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Classical conditioning


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Classical conditioning

  2. 2. KEY TERMSReinforcement = the process of encouraging or establishing a belief or pattern of behaviourLearnt = when knowledge has been acquired through study, experience or being taughtResponse = a reaction to somethingStimulus = a thing/event that evokes a specific reactionAntecedent = a thing/event that existed before
  3. 3. KEY TERMSConsequence = a result/effect of an actionClassical conditioning = a simple form of learning, which occurs through repeated association of two (or more) different stimuliNeutral stimulus (NS) = the conditioned stimulus before it becomes conditionedUnconditioned stimulus (UCS) = any stimulus that consistently produces a particular responseUnconditioned response (UCR) = a response which occurs automatically when the UCS is presented
  4. 4. KEY TERMSConditioned stimulus = the stimulus which is neutral at the start of conditioning. Wouldn’t normally produce the UCR, but does so eventually because of its association with the UCS.Conditioned response = a response which occurs automatically when the UCS is presented.Acquisition = the learning/developing of a skill, habit, or qualityAcquisition phase = The consistent pairings of the CS and the UCS that produces a CR.Extinction = When the UCS is no longer presented along with the CS.
  5. 5. KEY TERMSSpontaneous recovery = When CS is reintroduced after extinction and a period of rest has occurred, and the CR again appearsStimulus generation = When the organism will respond by producing a CR to stimuli that are similar to the CSStimulus discrimination =When the organism only responds to the CS and no other similar stimuli
  6. 6. THE PROCESS OF CLASSICAL CONDITIONING(Before conditioning)Unconditioned stimulus = unconditioned responseNeutral stimulus = no unconditioned response
  7. 7. THE PROCESS OF CLASSICAL CONDITIONING(During conditioning)Neutral stimulus + unconditioned stimulus = unconditioned response
  8. 8. THE PROCESS OF CLASSICAL CONDITIONING(After conditioning)Conditioned stimulus = conditioned response