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  1. 1. Directed by GORDON QUINN Produced by HOWARD RIECH Produced from 2004-2009 Prisoner of Her Past
  2. 2. Sonia Reich, a survivor of the Holocaust begins to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at the age of 69, years after the end of the Holocaust. Her son, Howard Reich goes on a journey to figure out why this is happening to his mother. Sonia’s Story Sonia Reich Howard Reich
  3. 3. On February 15, 2001 Sonia ran out of her house. She thought that someone was going to put a bullet in her head. To this day Sonia believes that everyone is out to get her.
  4. 4. No one really knows what caused this, the only answer is PTSD. Dementia and Alzheimer's disease have been ruled out. Sonia does not even recognize photos of herself as a child in the Holocaust. Here is a picture of Sonia, her response to the picture was, who is that, a monkey? Sonia as a little girl
  5. 5. Quinn’s Message Sonia is living her life with PTSD, the film shows her suffering with this disorder. Quinn’s goal is to bring awareness of the effects of PTSD. Quinn brings awareness about Sonia’s health by using people that were around her during the Holocaust. Central Message
  6. 6. Quinn shows that not every person has the same reaction to a tragedy. Males and females experience the same event in different ways. Men may deal with these experiences differently than women. Central Message
  7. 7. Quinn's final message in the film involves survivors from hurricane Katrina. Quinn depicts the female survivors who are experiencing PTSD post hurricane Katrina. Central Message
  8. 8. The girl survivors were only 12 or 14 and are getting help right away. It does not matter when or where, PTSD can occur and it is important to treat PTSD at an early age. Central Message Hurricane Katrina’s PTSD victims
  9. 9. Communicating Sonia’s Message Quinn’s use of sources and personal experiences communicated Sonia’s message. The paused frames and the interactions between Sonia and Howard showed the importance of understanding PTSD. Communicating Message
  10. 10. Reliving the past in her own words, Sonia moves your heart. Opening the film with, “They’re going to put a bullet in my head”. Was a powerful hook. An effective appeal to emotions was used. Communicating Message
  11. 11. Using her cousin Leon to compare and contrast the same things they went through brings the message alive. Leon remembered the Holocaust, but his memories have not caused him to experience PTSD. Communicating Message A picture of Sonia and Leon before the war
  12. 12. When Leon visited Sonia, she did not remember him. PSTD has caused Sonia not to recognize a close family member. The story of Leon and Sonia is a powerful one that has helped Howard become informed about Sonia’s health. Communicating Message Sonia doesn't remember Leon. Howard is trying to help Sonia remember him
  13. 13. Viewers Response to Sonia It is an eye-opening experience to understand the significance of PTSD. The reality is PTSD can affect someone over 40 years later. Viewers Response
  14. 14. Understanding how the viewer can help PTSD survivors. The sooner a loved one gets help, the better the outcome will be. This is a present day issue, PTSD is real. Viewers Response
  15. 15. You can help change that. Viewers Response
  16. 16. Sonia’s Supporters Quinn used people that were close to Sonia to find the answers to Howard’s questions. Quinn gave Sonia a voice through her son Howard. Sources Howard and his mom, looking through old photos trying to see if she can remember anything.
  17. 17. Sources In addition to personal stories from her son and daughter; Quinn follows Leon, a cousin of Sonia, who witnessed the Holocaust with her. Leon
  18. 18. Psychiatrists were used to analyze the differences of Sonia and Leon. Psychiatrists brought a professional opinion that can be reliable. Sonia’s supporters are trying to help her survive her difficult times. Sources Sonia lives in a nursing home due to her PTSD
  19. 19. Is truth dependent upon place, culture and time? Quinn and Howard have shown that truth depends on place, time and culture. Sonia experienced the Holocaust in a different way then Leon. Place, Culture, Time
  20. 20. Sonia cannot even remember Leon, and feels she is under attack. Leon is working to cope with what happened and move forward in his life. Leon and Sonia were both in the same place at the same time, but both remember the Holocaust in a different way. Place, Culture, Time
  21. 21. What is the role of an individual in the Modern World? Howard Reich has used his role in society to inform the viewer of the past, and how it applies to the present. Modern World
  22. 22. His mother’s story shows the importance of her story and the effects of PTSD. Howard has taken responsibility to inform the viewer and to start to make a difference for the future. Modern World
  23. 23. How have human choices had a local and global impact? Quinn’s and Howard’s choice of creating this movie has impacted everyone that has viewed it. Global Impact
  24. 24. Viewers have taken the movie’s message to heart. The message is current for people around the world, it is relatable. Victims of tsunamis, earthquakes, famine, disease and war are all susceptible to PTSD. Global Impact
  25. 25. Sonia’s Secrets What really happened to Sonia during the Holocaust? Why didn’t she get help sooner? Did Sonia really survive the Holocaust? Unanswered Questions
  26. 26. How can PTSD change a person so much that they cannot recognize a family member? Will Sonia ever remember Leon? Unanswered Questions
  27. 27. Sonia’s story has inspired others to help other survivors who are experiencing PTSD. Sonia was not diagnosed with PTSD until an advanced age and it is important to get survivors help sooner. With all of the Veterans returning from Iraq, PTSD is a serious problem. New Thought
  28. 28. On average 1in 8 returning soldiers from Iraq suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. New Thought
  29. 29. The best solution for managing PTSD is talking to a therapist. The sooner the better! New Thought
  30. 30. The sooner you help the veterans, the better chance of their survival.
  31. 31. Sonia’s Story To watch the trailer of Prisoner of Her Past click here Sonia’s Story Trailer Presented By: Madeline Franz