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Lavazza Calendar ~The New Humanity

  1. 1. 2021 Lavazza Calendar: The New Humanity. Lavazza Calendar front cover. (Photo by Christy Lee Rogers/2021 Lavazza Calendar)
  2. 2. 2021 Lavazza Calendar: The New Humanity
  3. 3. An art project that places man at its centre; a collective of artists in search of a rediscovered humanity In a changing scenario in which barriers and distancing between individuals, communities and nations become necessary, Lavazza is trying to build bridges between people, drawing them closer through the universal language of art, the one capable of speaking to the heart of us all. Its aim is to show human beings' extraordinary resilience and generate feelings of hope that will make it possible to build a "New Humanity". A wake-up call to individual sensibility in the hope that from this long and difficult period we may see the rebirth of a society that values solidarity, inclusion, tolerance and sustainable development, values that also guide Lavazza Group's business.
  4. 4. In The New Humanity 2021 calendar, 13 masters of photography present a new vision of humanity that reflects their personal viewpoints and styles. They are David LaChapelle, Simone Bramante, Martin Schoeller, Ami Vitale, Christy Lee Rogers, Steve McCurry, Joey L., Carolyn Drake, Denis Rouvre, Eugenio Recuenco, Charlie Davoli, Martha Cooper and TOILETPAPER.
  5. 5. January Photograph: Denis Rouvre
  6. 6. February Photograph: Carolyn Drake
  7. 7. March Photograph: Steve McCurry
  8. 8. April Photograph: Charlie Davoli
  9. 9. May Photograph: Ami Vitale
  10. 10. June Photograph: Martha Cooper
  11. 11. July Photograph: David LaChapelle
  12. 12. August Photograph: Martin Schoeller
  13. 13. September Photograph: Joey L
  14. 14. October Photograph: Eugenio Recuenco
  15. 15. November Photograph: Simone Bramante
  16. 16. December Photograph: Toilet Paper
  17. 17. END18-NOVIEMBRE-2020 Sound: Eva Cassidy-What A Wonderful World