Aprile Company Profile - 2013


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Aprile Company Profile - 2013

  1. 1. 10 years of business engineeringCOMPANY PROFILEApril 2013
  2. 2. Who we are. Our Mission. We work “hands on” to change complex organization, turning ideas into sustainable results We call these services Business Engineering because we design, build and implement new “engines” for best-in-class companies We are a “tailor’s workshop” to grow professionally by delivering excellence in product development , planning, manufacturing and distribution
  3. 3. Expertise in business engineeringWe come from different areas of expertise, from product development tomanufacturing and retail operations to bring one integrated and unique offering: thecapability of engineering the change and make it happen. Product Planning Production Distribution Manufacturing Lean Fulfillment &Innovation Portfolio Demand Planning Execution Logistics ExecutionNew Product Manufacturing Lean Organization Retail ExcellenceIntroduction Advanced Planning
  4. 4. Industry experience is linked with knowledge of IT enablersWe have provided business engineering services working side by side with “best in class” helpingthem from concept to realization. Competences and informed opinions on leading softwaresolutions help translating needs into sustainable requirements Strategy Business engineering Implementation Consumer Products Apparel Luxury Discrete and Process Life Sciences Travel & Services Manufacturing
  5. 5. Beamer considers all factors involved in sustainable changeBeamer is a proprietary, pragmatic, business engineering methodology. We work with smallteams of professionals “hands in hands” with our clients, to deliver high quality results andincreased knowledge and culture. Experience Methodology Team work Reference Model InfoRelational Model Change Model Beamer hands on! Products and services Information Project Management Organization Data quality Risk Processes Relations Decision sharing Physical network Rules Competences Performances Sustainability Resources
  6. 6. Innovation PortfolioWe help in defining your ideation process and decision criteria …a top brand in home …top european appliances trucks & buses …a global lead in maker agriculture machinery …an apparel and retail …a leading cruise leader ships builder Major Projects: • Open innovation approach across different industries for a global player in home appliances (preparation, conservation, washing) willing to collaborate with food producers and retailers; 20 partners selected • Projects status assessment, strategic buckets definition, decision criteria and portfolio management for an Italian food producer (baby food) with global reach and more than 300 active projects • Ideation challenge management for a design-to-cost initiative in ship design and building; the outcome produced more than 100 ideas and 10 concept initiatives; 3 major product changes implemented New capability since 2013
  7. 7. New Product Development & IntroductionWe make your innovation processes manageable and effective …a top Italian brand in baby …top european trucks food & buses maker …a global lead in agriculture machinery …an apparel and retail leader …a leading cruise …an renewed brand in electrical ships builder switches and devices Major Projects: • Stage-gate process definition for a global beverage company with presence in several countries; standardization of packaging development processes across 20 brands and 12 countries • Product configuration management and design process for an agricultural and machinery company with global reach and more than 10.000 products • Redefinition of the concurrent design and engineering processes (body in white, molds and dies, digital mockup) with extended network of partners for an automotive car maker; focus on thousands of engineering changes and anticipated time-to-market • Introduction of system integration techniques and team collaboration for a major ferry and cruise shipyard New capability since 2013
  8. 8. Demand Planning.We help you drive the supply chain through a better use of demand planning processes …worldwide leader in …the brand that sets the pace for Italian eyewear manufacturing style in jewelry, watches accessories …a private label frozen …top brand in food producer luxury menswear …a company that produces and distributes …a luxury brand in furs kits for clinical diagnostics and handbags Major Projects: • Assessment of Demand planning performances, chemicals, luxury, manufacturing industries • Design and activation of demand planning for New Product Introduction, eyewear production • Review of demand planning process, to move process from “order forecasting” to “demand request” and definition of data model to sustain the new processes. • Activation of demand planning process for a food company (private labels, promo management) • Design of integration between forecasting and calculation of initial allocation for luxury brands • Design of integration between forecasting and in-season flow of products for luxury brands
  9. 9. Manufacturing Advanced Planning.We activate decision support processes to prevent manufacturing constraints …worldwide leader in …worldwide leader in eyewear manufacturing agriculture and construction equipment manufacturing …leader in machinery to …one of the leading sports process wood brands in the world for eyewear and apparel Major Projects: • Design, prototyping and activation of a Capacity Planning process, eyewear production • Analysis, process mapping, functional requirement definition for Master Production Scheduling, Sequencing, automotive industry • Design of integration processes between components and final assembly production, wood machinery production • Activation of Capacity and Production Planning processes, eyewear production • Design of planning model and information flows to link demand management to production scheduling (demand + capacity + master + MRP + scheduling)
  10. 10. Manufacturing ExecutionWe design production facilities, processes and information flows to sustain market needs …worldwide leader in …one of the top manufacturers eyewear manufacturing of luxury headwear …private label producer ...producer of sun-indoor coffee and cosmetics tents …a cast iron foundry …leader in machinery to process wood Major Projects: • Design of layouts for manufacturing plants, house furniture, eyewear, components • Manufacturing intelligence, automotive, automotive components • Definition of information flows and MES capabilities, food and automotive industries • New planning and execution processes to increase integration between components production and final assembly, wood machinery • Production plant flexibility study: trade off between different solutions (lay-out, shifts, lean, etc.)
  11. 11. Lean OrganizationWe streamline processes avoiding non-added value operations …Automotive components …one of the top manufacturers of luxury headwear …world leader in eyewear production …the brand that sets the pace for Italian style in jewelry, watches accessories …air conditioning Major Projects: • Industrial operations redesign, from batch to flow approach, automotive components • Plant re-layout to reduce lead time (from 4 weeks to 1 week) and warehouse (raw up to 50%, finished from one month to one week) for an air conditioning company • Lean production approach definition and implementation and for an eyewear global leader, 2000 people trained • Components plant flows redesign, eyewear production • Study on lead time variance reduction, luxury watches
  12. 12. Lean Fulfillment and Logistic ExecutionWe design and activate robust distribution networks to fulfill customer expectations …two weee recycling …the brand that sets the pace for consortiums Italian style in jewelry, watches …worldwide leader in eyewear accessories manufacturing …top brand in luxury …a logistic provider of temperature- menswear controlled transport services and equipment …the largest Italian travel group and …a private label frozen food producer Europe’s n.1 cruise company Major Projects: • Network design from green field, design of optimal logistic boxes, (weee recycling) • Stock rebalancing and dynamic allocation for U.S. market, eyewear distribution (13 business channels) • Supply chain re-design, from the field to the shelf, food industry • Network and warehouse optimization in Italy, US, Canada, Russia, Australia, food industry • Inbound flows optimization and workshop fulfillment, automotive and food industries • Retail network design, luxury • Optimization of logistic flows, integration of all logistic activities for cruise industry • Lean warehouse management, food industry
  13. 13. Retail ExcellenceWe sustain your sales developing “tailored” best in class retail processes …the brand that sets the pace for …manufacturer of luxury Italian style in jewelry, watches andheadwear perfumes …the top provider of …top brand luxury …four retail brands in pret-a- prescription menswear porter and fast-fashion eyewear and sunglasses …a luxury brand in furs …channel leader in and handbags specialty sun retailing Major Projects: • Merchandise and Assortment planning process for a major Italian retailer (4 brands in woman clothes) • On hand inventory optimization for six major U.S. eyewear retail chains (more than 5.000 stores) • Retail network design for a luxury man clothes producer and retailer (around 200 stores) • Supply chain design and implementation for a luxury jewel, watches, accessories and perfume retailer • Product flow optimization for a luxury brand (woman bags, ready to wear, shoes, etc.) • Network optimization for Italian market for an apparel and footwear producer (retail and wholesale)
  14. 14. ANNEXProjects List
  15. 15. Consumer Goods: Apparel, Footwear, Luxury Operations Global Guidelines Definition for Processes and Information systems (planning and ERP) to support the Design evolution of Operations Components, Support in the re-design of components production: introduction to lean production Lean Production logics, planning processes, control mechanism, production flows, layouts, etc. Supply Chain Analysis and modeling of the Supply Chain, links between worldwide production flows Modeling Demand Management Assessment of Demand management and forecasting processes, re-modeling of current forecasting processes Capacity Planning Design and support in the Capacity Planning process activation PACE: planning Design and prototyping of the integration model, processes and information systems, between activation planning and execution North America Design of actions and governance of the inventory optimization program at LNAD (5 Retail Inventory Optimization Brands, over 5,000 stores) NPI: new product Design of Governance process of new products introduction: integration of cross-functional introduction processes, feasibility analysis, process definition for forecast of initial quantity Stock rebalancing and Feasibility analysis of North America’s Distribution Network re-design (Oakley, LNAD, LRNA, dynamic allocation Wholesale) and definition of the operation model for the network regionalization
  16. 16. Consumer Good: Apparel, Footwear, Luxury Production Planning Activation of the Production Planning process and related integration with Business processes Operations turn- Analysis, redesign and support in the activation of operations’ processes: Retail & Production around Planning Design of Retail Analysis and modeling of Retail Operations processes: Planning, Initial quantity, stock sharing, Operations Store to Store transfers, replenishment, etc.. Merchandise and Analysis and modeling of Merchandise and Assortment Planning: Direction settings, To-Be Assortment Planning Processes, Software selection Supply Chain Analysis and supply chain modeling: Stock needs Evaluation to support the network, analysis of Optimization forecasting processes quality, TSL definition by point of sale, development of pilot project for Hong Kong and Macau, design of supply chain’s KPI WBU Production Lead Analysis of production lead time for Watch Business Unit, to reduce variance and increase Time variance quality of production planning Assestement of Analysis of current Merchandise Planning processes, with a focus on Open To Buy process and Merchandise Planning target processes design Processes Merchandise Planning Analysis and redisign of physical flows supporting Retail: Initial Quantity, Replenishment, Process Revision Production ReOrders, Quantity in store, etc. Supply Chain Design The project has identified a new distribution model for apparel and footwear products, for markets: Retail, Wholesale, Internet, Outlet, for brands: Kappa, Robe di Kappa, Superga, K-way Supplier collaboration The project has identified a new collaborative model that facilitates information flows with suppliers (contractors) and reduce the throughput Lead Time of the production chain
  17. 17. Consumer Goods: Food Process optimization Support in the development of the Italian logistics network. Improving the overall efficiency and of distribution – effectiveness: rationalization of the network, warehouse processes, organizational warehouses alignment, change management, product traceability. Process optimization Study on distribution costs optimization, using TMS for simulation of alternative distribution of distribution- models and business case on development of delivery consolidation criteria. transportation Sizing of distribution Distribution center sizing, design of optimal operational processes for the distribution of products warehouse for the in the North American market. North American Evolution model of distribution warehouse. market Sizing the distribution Warehouse sizing, design of product flows, optimal operational processes for the australian warehouse for the warehouse. Australian market Sizing the Russian Investment analysis, sizing and design of optimal logistical processes for the management of the distribution center distribution in the Russian market Inbound Optimization Design of processes, flows and sizing of the warehouse of the plant to optimize flows from a for - the plant in supplier and the segregation of responsibilities between plant logistics and distribution logistics Poland Lean Supply Chain for Design and coordination of a lean initiative to reduce indirect activities and support warehouse Russian distribution performance improvement on Russian distribution center. center
  18. 18. Consumer Goods: Food Supply Chain Design Full Supply Chain re-Design: from processes (forecast, demand management, planning, management of harvest reconnection, etc..) to infrastructures (Finished and Semi-Finished Product networks) to IT systems and key performance indicators. Results highlighted cash flow increase of about 8% of the turnover, service level increasing of about 2,5% and cost reduction of about 2% of the turnover Plant Layout Design The project has evaluated the opportunity cost associated to different production flexibility methods: plant extension and plant layout changes, forecast and planning processes upgrades, changes on working shifts and schedules, lean management Assessment of The project has evaluated the business case associated to the outsourcing of the logistic Outbound Logistica activities on Food finished products Process Production Management Process Design of the Coffe, identification of control criteria and Reengineering of automation level in collecting and analysing data on field, functional specifications definition to Coffee Management activate a MES system
  19. 19. Consumer Goods: non Food Supply chain Support to the project team in defining the more coherent organization for Supply Chain’s Organization activities with the Italian market characteristics and international guide lines of organizational development. Plant Redesign The project has re-designed the organization of the productive departments and the distribution in order to meet the re-launch objectives set by new extraordinary administration SAP-APO Project Project management and Change management during APO solution implementation in Casalpusterlengo Plant for planning and production scheduling
  20. 20. Manufacturing Competitive The study identified the target competitive scenario and the required changes in processes and development design systems Control Model Design Corporate control model, based on Balanced Scorecard Collaboratives process The project has identified the business opportunities associated with the introduction of new models of collaborative supply chain, in product development, procurement and distribution of finished products Traceability Technical and economic assessment of a project for traceability evolved transport through the active RF-ID technology Sizing and design of Design of the new distribution center, definition of internal processes, evaluation of activation distribution warehouse costs. Assessment of Assessment of demand planning processes and the identification of the information architecture Demand Planning more consistent to the budgeting activity for demand and monthly forecasting. processes Design of planning Assessment and design of planning processes, from forecasting to machine scheduling, to process define integration and automation needs (Planning-ERP)
  21. 21. Automotive WMS introduction in GAP Design and Change management associated to Manufacturing suite introduction at FPT Bourbon Lancy Plant plant in Bourbon Lancy, focused on WMS (Warehouse management system) and flow of components inside the plant Cost Deployment Information model design to support Cost Deployment Process at FPT plant in Poland, within the World Class Manufacturing initiative Manufacturing suite Design of method for processes and software capabilities mapping to support the Manufactuirng Suite introduction. Survey on Production processes, survey and design of Planning processes, definition of Manufacturing Analytics and Manufacturing Labor Control Assessment on Analysis of After Sales Supply Chain, to identify operative optimization areas and to improve Aftersales Processes flows management in the entire network Warehouse processes Wharehouse processes review at the main european distribution center, to solve performance revision problems following SAP WMS activation
  22. 22. Travel, Services and Public Administration Activation of Design of the organization and coordination mechanisms in ICT area, to improve innovation innovation teams capability in applications development to support CORE activities. Micro-Organization The project, through the analysis of two pilot sectors of Application development area, has analysis of two identified and estimated operative efficiency drivers of the area. apllication management sectors Organizational Organizational analysis of two sectors of Regione Piemonte, to support economic-treatment Analysis of two (compensation) processes, pension and insurance treatments of the employees sectors Traceability and onsite Feasibility analysis related to application of passive RFID tag for construction site activities and integration materials traceability Logistic Architecture Support to ATKearney in the Logistic Architecture Redesign, iidentification of guidelines and Redesign economic evaluation associated to an integrated logistic model for the different Business Units of the company, to support the merge between Telecom Italia and Tim. Warehouse processes Warehouse processes review, to reduce picking errors and inventory inconsistencies, to revision increase quality of distribution processes to Company’s stores Support to Back office Process analysis and change management associated to a new Back office system introduction system activation for malls.
  23. 23. Travel, Services and Public Administration Supply chain design Design of Supply Chain business model from "green field" for the development of an Italian network of recovery and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment, definition of supply specifications, support the activation of the network Control model of the Design and activation of the control model on the companys supply chain, transportation supply chain optimization analysis and redesign of optimal transportation units Impact Analysis recast Analysis of the impact on the Italian network of the recasting of the European Directive on weee directive WEEE optimal model evaluation and identification proposals for issuance of decrees Italian Review of the Support the General Manager in the analysis and review of customer service processes, back processes office, application development and billling Change management Design and change management for Help Desk on Remote Banking, to support the integration to HD of San Paolo IMI and Banca Intesa banks. Business Design and support in the activation and development of the business process of Business Development Development, identifying portfolios of services, development of service strategies Assessment of DSSP Support to the Director of Services and Systems for Personnel in the design and activation of Department the process of Portfolio and Demand Management for its management. Platform Recognition of regional processes of management of calls of tender and identification of areas of Bandi, analysis of common application, in order to unify the software to support the system requirements Platform Bandi, Identification of business requirements and unification of criteria for collecting and mapping identifying functional requirements, based on BPMN. Management of the integration between business requirements requirements and application requirements
  24. 24. Travel, Services and Public Administration Traceability Design and change management support for new traceability processes, Food and Beverage warehouse and supply chain flows Supply Chain KPI Design of performance indicators (KPI) related to Supply Chain, Cruise Operations Sourcing Analysis of spending to identify the criteria for sourcing management (information, processes, supply chain integration, etc..), Cruise Operations and Technical Operations Logistic Outsourcing Redesign and outsourcing analysis of distribution network, Cruise Operations and Technical Operations, business case and RFQ definition Sourcing Surfing and Design of reporting and indicators for the analysis of purchasing in relation to the commodities of Purchase Order Cruise Operations. Support in the analysis and design of processes and integration tool with integration suppliers, order lifecycle management, bid and contract management design Information Systems Design of the information system, in the component management, operational, optimization and integration of the supply chain (member companies, corporate clients) Corporate Change management in reviewing and activation of a new organization, also according to the Organization business objectives of the distribution sector.