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Employee Engagement : Case Study


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The HR Team that sits at a remote location office needs a comprehensive annual engagement program that will be targeted at the employees in their location.

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Employee Engagement : Case Study

  1. 1. Employee Engagement : Case Study
  2. 2. Case StudyEmployee Engagement: Intensive recruitment has resulted in a change inActivities for a remote the landscape of the remote offices of Companyoffice of Company XYZ XYZ. With the HQ located in another city and a lot of employee engagement activities there, the employees at the remote offices tend to feel a little left out. Since engaged employees perform better, are absent less, have better relationships with their colleagues and are less likely to quit a position, finding ways to connect with employees in remote offices is a major priority for both small and large companies. In such a situation, the HR Team that sits at a remote location office needs to come up with a comprehensive annual engagement program that will be targeted at the employees in their location.
  3. 3. Employee EngagementWhat is Employee Engagement? Employee Engagement is distinctively different from employee satisfaction, motivation and organizational culture. It is the means by which an organization seeks to build a partnership between the organization and its employees, such that: 1. Employees fully understand and are committed to achieve the organizations objectives, and 2. The organization respects the personal aspirations and ambitions of its employees.Employee Engagement Drivers Drivers such as communication, performance clarity and feedback, organizational culture, rewards and recognition, relationships with managers and peers, career development opportunities and knowledge of the organizations goals and vision are some of the factors that facilitate employee engagement.
  4. 4. Employee Engagement ProgramActivity Category Description Frequency ResponsibilityOrientation New Hire Realistic job previews As and when HR Teamprograms engagement Strong Induction program to required familiarize the work culture Assimilation program Assigning BuddiesLearning & Skill Learning & Regular technical and soft skill Quarterly Team Leaders &enhancement Development updation programs HR TeamprogramsSocial Media Communication Blogs On-going Leadership &engagement activities Chat sessions HR Team Face book page Twitter updates You Tube & Flickr presence Company announcementsOnline Communication Leadership Blogs Fortnightly Leadershipcommunication activities HR announcements HR Team(Mailers / Intranet) Discussion Boards Various competitions Denotes priority / ranking of the activity when compared to all other activities
  5. 5. Employee Engagement ProgramActivity Category Description Frequency ResponsibilityOpen House Communication Communication forums Quarterly Leadershipsessions activities conducted for all kinds of HR Team internal announcements, Face to face discussions Inviting suggestionsInternal magazine Communication Company updates Monthly / HR Teamor Newsletter activities HR announcements Quarterly Communication Internal competitions TeamEmployee Communication Active soliciting of employee Monthly HR Teamsuggestions activities feedback & opinionsschemes Query resolution Drop Box / Mail addressSatisfaction Surveys Communication Run at a corporate level Bi-annually HR Teamand 1:1 sessions activities Dipstick run at remote offices Grievance handling sessions
  6. 6. Employee Engagement ProgramActivity Category Description Frequency ResponsibilityRecreational Team building Movies Monthly Team Leadersactivities activity Picnics HR Team Meal Outings Resort trips Off sitesSocial Activities Team building Family gatherings Quarterly HR Team activity Kids @ work Pet show TGIF etc…Community Team building Teaching Fortnightly Team Leadersoutreach or CSR & Culture Fund raising HR Teamprograms development Volunteering for social cause activityCelebrations Fun @ Work & Festivals As and when HR Team Culture Birthdays required Team Leaders development Service Anniversaries activity Cultural events Annual day
  7. 7. Employee Engagement ProgramActivity Category Description Frequency ResponsibilitySports competitions Fun @ Work Indoor games Annually Team Leaders activity Outdoor sports HR Team Sports dayFlexible work Culture Work from Home On Managerschedules development Telecommuting options Manager’s HR Team activity discretionCoaching & Mentoring & Honest feedback by Peers & Fortnightly LeadershipMentoring Leadership Supervisors Mentors development Empowerment through activity delegationCareer planning Mentoring & Role Model As and when Leadershipdiscussions Leadership High Performance Club required Managers development Fast Trackers HR Team activity Development Plans Succession PlanningRewards & Reward & Performance Quarterly LeadershipRecognition Recognition (Quality/Productivity) HR Team(Monetary & Non schemes Long serviceMonetary) Innovation / Idea generation Behavior linked rewards & recognition
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