The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Finalists


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  • Superb photos.. Thank you Magdalena.
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  • I was making the same theme again, and what a coincidence,your editing is very refinement,A warm hug.
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  • Fantastic collection,love slide 4,funny.The piano music is nice and clear on this one,thank you Magdalena,Un abrazo
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  • Magnificas fotos Magda. Me gusta mucho la tres por la emocion que me da. Un abrazo muy forte.
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  • Gracias Magdalena, por hacernos llegar las fotos de los finalistas de estos premios, son fantásticas.
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The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Finalists

  1. 1. Open Category - Travel: The Mongol. Picture: ©Simon Morris/UK/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  2. 2. Open Category - Smile: Yellow Fellow. A young boy celebrating the Indian Holi festival of colours Picture: ©Anurag Kumar/India/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  3. 3. Open Category - Nature & wildlife: What are you staring at!? A baby Orang Utan peeking out from his mother's embrace. Picture: ©Chin Boon Leng/Singapore/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  4. 4. Open Category - Smile: Muddy Smile.Picture: ©Alpay Erdem/Turkey/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  5. 5. Open Category - Split Second: Untitled. The emotional outpouring of a bride on her way to her weddingPicture: ©Yao Wang Chong/Taiwan/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  6. 6. Open Category - Arts & Culture: Untitled. The Guča trumpet festivalPicture: © Vuk Adzic/Serbia/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  7. 7. Open Category - People: Young men from the Kara Tribe, Omo, Ethiopia (taken in infared)Picture: ©Louise Porter/USA/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  8. 8. Open Category - Travel: Pilgrims and devotees of the Maha Kumbh Mela - the largest spiritual gathering on the planetPicture: ©Wolfgang Weinhardt/Germany/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  9. 9. Open Category - Nature & wildlife: Zeybeks (a reference to a Turkish traditional dance)Picture: ©Hasan BagÌlar/Cyprus/2014 Sony World Photography Award
  10. 10. Open Category - Low Light: Be Cheerful Even in the Darkest of TimesPicture: Samantha Fortenberry/USA/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  11. 11. Open Category - Arts & Culture: Beer festival in MunichPicture: ©Li Hao/China/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  12. 12. Open Category -Split second: Homebound. Homeless children in Chittagong, BangladeshPicture: ©Ata Mohammad Adnan/Bangladesh/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  13. 13. Open Category - People: Untitled. Image of miners from the Gold Fields Abangares gold mine of Guanacaste, Costa RicaPicture: ©Guillermo Barquero/Costa Rica/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  14. 14. Open Category - Panoramic: Vakil Bath. Panoramic photo made of four fisheye shots stitched together. Vakil Bath is a very popular historical site located in Shiraz, IranPicture: ©Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji/Iran/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  15. 15. Open Category - Architecture: The Calm Before The StormPicture: ©Sean Batten/UK/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  16. 16. Professional category: Landscape: Untitled. Skiers enjoy the harsh winter in Poland.Picture: ©Kacper Kowalski/Poland/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  17. 17. Professional category - Current Affairs: Cost of slavery. Rana Plaza garment factory collapse.Picture: © K. M. Asad/Bangladesh/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  18. 18. Professional category - Architecture: Neighbours.Picture: © Herman Van Den Boom/Belgium/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  19. 19. Professional category - Campaign: Big Cat, Little Cat - an advertising campaign for Whiskas cat foodPicture: ©George Logan/UK/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  20. 20. Professional category - Arts & Culture: Sparkle, Baby. 'Sparkle, baby' explores girl culture in Australia within the phenomena of beauty pageants, particularly those directed at the young.Picture: © Chloe Bartram/Australia/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  21. 21. Professional category - Arts & Culture: Rakher Upobash. An elderly Hindu woman sits with lights (Prodip) and prays to God in front of Shri Shri Lokanath Brahmachar at an Ashram temple during the Rakher Upobash at Barodi, Bangladesh.Picture: © Suvra Kanti Das/Bangladesh/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  22. 22. Professional category - Landscape: Aerial series. Iceland.Picture: © Emmanuel Coupe-Kalomiris/Greece/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  23. 23. Professional category - Landscapes: City landscapes from Shanghai city.Picture: © Arjen Schmitz/Netherlands/2014 Sony World P hotography Awards
  24. 24. Professional category - Current Affairs: What is missing? A pusher with his gun in the Forcella neighborhood of Naples.Picture: © Esposito Salvatore/Italy/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  25. 25. Professional category - Sport: The Fighter, The Father.Picture: © Nikolai Linares/Denmark/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  26. 26. Professional category - Current Affairs: No Moore. For 39 minutes on May 20, 2013, a massive EF5 tornado with winds reaching 210 mph cut a 17-mile long path that was 1.3 miles wide at its peak. Moore, Oklahoma, bore the brunt of the damage. Destiny Pierman, 13 collects belongings from the damaged bedroom of her home in Moore. She and her mother feared it levelled and were relieved to find the house damaged, but still standing. Destiny's epilepsy medication, the family's primary concern, was right where they had left it.Picture: © Melissa Golden/USA/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  27. 27. Professional category - Travel: Italy.Picture: © Sharon Derhy/Italy/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  28. 28. Professional category - Sport: Untitled.Picture: © YongSheng Zheng/China/ 2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  29. 29. Professional category Portrait: Mad Couples. Portraits from the UK Mod scene.Picture: © Carlotta Cardana/UK/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  30. 30. Professional category - Portraits: Wet Dog.Picture: © Sophie Gamand/USA/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  31. 31. Professional category Portraits: Wax System. Portraits of the waxworks at Madame Tussauds.Picture: © Fabrizio Cestari/Italy/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  32. 32. Professional category - People: Mother and Son.Picture: © Denis Dailleux//2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  33. 33. Professional category - Travel: A polar bear at Svalbard, Norway.Picture: © Wilfred Berthelsen/Norway/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  34. 34. Kai-Uwe Gundlach/Germany/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  35. 35. Ken Hermann/Denmark/2014 Sony World Photography Awards
  36. 36. The shortlist for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards has been revealed by the World Photography Organisation. Photographers from 166 countries submitted nearly 140,000 images, the highest number of entries in the awards’ seven year history. From the submissions the judges have selected an eclectic shortlist representing the very finest in international contemporary photography from the past 12 months. Here, we present some of the finalists from the Open and Professional categories