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Some Free Non-Adobe Readers for PDF Files


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It is time to come out of the world, which highly depends upon assistance from Adobe to handle various PDF files. Now, consider some excellently working PDF readers to view various PDF files you've got on your computer system, easily. 

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  • PDF-XChange Viewer is outstanding reader\editor for pdfs, I think better than others. Installed folder includes Help file and languages when you would want to change Menu. With Foxit you must find necessary language on their site. It isn't comfortable. Also PDF-XChange includes OCR (for free!). Agree - this is the wonderful feature.
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Some Free Non-Adobe Readers for PDF Files

  1. 1. Some Free Non-Adobe Readers for PDF FilesIt is time to come out of the world, which highly depends upon assistance from Adobe tohandle various PDF files. Now, consider some excellently working PDF readers to view variousPDF files youve got on your computer system, easily.PDF XChange Viewer helps you save the annotation, and thankfully it leaves the annotatedcopy free of any validation mark. Along with this, it as well allows you to fill and save Adobeforms, extract images or text, zoom-in and export PDF documents to BMP, TIFF, PNG, JPEGformats, and also has capable text/image clarity. The trouble with this pdf viewer program iswith its download size of 13 MB and installed folder size of 45 MB. But, there is a better orportable edition of the software available, which is sized a mere 6.18 MB. The best part aboutusing the latest version of the application is that you can open even secure documents thatcould only be opened with Adobe, previously.Foxit Reader is tiny! It is true that it is small in size, loads in flash, supports variousbookmarks, comes embedded with additional features, has search capability, and also allowsyou to annotate PDF files of yours. Not only can this software perform all these functions butalso print PDFs very easily. The negative aspect about using this application is that PDF files donot look very clear in comparison to PDF-XChange. While installing the program on your PC,you must pay extra heed. If you check or un-check to install the firefox plugin, then the startmenu shortcut, quick launch shortcut boxes and desktop shortcut will get automaticallychecked. One admirable thing about Foxit is that editing of the fonts and otherproperties/annotations is extremely easy when comparing it with PDF-XChange. One thing tobecome a reason of frustration is that when you select some features an error message willpop-up, which could try to connect to the site to download missing components.Cool PDF reader is the smallest program of all. As they say, All good things come in smallpackages, is absolutely true! This program can print, view, convert PDFs to PNG, WMF, EPS,EMF, etc. While opening some PDF files some errors pop-up. Text readability is not up to-the-mark. All in all, the program is a slim reader using only a few resources for its functions.Docsmartz Platinum can convert PDF files to different formats, and also lets you create PDFsfrom formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word or any other windows printable file. Its in-builtpdf reader and other functions keep you at ease when handling various Portable documentformat files.