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Travertine tiles add style to your home


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You will find just a few things that can accentuate your home, interior AND outside, such as the radiant glimpse of travertine tiles. In addition, the color and design possibilities are practically endless. Create a unique and striking appearance with travertine tiles as either in flooring or perhaps a wall covering. You can also put it to use with luxurious swimming pools. For many years, people are using travertine in their bathrooms and kitchens, in living spaces and dining rooms too.

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Travertine tiles add style to your home

  1. 1. Travertine tilesStrength Fantastic appearance
  2. 2. Travertine monuments
  3. 3. Travertine Buildings
  4. 4. Travertine floors
  5. 5. Travertinebelongs tothe limestonefamilyAlso known asCalcium CarbonateMarble is also atype of limestone
  6. 6. Hardenswith ageandexposureDifferentvisualeffectsChange theappearanceremarkably
  7. 7. Primary Objectives for TravertineCommercialbuildingsconstructionFill wall andbuildingcladdingAttractive andBeautiful
  8. 8. And many more
  9. 9. Nice choice
  10. 10. unique appearance
  11. 11. MajorfinishesPolished(Shiny)Honed(matte)BrushedTumbledPolished and honedsurfaces are flat andsmoothbrushed and tumbledsurfaces are flat andtexturedPolished surface is theshiniestTumbled surfacereflects the leastamount of lightMost favoredfinish fortravertine tiles ishoned
  12. 12. You too can bring an antique and exciting look toyour home with Travertine tiles
  13. 13. Presented byMany Great, versatile colors & finishes