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Guide to Online Recruitment | Budget Recruit


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Flat fee recruitment agency for your recruiting and talent solutions needs. Save time and money and get thousands of applicants quickly and efficiently.

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Guide to Online Recruitment | Budget Recruit

  2. 2. Online recruitment has many names e-recruitment virtual recruitment online candidate attraction web 2.0 recruitment web-based recruitment
  3. 3. Defined As Attract candidates • By using online technology Recruitment Process • Aided by agencies
  4. 4. Entice people and fill the role Company’s own website Job Board CV Database search engine marketing Social Media
  5. 5. Why online recruitment? Attracting and recruiting candidates to a job or brand.
  6. 6. Main Benefits Being able to access a larger talent pool quicker • Control the job advert being used • Keeping control of your employer brand • Reduce your costs • Promote your own employer brand • Track candidates and streamline your recruitment process
  7. 7. Why Online Recruitment has developed? Technology behavior growth of online shopping consumer behavior
  8. 8. Advantage Easy presentation of products & vacancies Quick Service Cost Effective Service
  9. 9. Access to other mediums ebay amazon jobsite totaljobs
  10. 10. A more cost effective option than the traditional newspaper or publication
  11. 11. Social media Careers sites Google Types of online recruitment
  12. 12. Where to advertise? best approach multiple channels strongest ROI Budget Recruit
  13. 13. The right message write your advert copy maximizes response
  14. 14. Managing response levels Managing the jobseeker response filtering out the irrelevant applications
  15. 15. Communicate the right message about your brand and role
  16. 16. find out more about how Budget Recruit Products & Pricing Contact Us Un-Branded Ad Tel: 0844 412 3247 Email:info@budgetrecruit.c • £179 Branded Ad • £299