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Skelta is a product company founded in 2003, headquartered in Bangalore with its sales headquarters in Boston, USA.
Skelta’s highly innovative flagship product BPM.NET ™ specializes in enterprise wide Business Process Management (BPM) and Advanced workflow solutions for small to large sized enterprises worldwide. It is the world’s first 100% embeddable BPM and advanced workflow framework built on .NET technology.
Skelta provides BPM solutions which integrate between system to system, system to human and Human Workflow Solutions for Business Users, Power Users, and Developers for providing BPM functionalities inside existing applications, making it an excellent candidate for OEMing applications that require BPM functionality. Skelta BPM.NET™ particularly integrates well with products based on Microsoft Technologies. Skelta is also utilized as a Business Application Platform to build horizontal solutions like such as Accounts Payable Solution, Document Management for Paperless Processes, Corporate Governance, and Human Resource Information System for various industries ranging from Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Retail, Government, Healthcare, Finance and many more.

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Skelta BPM

  1. 1. Skelta BPM.NET FOR BPM AND ADVANCED WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS The BPM transformation is just about to begin. Skelta BPM.NET heralds a paradigm shift in BPM workflows automation with innovative new features for application integration, process automation, process administration and user management. people processes systems connected!
  2. 2. About Skelta Skelta Software is an innovative software product company specializing in enterprise-wide Business Process Management (BPM) and Advanced Workflow solutions for small to large-sized businesses worldwide. Its flagship product, Skelta BPM.NET is a BPM workflow software that is built on cutting-edge Microsoft .NET, XML, and Web services technologies. It is also the world's first embeddable workflow engine. Skelta enables business users and developers to design and deploy workflow applications using software tools with which they are already familiar. In addition, Skelta enables businesses to leverage on their existing investments in Microsoft technologies such as InfoPath, BizTalk Server, and SharePoint. Skelta, a recipient of the 2008 American Business Awards Finalist and CODiE Awards Finalist, has also won several other awards at industry forums such as Microsoft 2006 Regional Winning Customer Award, Microsoft Tech-Ed 2007 Attendee Choice Award, Finalist in 2007 International Business Awards (Stevie Awards), Best of Tech Ed award in the Software Components category and NASSCOM IT Innovation 2005 Award. Skelta has also been named one of Asia’s top 100 companies by Red Herring magazine and acknowledged twice as one of the fastest growing technology companies in India and Asia Pacific region by winning Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India & Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Awards for 2006 and 2007. Skelta Product Suite sharepoint Accelerator compliance Accelerator
  3. 3. BPM NET Skelta BPM.NET leverages its strong enterprise class BPM architecture to deliver powerful new functionality in core BPM functions. New features include the SAP Adapter, Skelta Object Access Layer, Enhanced BAM & KPIs, BizTalk Connector, Enhanced Security, Skelta Forms and File Watcher. Feature Highlights Enterprise Process Management Skelta Enterprise Console for centralized process management « Categorize processes [ Process repository [ Process integration [ Discovery, Analysis and Design j Process Designer Visual Visual Process Designer j Compliant BPMN Implementation and Development j embeddable workflow framework for rapid integration 100% j Variable user interface XML Human Workflow Services j j integration with Microsoft Outlook Native Multi-level organization and resource calendars j j clustering and active-active load balancing Native Collaboration and Communication Enterprise Console Integrates with SharePoint's database, Active Directory and third-party j LDAP directories Delivers tasks to SharePoint lists j Business Business Collaboration Collaboration Advanced queue management for flexibility in setup, task allocation and j Intelligence Intelligence management to achieve optimum utilization of resources Multi-level, hierarchical calendars for collaboration between users across j Business Business time zones, geographical locations, regions, departments and functions Processes Processes Portals Portals & Forms & Forms Integrates with Microsoft Outlook for task delivery and response from j within Outlook Support multiple channels for task delivery and response-web, email, j Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Content Content Search PDA, voice and IM Search Management Management
  4. 4. Skelta BPM.NET SAP Adapter «integration with SAP for business processes No code « with any module of SAP using RFCs Integrate « of Microsoft LOB adapter Built on top «users can build workflows for SAP Business « Read tables / data from SAP system by calling BAPIs/RFCs « Update/push data in SAP system by calling BAPIs/RFCs SAP Connector SOA (Skelta Object Access Layer) « Reuse existing objects within processes « Access objects without writing wrappers or custom code « Enables just-in-time activation of objects within processes « GAC (Global Assembly Cache) or local folder Access from « Highly secure and rights-based calling of external .NET assemblies « external .NET assemblies in Skelta Process Designer Consume without creating a custom activity SOA (Skelta Object Access Layer) BAM & KPIs « Out-of-the-box reporting and activity monitoring views « workflows with BAM events Associate « Customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) « Performance Analysis « which highlights workflow status & workflow instances Dashboard « alerts of Business Exceptions and KPIs Proactive « In-built BAM Analyzer for Transaction & Execution « BAM configuration in list context menu « Configurable data points and KPIs for comprehensive BAM reporting « exception-handling procedures Automate BAM & KPIs « emails embedded with detailed graphs of exceptions Automated BizTalk Connector «latency connector using native TCP/IP stack with BizTalk New low « Invoke Skelta from within BizTalk processes for human workflow integration « Invoke BizTalk from Skelta for integraton with external systems BizTalk Connector
  5. 5. BPM NET Security « effectively during workflow creation Collaborate « Define user-based access rights for workflow design functions « in-built workflows to collaborate during process and form design Leverage « Define security at item, folder and other levels « Comprehensive security for reporting & BAM « Use SharePoint Roles/Users to define security inside Enterprise Console Security Skelta Forms « InfoPath or ASP.NET forms to create forms-driven processes Use Skelta, « 100% web-based forms designer that can be used by IT professionals to design forms on the web including forms inside SharePoint « Manage versioning and security of forms « Create complex forms for use in processes « to either initiate workflows or as part of an activity Use forms in the workflow « for implementing image assisted, paperless processes Use forms Skelta Forms Designer File Watcher « related events with special logic to eliminate false file events Reliable file «Events to processes Bind File « paperless processes with Skelta Integrate « Skelta workflows with file watcher events Associate « folder for different file events Monitor a « details as XML variables inside workflow Access file « from one location to another (Physical, SharePoint and FTP) Move files File Watcher
  6. 6. Skelta BPM.NET Skelta’s Product Growth 2004 BPM NET 2006 BPM NET 2007 BPM NET 2009 Embeddable Enterprise Business BPM Workflow Process Application Capabilities Framework Management Platform Developer and OEM Edition-Benefits j deploy applications using embedded objects Rapidly Reduced implementation times for faster time-to-market j jInterface for easy integration and data interchange with third-party applications XML j output functionality Blocked Properties for synchronous and asynchronous execution j Construct and modify rules within existing software using the simple click and drop interface j Customize the entire user interface by changing simple HTML templates j Connectivity with any database such as Oracle, MS SQL or Active Directory j j end users to customize an embedded workflow Allow Manage complex resource and organization calendar schedules j j business rules written in COM, and run scripts in languages like VBScript.NET and JScript.NET Execute j Notifications/Alerts on email, SMS and via standard instant messengers Send Built around a set of drag and drop ASP.NET web controls, Skelta BPM.NET allows you to add BPM functionality to your application in 3 easy steps: Step 1: Add Skelta Controls to Visual Studio palette Step 2: Create or open Visual Studio project Step 3: Drag and drop Skelta controls into the project
  7. 7. BPM NET A customer testimony is worth more than 1000 words of bland sales copy. “Skelta BPM.NET helped us achieve an ROI of 20% by identifying unmanaged process areas, automating and integrating them naturally in uncontrolled business situations largely affected by the global “Skelta has an excellent visual component that economic crisis existing today.” allows quick and easy design of workflows. -Astimen Fe, It easily integrates other steps into the MIS Manager, ICON+ workflow process. I could tell it was written by experienced programmers who know what they are doing.” - Greg Robinson Marketspace Monitor Group “We sought an embedded solution with a thin-client designer and finally found one in Skelta that actually exceeded and continues to exceed our expectations. More importantly than the technology, we have found an OEM partner who sees our success as their own success and this positive relationship with Skelta has enabled us to move farther and faster in the marketplace with confidence.quot; - Harold Engstrom CEO, Innovative Process Solutions, Inc. “We examined a couple of workflow engines, but what finally prompted us to decide in favor of Skelta were two factors: one was the fact that it was built on the .NET Framework, and two, the price. In retrospect I believe we made the right choice as our experience of using your workflow engine in our internal business process optimization applications has shown that the product is well defined and, overall, delivers on all the performance parameters we were looking for.” - David Smith Business Systems Developer, PZ Cussons / UK
  8. 8. Tech- Ed 2007 Attendee Choice Award | Innovation Center Skelta Software, Inc., Salarpuria Touchstone, 1050 Winter Street, Suite 1000 Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, Waltham, MA 02451, U.S.A. Boston Bangalore Mumbai Delhi Bangalore 560 087, India Tel: 617 963 8312 Tel: +91 (80) 4060 2600 © 2002 - 2009 Skelta Software. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.