas. Winners’announcements on radio.PROMOTING the CRAZY dealsHow???At shopping malls, we place a promoter providing deals for the respective outletsof the mall itself.
  14. 14. WHERE do we offer THEM, the CRAZY DRINK? WHERE do THEY serve US?
  15. 15. OOH (Out of Home) - Advertising OUTDOORGrabbing attention via creativesHow?? CRAZY DEALS“CRAZY” on one side of the road & “DEALS” on theother side of the road
  16. 16. OUTDOOR CREATIVE SPECIFIC OUTDOORSFor Electronics –Heera Panna Market of Mumbai,Nehru Place market of Delhi etcFor Apparels –Khan Market of Delhi,Colaba Causeway of Mumbai, Commercial StreetFor Jewellery –Top markets of Gujarat, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh
  17. 17. BTL ACTIVATIONS None are unaware of the Hype that MTV ROADIES created or creates among YOUTH… So, We take the advantage of SHAMBAVI & SUCHIT HOW??!!They enter the high end malls, meet the youth & Ask them to watch’em out on +
  18. 18. ONLINE ADVERTISING •On high footfall websites’ • Via E-mails• Social Advertising
  19. 19. YAHOO!!
  20. 20. We can get this done..
  21. 21. DIGITAL ADVERTISINGCommunity box for campus-itesWhat is this ??This box serves as a CRAZY space forthe youth. They upload the crazymoments here for all their pals tolaugh it on.What we get: Crazy people takingCrazy Deals + Higher Visibility BLOOPERS
  22. 22. ELECTRONIC ADVERTISING • Logo Placements : On youth Channels • Sponsorship Tags • Flashes & Scrollers: On News Channels
  23. 23. RADIO ADVERTISING• Teaser• Vouchers• Promo Tags• Gift Sponsors Cash prize of Rs. 100 for• RJ Announcements every crazy moment• Contests picture & Rs. 200 for• OB Teams for Road shows at high end market areas. every crazy video.• Direct competition with SNAPDEAL .com How???“Forget the SNAPS; time for beingCRAZIER”
  24. 24. POSITIONING ??? In metropolitan cities, People between the ages of 18-45 are the perspective audience. 62% Male users dominating the little percentage of Female users for deal giving sites. People perceive the deal sites as an option to get things cheaper primarily & a place to shop things from.
  25. 25. TARGET AUDIENCEAge Group: 18-45Alright, it’s the Youth certainly but with a decent percent ofworking people as well who have less time to shopphysically & good money to buy.DEMOGRAPHICSSpecs:Male Users most of being them with an income of 6000- 30000.&For the Ladies… It’s another Shopping Window for theirWindow Shopping. Prospective Customers they are!
  26. 26. With our marketing strategies, we can mend the PSYCHOGRAPHICS.PROSPECTIVE ACTUALCUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS BETTER DEALS & POSITIONINGto make the customers perceive them as the benefiting side always. SO THAT THEY CAN BENEFIT YOU, THE READER!
  27. 27. For More Details Contact our team @