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Best Tips for Logo Design


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Logo design trends have changed over the years, with 2017 being no different. In this infographic, we outline some of the best tips to constructing an eye-catching logo design.

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Best Tips for Logo Design

  1. 1. TOP TIPS FOR GREAT LOGO DESIGN Make sure your logo delivers the right message and looks amazing with this quick guide.
  2. 2. KEEP IT SIMPLE, DISTINCTIVE AND MEMORABLE It’s easy to get carried away with design, using all manner of gradients, shadows, glows and complexity. However, this is usually counter-productive. The best logos are simple and are easily reproduced. Think of some of the major brands out there, almost all of them keep their logos as simple as possible.
  3. 3. CHOOSE YOUR COLORS WITH GREAT CARE Your logo must tie in with your branding so always think of this when choosing a logo color scheme. Be aware that your logo should either compliment or be the same as a brand color-think carefully A white logo might look great against a header image on your website, but how will it work on stationary...
  4. 4. TAKE A LOOK AT THE COMPETITION Most people look at their competitors and try to mimic their logo in some way. Whilst looking at your competition for tips, also look and see where they are failing. Potentially your logo can hit areas they may have missed!
  5. 5. IS YOUR MESSAGE GETTING THROUGH? Whilst liking your own logo is important, you must keep your customers as your logos primary focus. A well designed logo should communicate what your business does.
  6. 6. STAY TRUE TO YOUR (BUSINESSES) HEART Never, ever stray from the ‘feel’ of your business. When designing logos many people end up using a design that does not reflect the ‘heart’ of their business. Your logo speaks volumes about your business. Make sure it isn’t saying the wrong things!
  7. 7. DON’T BE AFRAID OF GETTING SOME HELP! Unless you have experience in design then go and ask for help! This doesn’t have to cost you. Even if it’s just on forums or through articles it’s best to get at least a little input. Your best bet for a great logo is to hire a designer. Freelance designers are affordable and produce
  8. 8. 310.402.1613 2365 Westwood Blvd. Suite 22 Los Angeles, CA 90064