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creative brief gaurav and madhubanti


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It contains the Brief that is to be given to the Creative Department on the basis of which they can prepare the design for the advertisement.
It is based on the TTB model mentioning about Agency task,

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creative brief gaurav and madhubanti

  2. 2. BRAND AND PRODUCT ESSENTIALS – WHAT ARE WE ADVERTISING This brand is about style, funk and fun. The product is about colour, look, style which helps in unifying the personality of the person among his/her group and thereby starting a new trend among the youth. BACKGROUND – WHAT IS GOING ON FASTRACK is known for its forwardness, style and sex appeal in its promotion, features and look. AGENCY TASK To promote Fastrack Shoes as the latest stylish shoes by connecting with the urban youth. Therefore, it needs to be associated with the Fastrack’s earlier repute of being stylish, hip and a trend-setter. TARGET AUDIENCE – WHOM ARE WE TALKING TO A young teenager, who aspires to achieve success by leaving his /her mark, and not by following others; He/she is rebellious and wants to bring about a change in the society in his own way, yet he/she respects the old traditional values. He is fit and hardworking who manages his college assignment and house chores while not ignoring his friend circle. He/she is always active among his/her friends and is seen as a style icon by others. He/she works hard and parties even harder. For him/her – Fastrack shoe is the catalyst that pushes him/her to go that extra mile and achieve success; and it also acts as a stylish accessory that separates him/her from others, thereby making him/her the style icon among his/her friend.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE To promote Fastrack Shoe among the youngsters. To make Fastrack Shoe desirable among the youth by making they believe that this shoe will make them the style icon among their group. CONSUMER INSIGHT - CONFLICT The youth wants to bring about a change in the society and be a trend setter among its friend circle. BRAND OFFERING – HOW DOES THE BRAND RESOLVE THE CONFLICT Fastrack Shoe gives the youth a unique identity that sets them apart from their friends in a positive way, thereby making them the trend setter or the style icon. BRAND VISION – THE SINGLE MINDED BRAND MESSAGE “BE THE CULT” BRAND PERSONALITY Fastrack shoe is a catalyst that pushes you to go that extra mile to achieve success and be the style icon. CREATIVE STARTERS The young generation always wants to be connected with their friends and is always on lookout for some new information about the latest trends. TELEVISION: As it is the most powerful media NEW MEDIA: As it is most used by the youngsters, be it at home or away (mobile phones, tablets, internet.)
  4. 4. MANDATORIES – what needs to be included and why Emphasis must be on looks through latest style and make of the shoe; on features through technology (like comfort cushion and shock absorption features); and on variety through various range of shoes. DELIVERABLES – what do we need and when A 30-seconds TV Ad script in English; A full page newspaper ad showcasing various ranges of products in English language; A full page creative magazine ad (need not showcase the range of product); 20*10 outdoor billboard ad in English; Internet Banner ads.