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Amul butter recent


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Utterly butterly delicious ... amul !!

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Amul butter recent

  1. 1. AMUL BUTTER PRESENTED BY Madhuri Sakpal
  2. 2. COMPANY OVERVIEW• AMUL (Anand Milk Union Limited)• TYPE : Co-operative• HEAD QUARTERS : Anand, Gujarat• INDUSTRY : Dairy• PARENT COMPANY : GCMMF• PRODUCTS : Milk and related products• REVENUE : Rs. 2.3 billion (2001)• EMPLOYEE : 2 million milk producers• SLOGAN : The Taste of India• CAPTION : Utterly Butterly Delicious
  3. 3. GCMMF (Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd)
  4. 4. BACKGROUND HISTORY• AMUL means “AMOOLYA”• Founded in 1946• Dr. VERGHESE KURIEN, the founder• White revolution
  5. 5. AMUL…..NOW!• No.1 dairy brand in India• 2nd in Asia• World’s largest pouched milk brand• world’s biggest vegetarian cheese brand
  6. 6. TARGETING• Changing retail environment• Amul outlets & parlors• Launches• High profile locations
  7. 7. SEGMENTING •Amul kool •Nutramul energy drink •Chocolate milk kids •Amul kool milk shake •Utterly Butterly pizza youth •Amul emmental cheese •Amul cheese spreads women Amul calci + •Amul lite Calorie conscious •Sagar skimmed milk powder •Amul lite slim & trim milk Health conscious Nutramul shakti health food drink
  8. 8. MARKETING MIX PRODUCT First product of amul With market share of 86 % Made from butter, common salt, permitted natural color (annatto) Composition• Milk fat 80%• Moisture 16%• Salt 2.5%• Curd 0.8% Calorific value 720kcal./100g Packing 100g, 500g, 50g, 20g, 8.1gFirst company to launch Butter in an international pack
  9. 9. Available in 5,00,000 retail outletsProduct specifications : Meets AGMARK standards and BIS specifications No.IS.13690.1990Product personality : Unisex product Taste : USP. Purely vegetarianMarket position : No.1 Special features Made from fresh cream by continuous butter making machines. Marketed in India since 4 decades
  10. 10. PRICE• Low price strategy• Market oriented pricing strategy• Affordable prices• Price of amul butter raised up by 2.Rs per 100g pack
  11. 11. PLACEAMUL: A global distributor!• OVERSEAS MARKETS USA, UAE, Japan, china, Singapore, Bangladesh, Austral ia, Hongkong, Mauritius.• STRONG MARKETING• DISTRIBUTION NETWORK 2.8 million farmers,3500 distributors & 5 lakhs retailers
  12. 12. PROMOTION• GCMMF spends less than 1% of its revenue on advertising• Advertisings from Da Cunha communications• Fresh and innovative advertisements• Variety of media Outdoor media: Hoardings/billboards Broadcast media: Television Print media: Newspapers, General Interest Magazines Internet: Independent websites, Portals Social networking sites: Orkut, facebook etc Promotion by events
  13. 13. INTELLIGENT MARKETINGTHE AMUL GIRLsales figure1000 tones a year in 1966to over 25000 tones aYear in 1967
  15. 15. SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHS WEAKNESSES• No.1 Brand in India and 2nd in Asia • Competitors• World’s largest pouched milk brand • Complex supply chain• High quality, low price • Ban on export of milk powders• Diverse products• Highest turnoverOPPORTUNITIES THREATS• International markets • Competitors• Capturing markets • Stiff competition from MNCs in• Expand products butter• Use of internet • Growing prices
  16. 16. AMUL PLANTSAnand plant Mogar plantKhatraj plant
  17. 17. CONCLUSION• Quality focused• Biggest supplier• Long lasting public relations• Focus on branding
  18. 18. THANK YOU