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Achieve business agility and flexibility by SDP-Smart Document Processing Solution integrated with Alfresco-Largest Open Source Enterprise Content Management Solution

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Smart Document Processing-IQ+Alfresco-ver-22aug

  1. 1. Smart DocumentProcessing SolutionAlfresco + iQ IntelligenceAugust 28, 2012
  2. 2. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialPresentersRajesh AgarwalHead & VP – Product & ProcessDatamatics Global Services Ltdrajesh.agarwal@datamatics.comSatyam PandyaManager – Product & ProcessDatamatics Global Services Ltdsatyam.pandya@datamatics.comRajesh AvataniPractice Lead – AlfrescoCIGNEX Datamaticsrajesh.avatani@cignex.com2Madhuram YadavSr. Executive - MarketingCIGNEX Datamaticsmadhuram.yadav@cignex.comAmrita ChoudhuryResearch Analyst – EMEA &
  3. 3. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialToday’s Agenda• Smart Document Processing – Industry Overview• Alfresco - Overview• Datamatics & CIGNEX Datamatics - Overview• Smart Document Processing (SDP)– The Need– Solution: SDP based on Alfresco– iQ – An Overview– Demonstration of iQ & Alfresco Integration• Free Assessment Offer3
  4. 4. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialSmart Document ProcessingAn Industry Perspective- Amrita Choudhury, Analyst (EMEA, APJ)4
  5. 5. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialAlfresco - Overview5Alfresco is now the largest open sourcecontent management company in the worldFounded in 2005, with offices in London & AtlantaOver 3 million community downloads250+ global channel partners2,500 customers in 55 countries, including…
  6. 6. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialTheAlfrescoPlatformDocument ManagementCapture, share & retain corporate content, includingdocuments, video, images & graphics filesRecords ManagementEnsure governance, compliance and retention ofcompany or government recordsWeb Content ServicesAuthor, collaborate & publish to Drupal, Liferay,JBoss Portal or your custom web appEnterprise CollaborationCreate, share, collaborate, iterate & discuss content.Then publish to social channels.Open Source PlatformBuild content-rich apps and websites using RESTfulAPIs or Java & open standards like CMIS & JSR 1686Alfresco - Overview
  7. 7. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialThe Alfresco 4 Business CaseForrester Study, December 2011: Alfresco Enterprise pays for itself in 10months. But Alfresco Enterprise 4 goes even further, with…• Increased User Adoption = Increased Enterprise Value– The more employees that use ECM, the more ROI• Decreased Need for Other Tools = Fewer Vendors, Lower Costs– Built-in social publishing, free mobile apps save you money• Performance, Scalability & Admin Improvements = Lower OperatingCosts– Less downtime, more users and content per instance, easier administrationsaves time & money• B2B Collaboration Outside the Firewall = Higher Productivity– With Alfresco in the cloud sync (due Summer 2012), employees can more easilycollaborate with outside partners and suppliers, meaning higher overallproductivity7
  8. 8. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialDatamatics Global Services Limited(DGSL)8Group Overview
  9. 9. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialAbout Datamatics• Mission– Experts in improving Enterpriseproductivity through ProcessEngineering & InformationManagement Solutions• Key Highlights– Founded in 1975– Publicly listed in India– Annual consolidated revenue ofUS$100 Million– Fortune 500 clients– 4,400+ employees across 22offices in 9 countriesStrategic Alliances9
  10. 10. CIGNEX Datamatics Confidential• Workflow & BPM Solutions• Social Media Solutions• Enterprise Cloud Solutions• Enterprise Application ServicesEnterprise InformationSystems• Hand Held & Mobile Solutions• Enterprise Mobility PlatformsEnterprise MobilitySolutionsStructured & Unstructured Data Management• Portal Solutions• Content Management• Document Management• Output Management• Big Data & Data Warehousing• Business Intelligence & Analytics• Finance & Accounting Solutions• Claims Processing• Research Data AnalysisEnterprise InformationManagement SolutionsDatamatics - Enterprise Solution Offerings10Enterprise InformationServices• Data Life Cycle Management• Content Life Cycle ManagementSmart Device Solutions• Fare Collection• Billing Solutions• Infotainment Solutions• Self Service Terminal Solutions
  11. 11. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialDatamatics – International Recognition• International Asia Pacific Quality Award – 2007• Ranked third globally among document processing outsourcingproviders by the Black Book of Outsourcing – 2006• Ranked among Top 50 Best Managed Companies worldwide, outof 872 companies from 63 countries by the Black Book ofOutsourcing – 2006• Service Provider of the Year Award by IBM Filenet – 2002• Most Innovative Software Product Award from the PrimeMinister of India – 2001• Best Partner award from CTC (part of the $170 billion ITOCHUcorporation) – 1998• Processed the largest number of IPO applications in the world,mention in the Guinness Book of World Records – 199211
  12. 12. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialCIGNEX Datamatics (Subsidiary of Datamatics)12SOLUTIONSManaged Cloud Services - Develop, Deploy, ManageAnnual Product Subscription: Liferay, Alfresco, Magento, Hadoop, SeleniumExtended Development Center – Center of ExcellenceUI Development Integration Customization Migration Testing Training Support (24*7)User eXperiencePlatformPortals Liferay, Magento,Drupal, Adobe CQ• Intranet• Extranet• Social Collaboration• Mobile Portals• E-CommerceEnterprise ContentManagementContent Alfresco, Drupal,Magento, Adobe CQ,Moodle, Ephesoft• WCM• DM• RM• DAM• E-Commerce• E-learning• ERP• ImagingSolutionsSERVICESMaking Data WorkBig Data Hadoop, MongoDB,Hbase, Neo4j, Solr• Analytics• Mobile• Social• Web• Real-time• DW - BI• Log Processing andAnalysis• Enterprise SearchVelocityComplexityVolumeVariety
  13. 13. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialAlfresco Practice at CIGNEX Datamatics13• Close working relationship since 2005– Platinum Partner– Conduct Alfresco training worldwide• Global Platinum Partner– Deployed over 50 enterprise solutions– Over 50 Alfresco consultants– Developed Accelerators & frameworks• Toolkit: Migration from Documentum• Contract Lifecycle Management• Smart Document Processing• Achievements– Alfresco “Recognized Developer”– Authored 4 Alfresco Books– 2010: Alfresco Partner of the Year– 2008: Best North Americanimplementation of the Year– 2007: WCM Implementation of the Year2010 Alfresco APACPartner of the Year2010 Alfresco North AmericaPartner of the Year
  14. 14. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialAlfresco Implementations by CIGNEX Datamatics14IndustryHealthcare High Tech Telecom, Media,EntertainmentBFSIEducation Government Travel &HospitalityDocumentManagementRecordManagementWeb ContentServicesEnterpriseCollaborationContent IntegrationAnd ServicesIntegrationsApplicationsSolutionsECM, Portals & Social Collaboration,Workflows (Staffing Solutions, Contract Management Solutions)
  15. 15. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialiQ – Overview• iQ is a revolutionary document processing solution which automatesdata capturing and processing in fraction of time that it would take aconventional operator, with an accuracy that only fuzzy logic canguaranteed1. Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic based data extraction andvalidation2. Based on Collaborative computing - Correct errors on the Spot3. Easily pluggable Validation / Business Rules4. Topography Analytics and Image Enhancement5. Pattern Recognition6. Auto Learning7. Use Of Databases And Master Files8. Secured Document Handling9. Ready hooks available for integrating with Decision making ERPsystems like Alfresco, SAP, MOS, Oracle, People soft etc.10. Same software works without modification for all documents15
  16. 16. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialiQ – Client Testimonial16My heartfelt thanks to Datamatics Team for making us efficient using thistool and helping in achieving our newer milestones.You’ve done a great job by this intelligent platform and helped my teamachieving better productivity.This is to put on our records sincere appreciation for the Effectiveimplementation of the Accounts payable system and workflow.We would like to place on record our appreciation of the software andservices offered to Blue Dart Limited by your company. This enabled Bluedart to be one of the first few companies to implement such solutionswhere need of the hour was express delivery in order to meet ourbusiness requirements .TCL GroupOpera SolutionsAlpha LavalBlue Dart
  17. 17. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialSMARTDOCUMENTPROCESSING(SDP)17
  18. 18. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialWhat is Smart Document Processing Solution?Solution used to automate document intensivebusiness processesIntelligent data capture, integrated with processworkflowHosted SDP for Online Document Access18
  19. 19. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialWhy SDP?• Streamline document intensive business processes• End-to-end document process automation through imaging workflow, BPM &Domain• Built with capability to process information across– Structured, Unstructured & Semi structured documents• Deliver through a combination of– Solution deployment– Platform driven services• Flexible– Multi language support– Distributed capture– Auto indexing facilitySearch/InformationRetrievalMetadata,ClassificationVersionManagementAuto Capturevalidation/EmailTransferDocumentScanningDocument Capture Document Management / Records Management19
  20. 20. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialSDP Architecture Diagram20
  21. 21. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialSDP Solution - iQ + Alfresco21DocumentEnhancementDocument IngestionAutomatic SortingAutomatic DataExtractionDelivery SystemAlfrescoiQ
  22. 22. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialSDP Savings22S.No.Document TypeProcess ScenarioSavingsBefore Automation After Automation1 Shipping Invoices 480 sec 240 sec 50 %2 Bill of Lading 300 sec 65 sec 78 %3 Purchase Order 720 sec 480 sec 33 %4 Packing List 180 sec 60 sec 67 %5 Account Opening Form 600 sec 360 sec 40 %6 Legal Documents 240 sec 60 sec 75 %7 Health Claim Policy Sheets 60 sec 25 sec 58 %8 HCFA Health Claim 180 sec 24 sec 87%9 UB Health Claim 240 sec 60 sec 75 %10 General Invoices 135 sec 37 sec 73 %
  23. 23. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialSDP Solution ComparisonFeaturesEMCDocumentum+ CaptivaMOSS +KofaxOpenText+ ImagingAlfresco+iQSmartDocumentProcessingIntelligent Document CaptureBusiness Rules & ValidationCursive Handwriting ProcessingRemote ScanningFuzzy DatabaseThin ClientMetadata searchThemes / SkinsContent Modeling23
  24. 24. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialSDP Application Areas…• Accounts Payables/Account Receivables• Mortgage & Loan Origination• Health Insurance Claims Processing• Sales/Purchase Order Processing• Trade Finance Processing• Shipping Bill/Bill of Lading Processing• Customer Account Opening Forms Processing• Customer Service Requests• AMC & Warranty Management24
  25. 25. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialCase StudiesSmart Document Processing with iQ + Alfresco25
  26. 26. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialCase Study• Industry: Retail– Client• European retailer of spare parts and accessories for commercial vehicles– Challenge• Data capture from invoice documents, purchase documents and credit notes.• Unstructured forms in German language with a daily capture load of over 8000 forms– Post Implementation:• Speed / Productivity Enhancement >> 203%• Accuracy >>99.50%• Industry: Transportation / Logistics– Client• One of the world’s largest independent Airline catering & Logistics providers– Challenge• Document loads required simultaneous population of category codes for over athousand discrete inventory items while data capturing process.• Need for a quick turnaround of the daily capture load of over 15000 documents– Post Implementation:• Speed / Productivity Enhancement >> 93%• Accuracy >>99.98% 26
  27. 27. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialDemonstrationSmart Document Processing27iQ +
  28. 28. CIGNEX Datamatics ConfidentialFree Assessment Offer28This assessment enables companies to maximize existing IT assets andbuild a roadmap of the vetted Open Source technology options to:• Reduce software costs up-to 70%• Help generate opportunities for growth and serviceThe FREE Assessment Offer Includes:• Situation Analysis• Gap Analysis• Recommendations/RoadmapFor more information, please contact us at
  29. 29.