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Nutricion para el tipo de sangre A+


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Que se debe comer y que se debe evitar para las personas que tengan el tipo de sangre A+

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Nutricion para el tipo de sangre A+

  1. 1. BLOOD TYPE A Your Personalized Nutrition Guide Begin with Your A Basics Achieve Digestive and Immune System Integrity with the Blood Type Diet®. Type A Basics Pack Block Effects of Your Multi-Vitamin Your Multi-Mineral Your Optimal Lectins Probiotic PolyVITE A® Designed by Dr. Phytocal A® Features unique Deflect A Minimize lectin dam- ® D’Adamo to reflect the individ- co-factors and micro-mineral PolyFLORA A® Your blood age from the avoid foods you ual health concerns and precise ratios specific to your blood type has a significant impact eat, and repair existing lectin nutritional needs of your blood type, featuring a unique natural on friendly flora, featuring Build a solid daily founda- tion for personalized health. damage with Dr. D’Adamo’s type. source of highly absorbable your optimal flora strains and (Contains all 4 formulas.) revolutionary Deflect formulas, calcium. growth media for detoxifica- personalized for your Type. tion and maintaining digestive Don’t know your Type? balance. Order your kit online. Add Your Targeted Supplements Each Type is susceptible to certain imbalances. Add formulas to promote balance. Target Your Needs cognitive cons Type A Type A Type A Type A sinus function & throat nervous Stress Response Detoxification Metabolic Support Immune Support homone system Support Glycoscia® Designed to bal- balance cardio- vascular Cortiguard® Enhance the health Helix® Exclusive to Dr. respiratory er GenoType 2: Gatherer GenoType 3: Teacher ® health system GenoType HexIcons of the nervous system and Hepatiguard Dr. D’Adamo ance blood sugar and supports D’Adamo, Helix has a powerful detoxification stomach Current as of 071022 strengthen resistance to the writes about Type A liver/gall the body’s natural ability to component which can help the & & liver health intestine physical effects of occasional regulate insulin levels. Features immune system function more G T bladder health. This exclusive joint & Right For All Types stress. Natural recovery with formula naturally supports opti- Resveratrol and four other effectively and efficiently, and women’s ligament GenoType 1: Hunter GenoType 2: Gatherer GenoType 3: Teacher botanicals. health health H G T Dr. ’Adamo’s exclusive formula, mal liver function and bile pro- may serve as a very potent pro- immune Cortiguard. duction which can be especially tective agent. men’s health Icon Icon health HUNTER GATHERER importantEfor Blood Type A. T ACHER rer con Alternate H GenoType 3: Teacher Icon Alternate G Icon Alternate T H Add Your GenoType Supplements G Re-Set your genetic expression with the GenoType Diet®. T GenoType rer T Icon GenoType 5: Warrior HUNTER Icon GAT H E R E R Overly tolerant immune system, sensi- GenoType 6: Nomad Icon TEACHER Teacher Activator: Protein digestive aid; flora and plant sterols. Essentials Pack G Icon T Icon Alternate tive digestive system, andIcon Alternate increased mental stress when in poor health. Icon Alternate Teacher Catalyst: Adaptogens selected to increase resistance to biological stress and build vitality. GATHERER TEACHER Teacher Synergist: GenoCorrect Flax oil blend of Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9. con Alternate W GenoType 4: Explorer Icon Alternate N Stores all calories5: Warrior GenoType as fat, depressed Activator: Digestive system balancing and calmative. WarriorGenoType 6: Nomad E Icon W challenges, accelerated aging. Icon N immunity, heart and circulatory health Warrior Catalyst: Powerful anti-aging formula. Includes pure Gynostemma. Warrior Synergist: CLA increases metabolism, decreases abdominal fat. Maximize your GenoType’s strengths and minimize your EX PLORER WARRIOR N O M A D E W N weaknesses with or GenoType 6: Nomad con Alternate Icon Alternate Icon Alternate personalized Geno-Actives. Hypersensitivity to allergens and cer- Explorer Activator: Gastro-protective; liver/bile health; cellular energy Blood Type A’s can be E W tain foods and drugs; imbalanced abil- production. N Don’t know your Type? N ity to detoxify, sluggish metabolism Explorer Catalyst: Detoxification with antioxidants and plant sterols. Order your kit online. one of 3 GenoTypes: Icon Icon Icon EXPLORER and weight gain. WARRIOR N O M A D Explorer Synergist: Pure Marine Lipids providing long chain Omega 3’s. GenoTypeIcon Alternate HexIcon Palette WDiscover More - Order at or call (877) 226-8973 in the U.S. Icon N Icon Alternate Icon Alternate Be sure to use this referral number, if you have one: ©2008 North American Pharmacal, Inc. WARRIOR The statements made in our brochure have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician. N O M A D