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Top 5 seo and marketing blog post of 2013 -


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Thanks for reading the document. These blog posts will encourage you to create a better SEO strategy for your business. Please reach if you want more help with SEO.

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Top 5 seo and marketing blog post of 2013 -

  1. 1. Top Five SEO and marketing Blog Post of 2013 Powerful lessons to help your business 1/10/2014 Link building strategy after Penguin and Panda update: Lately, Internet marketers have developed the way they created links in the past after Google's Panda algorithm and later the Penguin update. Previous methods have become obsolete and if anyone still persistent with old techniques is sure get search penalty from Google. You will need a right approach regarding link building by considering the various available options, to achieve high ranking in search results. rightly forecasted the tactics that proved helpful for search marketing - See more at Secure your website from Google's panda update: It is impossible elude Google Panda. It is the most revered search algorithm, which helps bring quality websites in top search positions. Therefore, if your website does not have high quality, relevant content for your niche, you cannot avoid a Panda hit for your website. Many sites lost their places drastically in search results after Panda update. However, it is not true that you cannot recover a website if it once affected by one such algorithm. explains the truth behind it - See more at Google lifts the SEO standard by Hummingbird update: "Hummingbird" algorithm by Google set a new standard for online marketers simply implies Google's main principle that always thrives to display a better search results to internet users. After Penguin & Panda, Google wished for something realistic and ethical to gauge any website. This “Hummingbird” judges a website by its content quality and credibility. View the blog post to know more about Google Hummingbird update. - See more at How you can remove unnatural links that are doing damage to your website. These days, many websites hit by Google’s latest algorithm and dropped its position from SERPs. This is due to the latest updates like hummingbird. Nowadays, Google only gives value to quality websites that has legitimate and ethical backlinks. Therefore, natural links is very important to get high ranking. Consequently, unnatural links to a website effecting badly and webmasters are finding the way to remove it from their websites. reveals the step-by-step procedure to remove unnatural links in this post. Read here: SEO – What, Where, Why?: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is among the most significant things for any business online since it promote website and increase its traffic. it is important to fully grasp every aspect while doing SEO for any business website. Know about modern techniques here at