Sri lankan failed asylum seekers in the uk


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Failed asylum seekers are the most vulnerable group having no basic human rights, particularly when they flee from their country of origin to take refuge in abroad. The presentation has tried to highlight the plight of the failed Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers living in London.

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Sri lankan failed asylum seekers in the uk

  1. 1.  Govt led military operation ◦ End in May 2009 ◦ 280,000 people displaced Internally Displaced People (IDP) origin ◦ Northern districts of Sri Lanka Sri Lankan apply for asylum in the UK in 2007, ◦ 990 (4 per cent) Applications, excluding dependants, for asylum ◦ 24 per cent lower in Q3 2009 (5,055) compared with Q3 2008 (6,685). Britain violating the human rights of Tamil asylum seekers, putting their lives in danger. sources UNHCR , 2010 & UK home office ,2009
  2. 2. IDP origin from Northern Districts of Sri Lanka Source- Kristian Stokke (2005)
  3. 3.  To understand the plight of failed Sri Lankan asylum seekers living in East London
  4. 4.  Study Population:12 failed Tamil asylum seekers Study Site: Tamil Welfare Association Newham, London Study Method : Unstructured interviews Sampling technique: Purposive & snowball sampling Data collection: Date collected in June-July 2007 Data analysis: coding and indexing methods
  5. 5.  8 men and 4 women were interviewed, Categorise into three groups o Fresh applicant who are recently arrived , application has been rejected o Older applicant whose application rejected more than twice o Women applicant whose application rejected due to involvement with LTTE Categorise to understand different waves of asylum seekers Age of respondents varies form 25-30 and 35-45
  6. 6.  Escape due to fear from Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) & Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) Children forced to join the LTTE without their willingness. “It’s unsafe for me to return I will be either caught by Singhale army force or LTTE..... They are assigned targets by LTTE group”. Voice of women applicant Consequences of war faced by the people living in army and the LTTE control area
  7. 7.  Bombing, firing, threatening and killing ◦ left a deep scar in people mind. “I can’t sleep at night I am mentally ill, I see dead people and bombing in my dream”. “I have changed a lot after coming here..... as a woman its hard for me to live like this”. Said a women applicant
  8. 8. Lack of legal information Feeling of disastrous Homelessness asylum seekersLack of Confidence Employment Culture and Health Language barrier
  9. 9.  Asylum seekers doesnt know the reason Tamils asylum seekers are living with no hopes, no dreams, no life “I am waiting for the response now they should consider, if my application is rejected and they send me back I will be arrested in Colombo airport and tortured to death I don’t want to die” says a fresh applicant in a fearful voice. “I am physically safe here but not mentally. I feel like a criminal all the time. This is very disappointing, I can’t go back to my country”. said older applicant
  10. 10.  Person is not qualify for the Humanitarian protection under paragraph 339F Rejection under paragraph 353 of the immigration rule HC395 where the law says any appeal relating to the claim is no longer pending Rejection on the basis of under paragraph 339F of immigration rule.
  11. 11.  Rejection due to failure of producing evidence on article 2 and 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights Harsh to asylum seekers while rejecting application“even in complete absence of medication, you have failed to show that these ailments are such that your return to Sri Lanka would reduce your life expectancy and subject you to acute physical or mental suffering. Therefore you do not qualify for discretionary leave”
  12. 12.  Nervousness in the interview process at home office Missing facts in home office refusal letters No proper interpretation Less understanding of UK asylum process Lack of Counselling, medical treatment & financial support Illegal work No humanitarian support
  13. 13.  Although there are many studies conducted on failed asylum seekers, still the list is not exhaustive and researchers need to look at more individual angle of the plight rather than the general one. Such research might bring out problem associated with specific type of setback and help the Home office to formulate policy guidelines to counter such issues.