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  1. 1. STONEAGE Stoneage is a professional music band from the Cultural City of Mysore. The band is inspired by rock bands like Metallica, ACDC, Scorpions, Greenday, U2, Nightwish, System of Down, Avril Lavigne, etc. and also by professionals and teachers like Cheeni (Srinivas Bhat), Rangayana Music Director and Myaboo Bobby, the bass guitarist and Philip, vocalist and guitarist. The budding band drew appreciation and loud applause for their energy and themes of western and different genres of Rock music. Stone Age is aiming big in the music industry, though their launch in the world of music has been a low key with a concert at Rangayana. The Stoneage performed at Chinnara Mela held during summer vacation, at Laajee Café. But the band had its Grand inaugural Ceremony, once again in Vanaranga, Rangayana where it set a step to create its name in the Rock World as well as fans. Then it went on to perform in Indian Postal Training Centre, in Mysore. Recently, Stoneage performed at JSS University „U-Fest‟ held in JSS Medical College, Mysore, on 15th December at Vanaranga and on 23rd at Mall of Mysore on the occasion of Christmas, March 12th 2013 performed at Open Air Theater, Mysore for “Let‟s Do It Mysore” with Own Lyrics and composing a song for that event and March 14th at GSSS Engineering College, Mysore for the College Fest. THE BAND: The band members are: MADHU, Bassist and Lyricist, SRIKANTA, Drummer, BAPPI, Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Lyricist, composer, SELVA, Lead Guitarist, POORNA, Composer and Sound Engineer. EARLY DAYS: It was Madhu and Sreekanta who floated the idea of starting a band during their stint at Rangayana as student artists while pursuing theatre course. Soon the scout for artists and singers brought together all the band mates 5 years ago. Later Poornachandra, Bappi Black Blossom joined the band at 2010 Feb. Bappi is the main key of our band. The hard work of few years on practice session has evolved the team as a fully fledged music band. Later Selva joined the band. Stoneage composed their own numbers penned by Madhu, Bappi, Islauddin based on themes like corruption, equality, integration, love, ups and downs of life. Ph: 9886228154, 9620960051 e-mail:
  2. 2. STONEAGE Rock Band MADHU Madhusudhan N.P. is Bassist and Lyricist of our Band, theater artist. Done Masters in Psychology & entrepreneur from Mysore. SRIKANTA Srikantaswamy N. from Bangalore is a theater artist and professional percussionist, drummer in Stone Age. BAPPI Bappi Black Blossom, Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Lyricist, plays Keyboard and also composer of our band and also has learnt classical music & theater artist, from Mandya. SELVA Panner Selvam, Pursuing Ph.D. in Pharmacy is Lead Guitarist in our Band from Mysore. POORNA Poornachandra Tejaswi, from Mysore is a Music Director for Movies, Composer and Sound Engineer in our Band.
  3. 3. Lajjee Café 4th November 2011 Vanaranga 31st March 2012 Vanaranga 31st March 2012
  4. 4. Postal Training Center 4th April 2012 JSS Medical College Youth Fest 4th November 2012 JSS Medical College Youth Fest 4th November 2012
  5. 5. Vanaranga 15th December 2012 Vanaranga 15th December 2012 Mall of Mysore 23rd December 2012