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Jupiter PPT

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  1. 1. Jupiter
  2. 2. Discovery of Jupiter • Greek and Romans -> Zeus • 1610 – Galileo turned his telescope on it.NASA lists “The Bible shows the way• Discovery – by ancient to go to heaven, not theBabylonians. way the heavens go”• called it “Marduk”. - Galileo Galilei [2][3]
  3. 3. Chemical Composition [4][9][8] • Jupiter is a gas planet- • composition of atmosphere is similar there is no solid surface. to that of the sun—mostly hydrogen • if one stepped onto the and helium. planet, he would sink into • Deep in the pressure and it and eventually get temperature increase it compresses crushed by the massive hydrogen gas into a liquid. increase in pressure
  4. 4. Distance from the SuMinimum Distance from Sun: 741 million km Average Temp. -> -234* F (483,682,810 miles) (-483*C)Maximum Distance from Sun: 817 million km Tilt - 3.13° (508 million miles)Jupiter [4][5]
  5. 5. Mass - 1.9 x 1027 kg.Diameter - 143,000 km.Volume - 1.43 x 1015km3.Surface area - 6.22 x 11.86 Earth1010km2 years to orbit Size the sun (Jovian year) 9.8 Earth hours to revolve around Length of Year its axis (day). Length of Day [5][7]
  6. 6. Moons Io - the most volcanically active Galileo discovered its 4 largest moons. body in our solar Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. system. They are known as Galilean satellites. Europa - liquid ocean may lie beneath its frozen crust. has about 99% the diameter of the planet Mercury but only about a third of its mass. Ganymede - the largest planetary moon and the only moon in the solar system known to 64 confirmed Moons have its own Mass of moons magnetic field. [4]
  7. 7.  four main components first observed in 1979 by theVoyager 1 space probe. • a thick inner torus of particles - halo ring consists mainly of dust. • exceptionally thin - hard to see unlike Saturn’s main ringrings. • two wide and thick thickness of the ring ~ to outer - gossamer ringsbe 30 km or less Rings of Jupiter [10]
  8. 8. Stylized number four letter Zeta - the Greek letter for artistic Zeus rendition of Jupiter’s thunder bolt an eagleJupiter’s Symbol [11]
  9. 9. The Great Red Spot  storm that’s larger than Earth.  its swirling winds blow 100km/hr  similar to a hurricane.  hurricanes on earth weaken quickly.  Jupiter -> there is no land to weaken the storm. Infrared Image  1st observed in mid-1600’s  lasted 181 years and possibly longer than 346 years.  visible through Earth-based telescopes.[6]
  10. 10. Interesting Facts about JJupiter has 2.5 times the mass of all the Jupiter got any more massive, itother planets in the Solar System would actually get smaller and dense.combined.Astronomers call Jupiter a failed star. Not really appropriate, it’s like saying your house is a failed skyscraper.Stars generate their energy through Jupiter would need more than 70the fusion of mass together. times its current mass to ignite nuclear fusion. After crashing dozens of Jupiters together, you might have a chance to make a new star. [1]
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  12. 12. By - Ayushi Kapoor <madmoizelleAK> S p a c e W a r