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  1. 1. Q1. Ved prakash Arya the CEO and founder of Milestone capital died recently in an unfortunateaccident . How ?Ans. Coconut tree fell on him during his morning walk in MumbaiQ2. In what denomination has RBI introduced POLYMER notes on a trial basis ?Ans. 10 RsQ3.. What is the financial instrument through which Warren Buffett is iinvesting 5 bn $ in Bankof America ?Ans Preference sharesQ4. On resignation of Steve Jobs who has taken over as the CEO of Apple ?Ans Tim CookQ5.”That guy is never going to make it. He doesn‟t get technology. He‟s just a salesman.‟Aboutwhom did Ed Land, Polaroid CEO say this ?Ans. Steve JobsQ6. In the midst of the Anna fever in India which co has launched an OS called SYMBIANANNA ?Ans. NokiaQ7. “Do bachcho ke baad ho jao 3G pe busy”.Which co is promoting 3G as more pleasurablethan sex ?Ans. ideaQ8. Which newspaper is brought out by the co The Printers (Mysore) Ltd.?Ans. Deccan Herald. It is coming out with a Delhi editionQ9. For which innerwear brand have David Beckham, Cristiano ronaldo and now Rafael Nadalbared ?Ans. ArmaniQ10. Which oil co in India has launched India‟s first self service petrol pump in Delhi recently ?Ans. Indiannoil
  2. 2. Q11. Which four Indian cos have been included in the new Harvard book “Higher ambition: ” ?Ans. Tata Sons, Thermax , Infosys and Mahindra & MahindraQ12. In this era what are the 2 purposes for which TELEGRAM is still being used in India ?Ans. To inform loan defaulters and absconding employeesWeekly Business Quiz #93August 23, 2011Q1. Name the chain of bookstores started in 1877 by T.K.Banerjee and a Frenchman EmileMoreau with their first store in Allahabad.Ans. A.H.wheelerQ2. Who has composed the music for the Hero motocorp heroes song ?A R RahmanQ3. As per the registrar of newspapers in India, how many magazines are published in India ?Ans. 73000Q4, For providing credit insurance to which aiirline has the New India Assurance ChairmanRamadoss suspended ?Ans. ParamountQ5. Who will be the largest beneficiary bcoz of the Google‟s acquisition of Motorola Mobility ?( largest shareholder of Motorola)Ans. Carl IcahnQ6. In which asian stock exchange will the UK club Man United do a billion $ IPO ?Ans. Singapore-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanShare this: Twitter
  3. 3. Facebook Email Print MorePosted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 92August 16, 2011Q1. Who did the publicity of all Raj Kapoor films after “Sangam” ?Ans. Ameen Sayani, the radio broadcasterQ2. Who said ” We cannot have live broadcast. It is too dangerous” on the decision to scrap DD3?Ans. PV Narasimha Rao , the PM in ’93Q.4 Who did Rupert Murdoch refer as the “splendid pirates” of the Indian TV industry ?Ans. cable operatorsQ5. What is the business of Tree House, a company currently in the news for IPO ?Ans. Pre-primary schoolsQ6. P, 2P and 3 P are the three categories in which reserves of which natural resources classified?Ans. crude oilQ7. What is “FIAT” money ?Ans. Money that has value only because of govt fiat or lawQ8. What unique insurance is offered by ARAG, a German insurance firm, in Britain ?Ans. Divorce insuranceQ9. Companies like Way2SMS insert flagging ad tags at the end of messages. What is the jargonfor this ?Ans.Mobitisements
  4. 4. Q10. Which insurance scheme launched by LIC after the 2008 financial crisis became a big hit ?Ans. Jeevan Aastha- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanWeekly Business Quiz # 91August 9, 2011Q1. Ideas worth spreading is the tagline of which internet site/movement ?Ans. TEDQ2. Along with life and libertywhat has FInland included in July 2010 as a citizens‟ fundamentalright ?Ans. BroadbandQ3. Why are people in US hating David Beers ?Ans. He is the sovereign rating head of S & P who down graded USQ4. Name the two Japanese engineering giants that will merge soon to make a megacorp in a bidto become profitable.Ans. Hitachi and MitsubishiQ5. What unique India‟s first advisory service will be offered by a new firm founded by AnilSinghvi ?Ans. Corporate Governance advice to FIIsQ6. Which Indian textiles major is withdrawing its brands Zapp, Manzoni and Be:Home ?Ans. RaymondQ7. Name China‟s state controlled credit rating agency that has downgraded US debt rating.Ans. Dagong Global Credit rating agencyQ8. Name this traditional Iranian cuisine introduced to Hyderabad by Aga Husain Zabeth ofMadina Hotel.
  5. 5. Ans. HaleemQ9. Name this old baby food brand that has changed hands atleast 4 times from Glaxo to Heinz oWorkhardt and now Danone ?Ans. FarexQ10. Loyalty programmes of airlines is old hat. Which airport in India has launched a programfor travel agents and passengers ?Ans. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, HyderabadQ 11. What is GRIHA, the rating system developed by TERI ?Ans. Green rating for Integrated Habitat assessment Central university of Tamil Nadu atTiruvarur will be the first to get this rating among universities- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanWeekly Business Quiz # 90August 1, 2011Q1.Which country has a new draft constitution written by citizens through social media ?Ans. IcelandQ2. The current US impasse is due to a govt debt ceiling which needs to be raised. name the onlyother country that has a debt ceiling ?DenmarkQ3. As per UN estimates where will the 7 billionth person be born on 31st October this year ?IndiaQ4. Name the handbag of Paki foreign minister Hina Rabbani that has caught the attention of thechatterati ?BirkinQ5. What tech has Harish Hande taken to villages tha have got him the Ramon Mgsaysay award?Solar lighting
  6. 6. Q6. With which watch brand would you associate Sachin Tendulkar ?Audemars PiquetQ7. There are 4 major watch cos in Japan. Name them.Citizen Seiko, Casio and OrientQ8. Which economist had said ” water is useful but worthless whereas diamonds were uselessbut far more valuable‟ ?Adam SmithQ9. Dzjchdzhe Shorash was born in 1930 in Budapest. How do we know him better ?George Soros the legendary hedge fund managerQ 10. Who is the other newly appointed Co-CEO to Jurgen Fitshen in Deutsche Bank ?Anshu jain- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanQ1. Connect Set Wet, Axe and Zatak…Ans. These are deo sprays whose ads have been banned by ASCI for being indecentQ2. What is the name of the new operating system from Apple ?Ans. LIONQ3. Name the world‟s largest hydro electric project.Ans. Three Gorges of ChinaQ4. What is grandparent dividend ?Ans. The social benefits of growing with grand parentsQ5. When does a fund “broke the buck” ?Ans. When its NAV goes down below 1 $Q6. Why is the joining of a young 20 yr old Nivaan as mgmt trainee in jet airways news ?
  7. 7. Ans. His surname is Goyal and he is the son of Naresh Goyal- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanWeekly Business Quiz # 88July 19, 2011Q1.What will be the new name for DGCA that will function as the airlines regulator ?Ans. Civil aviation authority – CAAQ2. The latest campaign for Titan featuring Aamir is for a model called HTSE. What is HTSE ?Ans.High tech self energisedQ3. In the business split of RPG which is the only co that will be owned jointly by Harsh andSanjiv Goenka ?Ans. Spencer’s hotelsQ4. Which traditional indian garment is being bought in large nos by an italian co IOU to maketrendy outfits and sold on net ?Ans. LungisQ5. NR Narayana Murthy recently inaugurated a INFOSYS training centre in Mysore. It isnamed after which great person ?Ans. NRN himself- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanWeekly Business Quiz # 87July 12, 2011Q1. In which services is Amarchand and Mangaldas is India‟s No 1 firm ?Ans. Corporate LawQ2. Why are POWER BALANCE wrist bands the new accessory among the hip crowd ?Ans. These bands improve meatbolismQ3. Name the popular British tabloid which is being closed down after it was found hacking intophones and other charges.Ans.News of the World
  8. 8. Q4. Upto how many transactions per month are allowed without any charge in other banks‟ATMs as per a new RBI guideline ?Ans. fiveQ5. Which 2 brands of Google will soon be withdrawn ?Ans.Blogger and Picasa. Renamed as Google Blogs and Google photosQ6. IBM ROLEX etc are not sponsors of Wimbledon. What are they called ?Ans. Official suppliers- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanWeekly Business Quiz # 86July 6, 2011Q1. As per the CII INSEAD study of Global Innovation Index which country is ranked no 1 andwhat is India‟s rank ?Ans. Switzerland and 62Q2. How is the external affairs minister S M Krishna connected to a coffee chain ?Ans. Cafe Coffee Day chief V G Siddhartha is his son-inlawQ3. Who has been appointed as the new CVC chief of India ?Ans. Pradeep kumarQ4. Which new co is positioned itself as India‟s first dedicated education loan co. ?Ans. CredilaQ5. Which bankrupt tech co has sold its patents and patent apps to a consortium of cos for a solidUS$ 4.5 B ?Ans. NortelQ6. Why would it be illegal to manufacture and sell SCOTCH whisky in india ?Ans. Scotland has taken a GI on scotch in India
  9. 9. Q7. Which car maker has beaten FORD in 2010 to become the fifth largest car manufacturer inthe world ?Ans.HyundaiQ8. What is the name of the new social networking service started by GOOGLE called ?Ans.Google +Q9. In private equity jargon what is dry powder ?Ans.Money raised but not investedQ10. In recent market share data for cola in US, Pepsi is no. 3. What are 1 & 2 ?Ans. Coke and Diet CokeQ11. Toyota has launched its first hatchback in india. Name it.Ans. Etios-LIVAWeekly Business Quiz # 85June 28, 2011Q1. What does the Audi tag line Vorsprung durch Technik mean ?Ans. Progress through Technology Q2. In june 91 when industrial delicensing was announced who was the union minister ofindustries ?Ans. PV Narasimha Rao the PM had this portfolioQ3. Why is the exclusive range of furniture by the chairman of Sobha developers called PNC ?Ans. PNC Menon‟s initialsQ4. Name the indian who has been nominated as the COO of UNILEVERAns. Harish MunwaniQ5. Which co do the Indian American couple Reddy and Padma Allen in the news for NY citypayroll scam belong to ?Ans. Technodyne
  10. 10. Q6. Who gave the famous phrase „the consumer is not a moron she is your wife‟ ?Ans. David O‟gilvyQ7. In what business is the Finnish co LINDSTROM in ? It has set up shop in Hyd recently.Ans. Textile services like uniformsQ8. Name the distinguished indian economist well known for his work on defining poverty whodied recently.Ans. Dr Suresh TendulkarQ9. What is the official name of the IIT coaching centre SUPER 30 in Patna ?Ans. Sri Ramanujan school of mathematicsQ10. Which international airline has the largest fleet of aircrafts ?Ans. Lufthansa with 710 planesQ11. Why did Ray Tomlinson the man who sent the first electronic message using ARPANETuse @ symbol ?Ans. To separate name and computerQ12. How did the phrase DRINKING KOOL AID originate and what does it mean ?Ans. It means that blindly following what the leader says even if it is mass suicide. It originatedwith the genocide in Jonestown when cyanide was mixed with Kool Aid, a brand of drinkbelonging to Kraft foods.- Compiled by G Mohan @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MorePosted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 84
  11. 11. June 21, 2011Q1. Which two companies will replace RCOM and RINFRA in the BSE SENSEX ?Ans. Coal India and Sun PharmaQ2. What it the WHO standard for number of beds per 1000 population ? Where does india stand?Ans. 4 per thousand, India 0.8Q3. How do we know universal product code better ?Ans. BarcodeQ4. Which newspaper has the largest circulation among all Marathi language dailies ?Ans. LokmatQ5. Who is the largest issuer of credit cards in india ?Ans. HDFC BankQ6.Who has taken over as the cabinet secretary of india ?Ans. Ajit sethQ7. With which brand has SACHIN had the longest association of over 20 years ?Ans. BoostQ8. Which company owns the apparel brands Wrangler, Nautica, North face and nowTimberland ?Ans. VF Apparels- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print More
  12. 12. Posted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 83June 14, 2011Q1. As per RBI a bank needs to have 9 rs of equity for every 100 Rs of loan. What is this normcalled ?Ans. Capital adequacy ratioQ2. Which unit of Maruti is having union trouble for the last few days ?Ans. ManesarQ3. Which 60 year old bank with HQ in Kolhapur is India‟s smallest bank ?Ans. Ratnakar BankQ4. In an auction Raju Vesgna acquired the ICC World Cup winning ball for Rs 64 lakhs. Whichcompany he heads ?Ans. SifyQ5. Which food brand is named after Grand Duchess Maria Alexandprovna wife of the Duke ofEdinburgh ?Ans. Marie biscuitsQ6. Which tea brand comes from the names of sons of Merill J Fernando ?Ans. Dilmah based on Dilhara and MalikQ7. Julius a Swiss Miller who founded a company in the 1880s making food items becausemilling was not doing well. His surname is a big brand today. What was his surname?Ans. Maggi- Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohanPosted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 82
  13. 13. June 7, 2011Q1.What are death derivatives ?Ans. Financial derivatives which bet on the longevity risk imp for pension funds etcQ2. The revival of which state owned cable co will pose a serious threat to SCV a unit ofSUNTV ?Ans. ARASUQ3. Which two countries share the world‟s longest undefended border ?Ans. USA and CanadaQ4. Hero is launching india‟s first dirt bike. What is a dirt bike ?Ans. An off road bike designed for rough terrainWhat color was the planes of Virgin Blue painted ?Ans. Red. Virgin Blue has been renamed as Virgin AustraliaQ6. In which Indian private sector bank does the Liibyan dictator Gaddafi have a 0.1% stake ?Ans ICICI Bank- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter go_mohanWeekly Business Quiz # 81May 31, 2011Q1. Who owns the club BARCELONA aka BARCA ?Ans. By over 85000 Socis ie members in CatalanQ2. Name the iconic personal transportation vehicle invented by Dean Kamen launched in indiarecently at 4 lacs.Ans. SegwayQ3. Which TV channel a symbol of american culture gives five calls for prayer in its Indonesianschedules ?
  14. 14. Ans. MTVQ4. What brand of balls are being used in French open from this year ?Ans.Babalot It replaces Dunlop balls.Q5. What is the name of the new retail chain started by Ram Agarwal who started Vishal retail ?Ans. V2Q6. After Apple beat Microsoft yet another tech co has beaten MS in market cap?Ans. IBMQ7. Name the iceland volcano that has grounded 500 flights in europe this year.Ans. GrimsvotnQ8. How does a blast last week in Hon Hai of China affect deliveries of Apple, HP and Sony ?Ans. It’s the world largest electronics contract manufacturer.- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MoreTags:quizPosted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 80May 24, 2011Q1. If Malaysia is “Truly Asia” which country promotes itself as „The heart of Asia‟?Ans. TaiwanQ2. Which co was the first in india to design and manufacture a micro computer ?
  15. 15. Ans. DCM data products. HCL promoters used to work hereQ3. What will Karnataka Public sector unit , Mysore paints and varnishes ltd supply to theEgypt elections ?Ans. Indelible inkQ4. Which PSU has overtaken ONGC in terms of market cap to become no 1 ?Ans. Coal indiaQ5. Seal team 6 killed Osama. Who has acquired the trade mark rights for SEAL TEAM 6 ?Ans. Walt Disney- Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MoreTags:quizPosted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 79May 17, 2011Q1 Which diet plan has become the # 1 on Amazon after it became known that princess Katefollows it?Ans. Dukan dietQ2. Which college in london offers a M A course on Modern india ?Ans. king’s college LondonQ3. Who will be identified through the „One from a billion‟ contest?Ans. The next F-1 driver for the Force India team
  16. 16. Q4. What is the logic behind the steep increase in SBI interest rates for short term deposits?Ans. To make the short term deposits attractive by giving 6.25 % for 7-14 days. If there isno demand then park it with RBI and earn 6.25 %Q5. Why is the mobile app SHAZAM becoming popular ?Ans. Music encyclopedia that can recognise most tunes and give all the infoQ6. What is new about laptops launched by SAMSUNG and ACER recently ?Ans. They are first laptops with Google Chrome OSQ7. What do publish ?Ans. audio books of indian authorsQ8. Which co is test marketing a brand of salty snacks called STOP NOT ?Ans. PerfettiQ9. Which indian co will be assembling hand held terminals for enumerating BPL families ?Ans. BELQ10. Where will you see 4 teams called MUMBAI HEROES, CHENNAI RHINOS , TELUGUWARRIORS, KARNATAKA BULLDOZERS playing ?Ans.Celebrity cricket league- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MoreTags:quizPosted in Trivia Bank | 1 Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 78
  17. 17. May 10, 2011Q1 If you carry multiple cards, like credit debit PAN cards in your wallet why it is a good idea tohave CPP. What is CPP?Ans. Card protection planQ2 Which Indian family has the biggest collection of Cartier watches as per the auction houseSotheby‟s ?Ans. Maharaja of PatialaQ3 Sameer Nair is quitting as the head of Imagine TV. Which channel and programme broughthim into limelight?Ans. Star Plus KBCQ4. Name the former CVC and bureaucrat who is setting up innovation SEZs in Gujarat andAP.Ans. N.VittalQ5 K.I.S.S is a management principle. This principle with a slight modification has become thetagline for which mobile operator ?Ans. Tata DoCoMoQ6. In a bizarre move which govt owned financial institution‟s Chairman has been demoted to anMD by appointing a new chairman ?Ans. LIC’s VijayanQ7. Name the exclusive cadre which was involved in the Osama Bin Laden hunt.Ans. Navy SEAL (sea air and land)Q8. In which country were the roots of the mobike Jawa later known as Yezdi ?Ans. CzechoslovakiaQ9 .How do we better know a role with a job title Director of First impressions ?Ans. Receptionist- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle@go_mohan
  18. 18. Share this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MorePosted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 77May 3, 2011Q1. What is the name of the new office app from MICROSOFT in cloud competing with Googleapps ?Ans. Office 365Q2. Which car is normally associated with the british royal family? It was used during the WillKate wedding also.Ans. BENTLEYQ3. Which new music channel has become the number 1 music channel at end of 2010 ? Clue9xm is old now.Ans.MASTIIQ4. What is the business connection to the resignation of the US envoy to india ?Ans. US cos Boeing and Lockheed have lost the indian fighter deal to European cos.Q5. What is unique about The Green Microgym in Portland, Oregon ?Ans. It produces electricity from the human energy spent in gymQ6. The Wired magazine has rated BADOO as one of the fastest growing Internet site, whatservice is provided by BADOO ?Ans. Social network for sexQ7. What business is the much advertised “Speak Asia” in ?Ans. Online consumer survey based on MLM model
  19. 19. Q8. Which newspaper is called the Maha Vishnu of Mount Road for its strong editorials ?Ans. The HinduQ9. Mitsubishi Pajero is passe. What SUV is most popular among Bollywood stars ?Ans. Toyota Land CruiserQ10. Which country is the worlds largest producer and consumer of the controversial pesticideENDOSULFAN ?Ans. IndiaQ11. Connect the brands Hakkasan , LE CIRQUE, TRADER VIC‟S CARLUCCIO‟SAns. fine dining restaurants entering indiaQ12. The last typewriter factory in the world would soon stop producing them. Name the co andbrand.Ans. Godrej PrimaQ13. On what grounds was Mallika Sherawat‟s wish to buy a Rolls Royce turned down by theco?Ans. RR has a policy “ Car will not be sold to anybody who wants to buy it”.Q14. In 1993 when Sharad Pawar was CM he was shown a new Marathi film by its director,when Pawar asked a song to be rewind thrice. Why ?Ans. He saw open spaces in Mumbai- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanWeekly Business Quiz # 76April 26, 2011Q1. Former Sony chairman Noria Ohga died recently. He created the audio CD. Why did heinsist the CD should play 75 mins.?Ans. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was 75 mins long. He was a big fan of classical musicQ2. Which co has asked its ind. directors to return the excess remuneration paid to them by theprevious mgmt to keep their mouth shut ?
  20. 20. Ans. Mahindra SatyamQ3. Why is Britain expected to have a huge surge in tourist traffic in the weekend starting april29th ?Ans.William Kate royal weddingQ4. Crown Jewels is presented in a heirloom collectors box. CJ- the strength of a prince with theyielding sensitivity of a princess to be What is crown Jewels?Ans. condomsQ5. Name the two indian businessmen who figure in the TIME list of most influential persons of2010 in the world.Ans. MUKESH AMBANI & AZIM PREMJIQ6. Name the central registry created to check home loan frauds in india .Ans. CERSAIQ7. Who has bought 51 % stake in Tata Steel subsidiary Tata Refractories ?Ans. Nippon steelQ8. As gold crosses 1500$ mark recall the price of gold in 2006. a. Below 500$ b. > 500 & <750 c. > 750 & < 1000 d. > 1000&< 1250Ans b. around 600 $Q9. Gautam Doshi, Surendra Pipara and Hari Nair high profile occupants of Tihar Jail. To whichbusiness house they belong ?Ans. Reliance ADAGQ10. As per a PwC study of 37 indian companies across sectors what is the average annualremuneration paid to an employee ?Ans. Rs 4.8 lakhs p.aQ11. What is „INDIA + 1′ model of software outsourcing ?Ans. A de-risking strategy to outsource to one more country in addition to IndiaQ12. Which corporate group having a hotel business is seen as a big takeover threat by Oberoiand Leela groups ?
  21. 21. Ans. ITCQ13. In the Education First -english proficiency index published recently india is ranked 30th.What is china‟s rank ?Ans. 29thQ14. is an internet radio station having alt commentary on IPL promoted byAnupam Mukherji.Why he became famous in IPL -2 in ‟09?Ans. The Fakeiplplayer blog- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MorePosted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 75April 19, 2011 Q1. Which luxury car co made its only budget car model single door ISETTA during thedepression that followed WWII ?Ans. BMW. This model was surveyed for India in the 60s and BMW even had planned to set upa plant in Patna but later dropped.Q2. Which brand is running a scheme called POWERPLAY during the IPL ?Ans. Godrej – all productsQ3. Yusuf and Irfan Pathan come together on the Brrrr ad for Coke. Which IPL team jerseysthey wear in the TVC ?Ans. KKR and DD respectively
  22. 22. Q4. Which consumer products co has appointed BITS XLRI alum Rakesh Kapoor as its newglobal CEO ?Ans. Reckitt BenckiserQ5. A CA from Prakash Roadlines accompanied his friend to Infosys AGM and asked manyquestions which impressed NRN and this led him to a job with them. Who are we talking about ?Ans. TV Mohandas Pai Q6. A __________ is a place where them lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for itback when it begins to rain. said Robert Frost. Fill in the blank.Ans. BANKQ7. AMBEROID is the 21st century version of which indian iconic brand ?Ans. Ambassador carQ8. “Love everything or pay nothing was a promotion where travellers could receive full refundfor any complaint “. Which international airline had this scheme last year ?Ans. OpenSkies, an all Business-Class airline belonging to the British Airways GroupQ9. Big B endorses many products. Now he is endorsing NUTRICHARGE. It is from a pharmaco his family owned once. Name it.An. IPCA labs10. Name the indian retail pioneer who built SPENCERS, FOODWORLD, RELIANCERETAIL and later joined FUTURE GROUP. He died recently.Ans. Raghu Pillai- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MorePosted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »
  23. 23. Why PLUs love AC 3TierApril 16, 2011Ever since the Indian railways introduced the AC 3 -Tier coaches 10-12 years ago, they havebecome very popular. It started as an experiment to replace the erstwhile 1st class (Non-AC)coaches and priced at the same level. Since then, the railways have replaced all Ist class (Non-AC) coaches with AC 3-Tier coaches. It is not just replacement of the Ist Class (Non-AC)coaches , in all the new trains introduced later such as Durontos, AC 3-Tier coaches have beenprovided.AC 3Tier is such a popular class of travel that during the holiday seasons, it is among the firstones to get filled up. The number of coaches of AC 3-Tier in many long distance trains arecontinuously being increased to cater to this ever growing demand.Here is an attempt to analyse why this class of travel has gained popularity. It started as areplacement to the Ist Class ( Non-AC). The traditional Ist Class passengers, such as thegovernment servants, interview candidates and the families travelling on Leave travelconcessions had already shifted to the AC 2 tier/ Air travel as the eligibility shifted. Thus Istclass remained a class of last resort to passengers who were unable to secure AC 2 Tieror sleeper class reservations.As passengers accidentally tried the AC 3 Tier, they started seeing its virtues. TheAirconditioning made long distance travel comfortable as opposed to the non-AC first classcoaches. Also, the AC environment cut out the dust and noise an inevitable accompaniment insleeper or Ist class (non-AC) .It may be 3 times costlier than the sleeper class, but it was still 33% cheaper than the AC 2 Tier. The lesser space and headroom in comparison to the AC 2tier was a compromise the value conscious Indians were willing to make for the lower fares.Perhaps, similar reasons make low cost carriers gaining market shares.Since the 90s, with the prosperity coming to the PLUs ( people like us/urban middle classIndians), who traditionally travelled by sleeper class for family holidays and personal travel,found the AC 3 Tier an affordable and attractive option. Besides, the practical benefits of ACtravel, there could be other emotional reasons of choosing to travel by AC 3 tier.The growth of the 90s and 2000s, led to rising isolation of PLUs with the rest of India andIndians. As many commentators talk about the rise of gated communities, private schools,private hospitals, AC cars, etc making the yuppies having little contact with the rest of India andIndians.The ordinary Indians (aam aadmi) who PLUs wish to move away from travel by the sleeperclass. AC 3 Tier for a small price, isolates PLUs from the ordinary Indians. The glass windowsand curtains keep the filth and chaos of Indian stations out of sight. Also, the fellow travellersare PLUs, who have chosen AC 3 Tier for similar reasons. Snobs who can‟t afford.
  24. 24. Sometimes accidental innovations like these rather than conscious innovations ( like the ill-fated3rd berth added to the side berth in AC 3 tier coaches) work in India.- G.MohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MorePosted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments »Weekly Business Quiz # 74April 12, 2011Q1. If Scotch is a whisky, which drink is also known as WHISKEY ( note the spelling) ?Ans. BOURBONQ2. As per a co policy, utterance of what phrase in BLACKBERRY would invite a penalty oftreating doughnuts to all employees ?Ans. Stock priceQ3. In Chennai under what brand name has HUL launched health drinks that are fruit juicesmixed with soya ?Ans. KissanQ4. With which celebrity would you associate the perfumes PASSION, WHITE DIAMONDS,VIOLET EYES ?Ans. Elizabeth TaylorQ5. Which internet major has started a service where tunes can be bought and stored on thecloud and accessed from any device ?Ans. Amazon.comQ6. Who has acquired National Semiconductor to become the third largest chip co behindINTEL and SAMSUNG ?
  25. 25. Ans. Texas instrumentsQ7. Which IT sector veteran has started a new IT services co having a quaint name HAPPIESTMINDS (sounds like a KG school)?Ans. Ashok SootaQ8. Which hotel chain owns the luxury hotel brand WALDORF ASTORIA ?Ans. HiltonQ9. Marking the decline of Nokia and the rise of others in smartphones which Taiwanese mfrnow has a higher market cap than Nokia ?Ans. HTCQ10. A new book FROM BRINK OF BANKRUPTCY is a candid account of which indian bluechip of yesteryears by its owner ?Ans. On DCM by Vinay Bharat RamQ11. Sun pharma, Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy‟s besides being large pharma companies have one morething in common?Ans. All were part of BSE SENSEX some time and later removedQ12. Name the indian retail pioneer who built SPENCERS, FOODWORLD, RELIANCERETAIL and later joined FUTURE GROUP. He died y‟day.Ans. Raghu PillaiQ13. Name this maverick activist, in news along with Anna Hazare ,who started his career as alecturer of business management in ‟63.Ans. Swami Agnivesh- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print More
  26. 26. Tags:quizPosted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 73April 2, 2011Q 1. In which popular TV reality show the host Donald Trump in US and Lord Alan Sugar onBBC uses the phrase ” You‟re fired ” ?Ans. The apprentice Q2. Which product has a cricket inspired slogan ” When the match ends, your game begins ” ?Ans. Axe Googly Q3. Henry Ford said you can have any color you want as long as it is black.Ford is notaccepting any orders for black cars temporarily. Why?Ans. Supply chain problems due to japan earthquakeQ4. As Ponting resigns as Australian captainand betting is high on the IND PAK match, define aPUNTER ?Ans. One who betsQ5. With whom has the LIC mutual fund tied up ?Ans. Nomura Q6. Ashok Leyland in collaboration with NISSAN has launched LCVs in comp to TATA ACE.Name it.Ans. Dost Q7. As its high profile chairman OP BHATT retires he will be inaugurating an ATM inMUMBAI. How many ATMs SBI has now ?Ans. 25,000 Q8. Why will the Vodafone pug no longer chase its pug faced Indian owner wherever he goes ?Ans. Essar has sold its stake in Vodafone India to Vodafone Q9. The 2011 census has shocking sex ratio. 914 females to 1000 males 0-6 age group. Whatdevice has aided this despite sex determination bans ?
  27. 27. Ans. Mobile ultrasoundQ10. Which two centres of gambling earn more revenue from the casino business than LasVegas ?Ans. Macau and SingaporeQ11. Which co was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 to allow “people with limited means tofurnish their houses like rich people” ?Ans. IKEAQ12. If Scotch is a whisky, which drink is also known as WHISKEY ?Ans, BOURBON Q13. What is Oracle offering in „cash for clunkers‟ scheme in exchange for HP Superdomeservers, depicting them as industrial waste ?Ans. Sun serversQ14. Which Bollywood actress will appear first as a Barbie doll from Mattel ?Ans. Katrina kaifQ15. What is smart order routing in stock trading ?Ans. A software that helps route the order to the right stock exchange NSE or BSE basedon the prices. Q16. As per a co policy, utterance of what phrase in BLACKBERRY maker RIM would invite apenalty of treating doughnuts to all employees ?Ans.Stock price- Compiled by G.Mohan twitter handle @go_mohanWeekly Business Quiz # 72March 26, 2011Q 1. Maxximo Gio Genio are pick up trucks from which stable ?Ans. MahindraQ2. WIPRO new CEO has signed what clause where in he will receive 12 months payadditionally if he is fired like his predecessors?Ans. Severance pay
  28. 28. Q3. As one indian american mgmt consultant resigns from boards another Shumeet Banerji joinsHP board. He is CEO of which firm ?Ans. Booz & CoQ4. What has led Gartner to revise the growth rate of PC sales downwards from 16% to 10.5 %in 2011 ?Ans. Success of iPad and other tablet computersQ5. When there was no electricity, net or computers , how was the Ishinomaki Hibi Shimbunnewspaper brought out after earthquake ?Ans. Hand writtenQ6. In which chain of fine dining restaurants in india can guests ask for reading glasses or shawlsif they need ?Ans. Mainland ChinaQ7. What is unique about a new passion pill for men named LEVITRA from BAYER ?Ans. These melt in the mouthQ8. Name the business leader who has donated 1540cr eq to his entire personal share in thecompany to his foundation. Hats off.Ans GM RAO of GMRQ9. Who said „It‟s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out better associates andyou‟ll drift in that direction,‟?Ans. Warren BuffettQ10. Which popular service started its life as BACKRUB ?Ans. GOOGLE search engineQ11. Why as a policy Warren Buffett never paid dividends or bought back shares of his coBerkshire ?Ans. He believes the co manages shareholders money betterQ 12. IIT KGP, HBS, IBM, McKinsey and now President of Berkshire Hathaway. Potentialsuccessor of Warren Buffett. Name him.
  29. 29. Ans. Ajit JainQ 13. In 1960 Liz Taylor was paid the highest amount ever paid to any actor for playingCleopatra. How much ? Liz RIP.Ans. 1 million $Q14. Situations advertising is a 200 cr agency with accounts like Jyothy labs, everest masala,Yardley etc. Which restaurateur owns it ?Ans. Anjan Chatterjee of Mainland China and Oh ! Calcutta fameQ15.Which product has a cricket inspired slogan ” When the match ends, your game begins ” ?Ans. Axe GooglyQ16. In which popular TV reality show the host Donald Trump in US and Lord Alan Sugar onBBC uses the phrase ” You‟re fired ” ?Ans. The ApprenticeQ17. Where will be the first indigenous 500MW fast breeder reactor set up in india ?Ans. KALPAKKAMQ18. Which airline has announced fare cuts of 15 % in major domestic routes triggering a pricewar ?Ans. Air indiaQ19. Name the indian billionaire IPLteam owner who has bought tickets worth 5 cr for self andguests for world cup finalsAns. Mukesh AmbaniQ20. Yet another Buffett nugget If i were not doing what i am doing,I would probably bea ______ ? Fill in the blank.Ans. journalistQ21. What technology helps a customer executive in a YES BANK branch to know the detailsof the customer on PC as he walks in without keying any no. or swiping a card?Ans. RFID in the debit card
  30. 30. Q22. What asset class is Buffett talking „i dont like it. All the 7Trillion$ worth can be kept in aroom of 67 cu.ft. Returns come from price rise only „?Ans. GoldQ23. Which indian singer composer has started an online music academy in US ?Ans. Shankar Mahadevan- Compiled by G.Mohan twitter handle @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MoreTags:quizPosted in Trivia Bank | 1 Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 71March 22, 2011A week after the Japanese earthquake, you will find a few questions related to the quake.Although this quiz is based on trivia, it has no intention to trivialize the strength of mothernature nor the suffering and fortitude of the Japanese people. This edition of the quiz is a prayerfor Japan.Q1. ICANN the agency that manages the domain names on internet has introduced a new . What does the suffix indicate?Ans Adult or porn siteQ2. Which international logistics co was started by two teenagers Jim Casey and Claude Ryanwith two bicycles and one phone in 1907 at Seattle ?Ans. UPSQ3. In which business are Wardrobe, Pressto Jyothy Fabricare. White tiger a few of theorganised sector players?Ans. Laundry services
  31. 31. Q4. On the radiation scale the FUKUSHIMA nuclear reactor radiations have been saved as 5.How much was Chernobyl ?Ans. SevenQ5. Tonight the moon will appear 30% larger as it is at its perigee and its a full moon day. Thishas come after 18yrs. Name this phenomenonAns. SupermoonQ6. A book studying a tribe of lower caste muslim jihadi women operating out of Kashmir andtargetting RSS would be my ___ says publisher RUKUN ADVANI. Name the bestseller whichwill fill the blanks. ?Ans. Davinci codeQ7. Which is the first state in india to announce an unemployment dole of 1200 pm to those whopassed Class 12 ?Ans. GOAQ8. Australian MANTRA RESOURCES‟ shares tanked in Toronto SE because Russian ARMZcalled off uranium deal. Why did the Russians call off the deal ?Ans. Japan earthquake. After the quake nuclear power business has become uncertain.Q9. Goldman Sachs is acquiring an indian AMC which is a pioneer and the biggest in the ETFbusiness. Name it.Ans. BENCHMARKQ10. Name the singing star who raised $250K in 48 hrs from Twitter followers by selling a bandsaying WE PRAY FOR JAPAN at 5$ each.Ans.LADY GAGAQ11. For the first time the phrase „skyscraper‟ was used for a tall building in Chicago in the late19th century. How many storeys ?Ans. TenQ12. Where in the Konkan coast a mega nuclear power plant planned is now in news as it is inseismic zone 3?Ans. Jaitapur
  32. 32. Q13. Chairman and CEO of which global tech major is matching every donation of 10$ made forJapan thru twitter upto a max of100,000 $?Ans. Eric SchmidtQ 14. NIKKEI and TOPIX are indices related to which country‟s stock market ?Ans.JapanQ 15. In which telecom service provider do the Reddys of Apollo hospitals have a 26 % stake ?Ans. Aircel- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MoreTags:quizPosted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »Weekly Business Quiz – 70 Part IIMarch 19, 2011Q16. Which well known Bollywood director has made the BHARAT BANDH TVCs for IPL ?Ans. Raju HiraniQ17. In the Japanese earth quake which co‟s refinery in Ichihara caught fire ?Ans. COSMO RefineryQ18. Satoshi Tajiri died in the recent quake in Japan. He created a character which is verypopular and it revived Nintendo. Name it.Ans. POKEMONQ 19. Which indian mobile operator has adopted a contrarian strategy by choosing CDMA overGSM and pushing data rather than voice ?
  33. 33. Ans. MTSQ 20. What do you call opportunists who search for ways of making money during a disaster ?Ans. VulturesQ 21. Which indian group has a short and cryptic RISE as its new corp slogan ?Ans. MahindraQ22. The first Maruti 800 was gifted to Lord Balaji of Tirupati. Who paid for it ? Hint : Not theco.Ans. The employees and vendors contributed.Q 23. The IIM K director is promoting himself unabashedly, a la IIPM, through ads for his MDP.Name him.Ans. Prof Debashis Chatterji- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MoreTags:quizPosted in Trivia Bank | Leave a Comment »Admission notification for PGDHM at ASCI, HyderabadMarch 18, 2011Dear visitor,Please find below the information regarding the Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Managementat Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad. I am directly associated with thisprogramme, hence I am using this blog to reach out to you – G.Mohan
  34. 34. ASCI-PGDHM ProgrammeThe ASCI Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital management (ASCI-PGDHM) is an AICTE-approved two-year full-time residential programme. The programme has an approved capacity of30 students per batch.The Programme is conducted over 4 semesters, comprising 3 semesters of classroom teaching,practicals and field work, and one semester on internship at healthcare institutions.Placements: Participants who have completed the Programme have found placements in leadinghospitals in the country and abroad. Institutions having ASCI alumni include Apollo Hospitals,Max Super-specialty, Wockhardt, Infosys, Fortis Healthcare, , Manipal Hospital, BombayHospital, ICICI Lombard, Medicity, Aravind Eye Hospital, Hosmac, Medica Synergie, SuburbanDiagnostics, Fernandez Hospital, Care Hospital, KIMS, Asclapius, Sterling Hospital, SevenHills, Medanta and others.Location: The programme is housed at the Center for Healthcare Management, ASCI at itsCollege Park Campus at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.Eligibility and Admission Process for PGDHM Batch VI (2011-13) Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks at the aggregate and avalid AIMA MAT(Management Aptitude Test) Score of 550 or higher. Candidates with Medicaland Life Sciences background are encouraged to apply. MAT scores of September 2010,December, 2010, February, 2011, and May, 2011 will be considered for admission.Fee: Rs.5.9 Lacs inclusive of Academics, Boarding, Lodging and RecreationsAdmission Process: Application form (available from February 14, 2011) can be downloadedfrom ASCI website, completed and submitted with a crossed demand draft (DD) of Rs. 1000/- infavour of “Administrative Staff College of India” payable at Hyderabad, to the address givenbelow. Forms can also be obtained at our office on payment through DD. Last date for acceptingapplications is May 31, 2011. All applicants meeting the eligibility criteria will be called for Group Discussions (GD) andPersonal Interviews (PI), and will be notified of the dates within two working days of receipt ofcompleted applications. GDs/PIs will be held between June 8-11, 2011 in New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. The listof selected candidates will be put up on the ASCI website by mid-June 2011.Classes will commence in the first week of July 2011.Director, Centre for Healthcare ManagementASCI-PGDHM Program
  35. 35. Administrative Staff College of IndiaWeekly Business Quiz # 70March 15, 2011Q 1. In mutual funds analysis what is SHARPE ratio ?Ans. Return to risk ratio. Addl return for one more unit of riskQ2. Who has acquired the italian jewellery brand BULGARI ?Ans. LVMHQ3. In stock market lingo what type of a security is a DVR ?Ans. A share with a differential voting rightsQ4 Why is Warren Buffett planning to spend an entire day at TaeguTec India in Bommasandranear Bengaluru ?Ans. Berkshire Hathaway’s only investment In indiaQ5. What is the meaning of the phrase „boilerplate” ?Ans. Standard legal text/ fine print added to many contractsQ6. In internet and media what is a „ Freemium‟ model ?Ans. Basic service is free. Premium service is paid.Q7. „Every man has his price‟ is often credited to Dhirubhai. Which philosopher first said it ?Ans. Frederick NietzscheQ8. Name the movie and the studio to start video rental through Facebook .Ans. Batman-The Dark Knight , Warner BrosQ9. Name this pioneer of housing finance in india whose centenary is being celebrated this year.Ans. H.T PAREKHQ10. Which restaurant chain recently overtook McDonalds to have the largest number of outletsin the world ?
  36. 36. Ans. SubwayQ 11. Name the first and the only app store on the android platform focussed on Adults. Iphonesays no to adult apps.Ans. MikandiQ 12. Name the London based brand identity firm hired by Hero Honda to create new logoetc.this firm had worked on the Tata logo.Ans. Wolff OlinsQ 13. Which iconic luxury car is being distributed in India by Shreyans group ? The firstdealership is coming up in Delhi.Ans. FerrariQ 14. Which celebrity „s co has been imposed a penalty of Rs 7.5 lakh for not submitting returnsfor last 4 years by the CLB ?Ans. ShahRukh Khan’s Red chillies entertainmentQ 15. Which co has launched a limited IPL edition where IPL logo is displayed on the rear andthe seats ?Ans. Volkswagen W VentoWeekly Business Quiz # 67February 21, 2011Q1. With what type of film making would you associate 2D, 3D, CGI, FLASH formats ?Ans. Animation films Q2. Which brand has launched a new TV campaign bringing out Indians‟ obsession withextracting value like reuse of wrappers ?Ans. MarutiQ3. In the list of top 10 MNCs operating in India cos from which country have the largestrepresentation ?Ans. Korea with 3 – Hyundai, LG and Samsung
  37. 37. Q4. Who are the co authors of EXECUTION who claim that they learnt business in theirfamily‟s shoe shops as kids?Ans. Ram Charan & Larry BossidyQ5. If BAIDU is china‟s leading search engine what is WEIBO ?Ans. Microblogging site like TwitterQ6. What is the opposite for synergy ? Where two plus two is barely three.Ans. DysergyQ7. Charles Coffin CEO from 1892 to 1912 realised that his co‟s real products were‟nt lightbulbs or electric motors but leaders. Which co?Ans.GEQ8. Why is indian govt signing agreements with Virgin islands, isle of man, Bermuda ,theBahamas etc ?Ans. To get info from tax havensQ9. Which chilli has toppled the Indian BHUT JOLOKIA to become the hottest chilli in theworld ?Ans. Infinity from EnglandQ10. With brands like Flying machine, FASTRACK, HERBALIFE which young cricket star isthe new toast of the ad world ?Ans. VIRAT KOHLIQ11. Unholy telecom alliances TATA- UNINOR , ADAG- SWAN , ESSAR – __ ?Ans. LOOPQ12. Guts, Grit and Gumption‟ is a book on the change in which Indian large organisation ?Ans. SBIQ13. Connect RELIANCE ,PEPSI, HERO HONDA LG to an event ?Ans. All sponsors of Cricket world cup ’11Q14. Name the IBM super comp all set to win the quiz show JEOPARDY beating humans.
  38. 38. Ans.WatsonQ15. ”Life is short. have an affair” is th etagline of which controvrsial social networking sitepromoting adultery ?Ans. AshleyMadison.comQ16. The 83 world cup which india won had a prize money of 30000 $. What is the total prizemoney in the 2011 one. ?Ans. 6.1 million 200 times wow!- Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MoreTags:quizPosted in Trivia Bank | 1 Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 66February 15, 2011Q1. After bifocals progressives now electronic spectacles Empower will help the 40+ to seebetter. How does it work?Ans. Battery powered crystals which can be switched on for reading and put off other times.Q2. Name this Google employee in egypt who used a nom de plume El Shaheed and created apopular FB page „we are all KHALED SAID‟.Ans. Wael GhonimQ3. Televisions are today available in 3D, Full HD, LCD , LED. Arrange them in increasingorder of prices same size brand etcAns. LCD LED 3D FULLHDQ4. The youth of Cairo armed with nothing but ________ and the power of their convictions„have achieved this change – El Baradei. Fill the blank.
  39. 39. Ans. FACEBOOKQ5. Which car will be the first in the world to have an IPAD as a std fitment ?Ans. Land RoverQ6. Fire is sacred for parsis. Fire seems to be cursing this parsi house. After their cars caughtfire now their HQ had fire killing 3. Which house ?Ans. Tata Group HQ Bombay House caught fire recentlyQ7. After mobile no. what has been made portable in India from July ‟11 ?Ans. Health insuranceQ8. IBA and govt have launched a project to bring banking services to 73000 unbanked villagesby Mar 12. What is it called ?Ans. SwabhimaanQ9. Kapil Sibal inaugurated the video server of NPTEL yesterday. Expand NPTEL.Ans. National programme on tech enabled learningQ10. C Chandramouli says “this is the most elaborate exercise in the world during peacetime‟.Who and what ?Ans. Census commissioner on Census 2011Q11. Advertisers paid as high as 3m $ for 30s TV spot for a match between Green bay packersand Pittsburgh Steelers. Name the event.Ans. Superbowl- Compiled by G.MohanWeekly Business Quiz # 64January 31, 2011Q1 Which Japanese electronic giant‟s founder has created a 500 year plan for the company ? Theco is already 90 years old now.Ans. Konosuke. Matsushita
  40. 40. Q2. Why has the industrialist Arun Firodia pasted in his office a letter addressed to him as ArunFirodia Motwani ?Ans. Proud of his daughter Sulajja Firodia Motwani, who is married to Motwani.Q3. Wrigley‟s made tons of profit selling three flavors of gum for over 59 years. Name theflavors.Ans. Spearmint Doublemint & Juicy fruitQ4. The former UTI chief U K Sinha will soon take charge as the SEBI chief.1st SEBI chairmanwas also a former UTI head. Name him.Ans. SA DAVEQ5. As per a petitioner K M Pai which Swiss bank got a banking licence in India for providinginfo on Hasan Ali the arms dealer ?Ans. UBSQ6. Which indian hotel has become the subject of a Harvard case study on Customer-centricleadership ?Ans. TAJ MAHAL MumbaiQ7. Expelled from Oxford. slaved in kitchens in Paris.Sold stoves in Scotland. Farmed inPennsylvania.Now known as ad legend. Who am I ?Ans. OGILVYQ8. Where have Mukesh Ambani and Sunil Mittal together have created an ADDA that servesmasala chai, samosas etc?Ans. DAVOSQ9. BMW,Audi, Porsche, Benz all compete in the premium end of cars. They all had theirorigins in one of them. Name itAns. BenzQ10.What connects Azim Premji, Anji Reddy, Chanda Kochchar, GVK Reddy, Ajai Choudhury,Kris Gopalakrishnan this Republic Day ?Ans. Padma awards
  41. 41. Q11. Philips has signed a deal to acquire India‟s biggest mixer grinder brand. Name it. Clue itsnot SUMEET.Ans. Preethi- Compiled by G.MohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MorePosted in Trivia Bank | 2 Comments »Weekly Business Quiz # 63January 25, 2011Q1. As per GOI, all cos have to adopt IFRS from april 2011. Expand IFRS.Ans. International Financial reporting standardsQ2. Which PSU bank is headless because they could not find a good SIKH banker ?An. Punjab and Sind BankQ3. Which car co claims to have developed petrol diesel and turbo diesel engines for cars ?Ans. Mercedes BenzQ4. Two directionless entry level cubicle mates at P &G went on to become CEOs of two globalcorps. Name them.Ans. Jeff Immelt of GE and Steve Ballmer of MicrosoftQ5. After withdrawing ADAG from their logo what other brand of this group is being withdrawn?Ans. BiG. BIG TV DTH is now Reliance digitalQ6. How developers are able to afford full page ads in papers like TOI for their undersoldhousing projects ?
  42. 42. Ans. Barter. Space for equityQ7. As per historian Ram Guha „Earlier Karnataka meant Narayana Murthy, now it meansJanardhana Reddy‟. Who is he?Ans. Mining tycoon and ministerQ8. If paid media is adverts, owned media is a co web site, what is earned media ?Ans. Fan clubs and other media owned and managed by customersQ9. In the superhit viral video „United breaks guitar‟ two brands got huge WOM , one pos &other -ve. Name them.Ans. United airlines & TaylorQ10. Which division of WIPRO did T K Kurien head before taking over as its CEO ?Ans. BPOQ11. Who has replaced Eric Schmidt as the CEO at Google ?ans. Larry Page, one of the two foundersQ12. What is a QR code ?Ans. Quick response code. A 2 D bar code created by Jap co. Denso wave gaining popularity inthe 3G worldQ13. No other co is as complex as ___. Not even GE. Says the Chairman of a engg giant as theco splits into nine virtual cos. Name it.Ans. L & TQ14. „Behind the arches‟ is a book chronicling the journey of which global food giant ?Ans. McDonaldsQ15. At what price point you will get a bottle of beer, a litre of petrol and a kg of onion ? (Powerof Pawar)Ans. Rs 65- Compiled by G.MohanShare this:
  43. 43. Twitter Facebook Email Print MorePosted in Trivia Bank | 1 Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 62January 18, 2011Q1. Who said „my only identity is Infosys. I will be leading a programme to give identity toevery indian. But today i am losing my identity‟?Ans. Nandan NilekaniQ2. Mobile number portability starts on jan 20. Why do operators expect limited churn due toMNP ?Ans. Double SIM cell phonesQ3. „Value through values‟ is the new tag line of which old co. ?Ans. Tata SteelQ4. Which bank has launched BANK ON BIKE to tap rural markets ?Ans. SBIQ5. Two firms belonging to which group have been recognised as shady by SEBI and banned totrade in sec mkt & penalized ?Ans. Reliance ADAGQ6. Name the online sports apparel brand acquired by GAP which will now be sold throughbrick and mortar stores also.Ans. ATHLETAQ7. With whom has STARBUCKS signed an MOU to enter India ?Ans. Tata coffeeQ8. What is the fast track route to becoming an „enlightened soul‟ courtesy TOI ?
  44. 44. Ans. TOI‟s new social network site where one can become an enlightened soulby having 100 followers and writing 30 postsQ9. In which traditional indian cottage industry item too Chinese have made inroads taking thewind out of indians ? Think Sankranthi.Ans. KitesQ10. Which indian car model claims to be the world‟s largest selling small car ?Ans. Maruti AltoQ11. Which indian domestic airline has placed the largest ever aircraft order with Airbus ?Ans. IndiGoQ12. Jeep is almost a generic name for 4 wheel drives. Who owns this 70 year old brand ?Ans. CHRYSLERQ13. What new feature in cars will help check accidents caused by drunken driving ?Ans. Car will not start if driver has alcohol beyond limitQ14. How has Phaneesh Murthy stolen a march over his former bosses by acquiring his formerbosses‟ former employer ?Ans. iGate acquiring Patni. All Infy founders worked in PatniQ15. Which book is the unofficial guide to the franchisee owners who bid for players in the IPLauctions ?Ans. Moneyball : the art of winning an unfair game by Michael LewisHere are links to latest business quizzesBrand Quest in Hindu Business LineThe Strategist Quiz from Business Standard- Compiled By G.MohanShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print
  45. 45. MorePosted in Trivia Bank | 1 Comment »Visitor profile pollJanuary 16, 2011Dear visitor, what description best describes you ? MBA aspirant Business executive Quiz buff None of the aboveVoteView ResultsShare ThisPolldaddy.comView This PollShare this: Twitter Facebook Email Print MorePosted in Uncategorized | Leave a Comment »Weekly Business Quiz # 61January 11, 2011Q1. “Suswagatham” was the one word SMS from Guj CM Modi to Ratan Tata. What resultedout of this message ?Ans. Nano project moved from Singur to SanandQ2. In order to bring in gender neutrality US has decided to replace mother and father in thepassports. What will figure instead ?Ans. Parent 1 & Parent 2
  46. 46. Q3. Which Hollywood studio produced the small budget film PHAS GAYE RE OBAMA?Ans. Warner Bros.Q4. Who is the major supplier of coaches to DELHI METRO ?Ans. BombardierQ5. Thanks to the auctions which Mumbai indians player will now be paid higher than Sachinaai,. la ?Ans. Rohit SharmaQ6. Of which global tech co is Shantanu Narayan the CEO of ?Ans. AdobeQ7. Where is the player auctions for IPL 4 being conducted today ?Ans. ITC Gardenia BangaloreQ8. Why have cooking pastes from Dabur Nestle reported 60% growth in sales last month ?Ans. Pastes were cheaper than buying vegQ9. OREO vs TREAT-O which two companies are fighting over trademark issues ?Ans. Kraft vs BritanniaQ10. In the recent book „Working together‟ by Michael Eisner who is quoted as „I have donenothing solo except take tests „ ?Ans. Bill GatesQ11. Which former ace bowler captain has named his business venture as TENVIC ? Clue 10wicketsAns. Anil KumbleQ12. In what business is the indian ecommerce portal ?Ans. Lingerie retailingQ13. Who has launched india‟s first sports phone under licence from Ducati having compass,pedometer, altimeter etc?
  47. 47. Ans. Videocon- Compiled by G.Mohan
  48. 48. Please Note: Correct answers are selected for your easy understanding1. Which cricketer is the brand ambasador for Band-Aid? Virendra Sehwag Sachin Tendulkar Saurav Ganguly Yuvraj Singh2. Which leadership guru coined the term transformational leadership? Pradep Sindhu Phillip Kotlar Samuel A Dipiazza James MacGregor Burns3. Which Television channel launched the first local programming initiative in India in theform of reality show - Everset Se Takkar? Discovery National Geographic Animal Planet Nikelodian4. What is the name of the new version of Hunadi Motors car?
  49. 49. Sunshine Alto Indica Xing5. What is the name of the 233cc Motorcycle launched by Hero Honda? Karizma Freedom Dawn Passion6. Which air conditioning company has the slogan Inspire the Next? BlueStar Hitachi Carrier LG7. Aditya Birla collaborated with which foreign company to roll out an insurance scheme? Vysya SunLife
  50. 50. Sanmar MaxNewYorkLife8. Citi Bank co-brands cards for which oil company? HP IOCL BPCL IBP9. What is series of showrooms set up by Reliance to sell Mobile phones called? IndiaWorld WebWorld Dhirubai Phones Ambani Dream Center10. Which company brings you CNBC Television channel in India? Channel 7 TV 18 Mudra Arts Sony
  51. 51. 11. Which fabric company has the slogan - Indias Family Store? Pantaloon Provouge Hirawats Peter England12. Acme Clothing owns which famous brand? John Player Peter England Provouge Park Avenue13. What is the name of the recent car released by Toyota in India? Camry Chervlet Xing Voyager14. What is the e-Governance project of Andhra Pradesh Government called?
  52. 52. HARIS I-SETU eSeva ELCOT15. What is the name of the UK-based Tea company acquired by Tata Tea? Tetley Gemini Brooke Bond Lipton16. Which fabric brand has the slogan - Wear your attitude? Provouge Peter England Duke Weekender17. Hyundai is a car manufacturer based in ___ country Japan S Korea
  53. 53. N Korea Taiwan18. What is a computer network without wires called? LAN WAN WiFi EPABX19. Netle is a company based in which country? USA UK South Africa India20. Elle 18 range of cosmetics are marketed in India by which FCMG company? HLL Colgate-Polmolive Emami Gillet
  54. 54. Please Note: Correct answers are selected for your easy understanding1. Which companies mobile phone are marketed with the slogan - Big inside. Small Outside Nokia Sony Samsung Motorola2. Which Indian Enterprise used the slogan - Improving the quality of Life. Reliance TATA Birla ITC3. Which newspaper says You neednt read us to understand us? Times of India The Hindu Indian Express Malyalam Manorama4. Which network marketing company sells with the slogan - Better Ideas- Better Life
  55. 55. Amway SkyBiz HLL Nirma5. What is the name of the mobile company which was acquired by Sony ? Nokia Erricson DoCoMo CellOne6. Forester is the name of a car manufactured by Ford BMW Chevrolet Mitsubishi7. Louie Philippe is the brand name of a shirt paper
  56. 56. car luggage ware8. Power is the name of oil from which of the following Oil gaints? IOCL HP BPCL Shell9. Carrier is a leading name in the field of Air Cooling Air Conditioning Refregiration Icing10. Which car gives you - Fun on the Run Alto Icon Lancer City
  57. 57. 11. You read ____ news paper because - You deserve to know Times of India Hindustan Times The Hindu Bombay Times12. Magic is the brand name of which Mobile pre-paid card? AirTel BSNL MTNL idea13. Cerelac is the brand of which companies baby foods? Kellogs Nestle Johnson n Johnson HLL14. If you use this companys software - your question yourself - Where do you want to gotoday?
  58. 58. Microsoft SCO Novell Lotus15. Colgate Fresh Energy Gel took paste says Talk to Me Rakshana Chakra Fights with germs for long None of these16. 737-900 is the name of a Mobile Phone from Motorola name of a jet plane looks like a telephone number in West Indies islands name of a comet17. Taj group of Hotels is a chain of hotels from which company? GrandBay Welcome
  59. 59. Tata ITC18. This company is - Applying Thought Infosys Wipro Sun Ernest & Young19. Your neighbours will go envy if you own this television LG Samsung Videocon Onida20. Harmony is the name of which companies textiles? Reliance Vimal Digjam Bombay Deing
  60. 60. Please Note: Correct answers are selected for your easy understanding1. Expand SEBI Stock Exchange Bureau of India Stock Exchange Board of India Securities Exchange Bureau of India Securities and Exchange Board of India2. Which popular global IT company has the slogan "High Performance. Delivered"? Accenture EDS Microsoft IBM3. Which bank offers a virtual temporary credit card for online purchases called NetSafe? ICICI Bank HSBC HDFC State Bank of India4. With which airliner was Jet Airways in talks of merger/acquisition?
  61. 61. Air Sahara Air Deccan Indian Airlines GoAir5. Which of the following popular microprocessor major went for a major re-brandingexercise in 2006 after few decades of staying with the old logo? AMD Intel Nokia Qualcomm6. Which of the following logistics company is associated with Deutsche Post Blue Dart DHL Skypak FedEx7. Which Asset Management Company took a 49.9% stake in Sundaram Mutual Fund toenter into India via Joint Venture route? BNP Paribas
  62. 62. Citigroup CIGNA Merrill Lynch8. If you are in Singapore, in which currency do you pay the taxi driver? Singapore Rupiah Singapore Rupee Singapore Dollar Singapore Cents9. Paul Jacobs is the CEO of which of the following companies? Microsoft Nokia Sun Qualcomm10. Who of the following is the son of Lakshmi Mittal of Mittal Steels? Aditya Mittal Bob Mittal Sunil Mittal
  63. 63. Sanjay Mittal1. Which international brand of mobile phones has “Ab khul ke jeeyo India!” as its slogan? Nokia LG Samsung Sony2. Which two wheeler won the Awaz Consumer Award 2006? Hero Honda Splendor Bajaj Avenger Yamaha Crux TVS Star3. Which company bought IBM PC division in 2005? Lenovo Sony Samsung Toshiba4. Which major Indian corporate group is popular as ADAG?
  64. 64. Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group Anil Dhirubhai Associated Group Ambani Dhirubhai Associated Group Ambani Dhirubhai Assorted Group5. What is the national currency of Malaysia? Dollar Ringgit Rupees Riyals6. In Mutual Fund terminology, what is a SIP? Start Investment Plan Simple Investment Plan Serial Investment Plan Systematic Investment Plan7. JBIMS is a popular business school located in which Indian city? Ahmedabad Chennai
  65. 65. Delhi Mumbai8. Which airliner recently introduced the concept of Spot fares that gives up to 70 per centdiscount on air tickets? Indian (Airlines) Air Deccan Kingfisher Airlines Jet Airways9. What is the name of the BPO arm of IT major Satyam Computer Services Limited? Nipura Naipunya Progen Prosoft10. Which of the following is not a place where the historic NASDAQ Remote Bell is notrung? Mysore London Davos
  66. 66. TokyoPlease Note: Correct answers are selected for your easy understanding1. NASDAQ is acronym for North American Share Dealers Association Quotes National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations National All Stocks Dealers Automated Quotations Network of Acquired Securities Distribution Application Quotations2. IMF stands for International Machinery Fund International Monetary Fund Indian Machinery Fund Indian Monetary Fund3. SEC means.. Securities & Exchange Commission Stock Exchange Commission Script Exchange Commission Special Exchange Commission
  67. 67. 4. NSE stands for National Stock Exchange National Script Exchange Network of Stock Exchange Non Stock Exchange5. NYSE is is acronym for New York Stock Exchange New York Scripts Exchange New York Special Exchange National York Securities Exchange6. NSDL stands for Network of Securities Depository Limited Network of Stocks Directory Listing National Stock Directory Limited National Securities Depository Limited7. ADR stands for All Depositary Receipt
  68. 68. Asian Depositary Receipt African Depositary Receipt American Depositary Receipts8. In the context of Mutual Funds, SIP stands for.. Systematic Investment Plan Scheduled Interest Plan Specific Insurance Plan Special Income Plan9. In the context of Mutual Funds, ELSS means Endowment Linked Savings Scheme Equity Linked Savings Scheme Established Line Savings Scheme Entrepreneur Line Savings Scheme10. AMFI stands for Association of Mutual Funds in India Arbitrated Mutual Funds India Arbitrated Monetary Funds India
  69. 69. Associated Mega Finance of India