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Abstract dismembering the goddess


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Abstract dismembering the goddess

  1. 1. Dismembering the goddess : Effects of gender wars and marital failures on young adults Abstract A serious, though unintentional, negative outcome of feminist movement has been a gross trivialization of motherhood. When mothering becomes a chore due to environmental stressors, the potential of the infant, and of successive generations, is choked off with serious consequences. The paper explores the emerging trends of masculinization of society, feminization of poverty and the socio-politico-cultural devaluation of the feminine. The children, rendered fatherless through easy dissolution of marital commitments, also becoming partially motherless through the absence of the mother who now has to work for economic and social independence, are hurried into self sufficiency, which impacts their psychosocial and psychosexual development. The paper tracks effects of these distortion of early object representations in children, young adults and the society in context of a lack of masculine container, and a general disrespect for the feminine. The generation dismembers the goddess within and without, seeking personal inviolability because the adults that it needs to depend upon are no longer perceived as dependable. When these young adults come of age, they shrug off their responsibility towards dependent others causing socio-economic nightmare in the world that has increasing number of aging adults, foster children, and disabled. The inner space that spells tenderness, spontaneity, and aliveness, the relational and healing aspects of the psyche, appears dead, this inner deadness being vehemently defended by Fairbairn’s internal saboteur. The paper arguing for an urgent need for policies and reforms that restore the nurturing and regenerative aspects of the goddess in the psyche of the society. It argues for return of the archetypal energies of the Great Mother, re-membering Hestia, and Virgin Mary, for through the destruction of the feminine, our saviors, the heros and the gods of the modern world, lose their altruism, their protective powers, and are forced into malevolence, anarchy and chaos.