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Motivation In Indian It Scenario


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Motivation in the Indian IT environment is very difficult. There is a need for a customized plan to motivate teams in India Inc.

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Motivation In Indian It Scenario

  1. 1. Teams in the Indian IT Scenario
  2. 2. Money is not the only motivation
  3. 3. Various theories abound  The incentive theory of motivation  Drive-reduction theories  Cognitive dissonance theory  Key Experiences and Motivation  Need hierarchy theory  Herzberg’s two-factor theory  Alderfer’s ERG theory  Self-determination theory  Goal theory  Intrinsic motivation and the 16 basic desires theory
  4. 4. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs The closest to real-life scenario
  5. 5. Which one is the best for my team? One Size Fits All Not applicable in real-life
  6. 6. Common Factors are few
  7. 7. Horses for Courses is the key  Motivation techniques differ for employees as per their experience  Customize as per your team
  8. 8. The Young Ones  less than 3 years experience Show me the Money !!! Fun @ Work @Work Challenges
  9. 9. The Teenagers  3 to 7 years experience Onsite Opps. @Work Challenges Promotions
  10. 10. The Adults  7 to 15 years experience Achievements Responsibilities @Work Challenges
  11. 11. The Seniors  More than15 years experience Emotional Connect Promotions Responsibilities
  12. 12. What will help (as a Manager)?  Good working relationship  Conducive environment  Smile on your face  Emotional binding