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  • Sponsorship of events, pop-up shops, celebrity endorsement, product placement in films and TV – linked with mobile – scanning of QR codes, augmented reality over the top of celebrities playing sports etc.
  • Load up my SkyGo in another window and mute it behind this presentation
  • Launched in June 2011, UK based BlippAR(http:// is an augmented reality (AR) app aimed at advertisers. After launching the application, users hover their smartphone camera over a branded image and BlippARrecognises it, layering information over the 2D image. This could include real-time updates, offers, coupons, games, film, audio and other interactive content. The app serves to enrich many common media types including billboards, public transport ads and even normal product packaging. The app is free to download and is available for iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Mobile marketing

    2. 2. WHAT IS MOBILE MARKETING? Mobile marketing is the advertising of any product, service or cause that reaches you on a mobile device – phone, laptop, tablet etc. Technology has also created mobile marketing by converting traditional marketing to mobile marketing simply by viewing the advertisement on a mobile device. Society in general is increasingly on the go and very mobile. However, it’s not just out and about – we are a three-screen generation even at home. Therefore there is an opportunity to market!
    3. 3. WHAT FACTORS HAVE FACILITATED MOBILE MARKETING? Micro chips Screen and technology miniaturisation Sharing Affordability of experience with handheld others devices Increase in prevalence and Ease and trust speed of of payment broadband internet and wi-fi
    4. 4. IF I SAID YOU HAD A NICE FIGURE WOULD YOU HOLD IT AGAINST ME? Marketers can reach consumers Mobile is still growing Mobile fills previously ‘dead’ almost instantly all the time marketing space Vendors shipped 54% of business 91% of all US citizens 365.4m units in Q2 travellers in the US have have their mobile device 2011 compared to downloaded a travel within reach 24/7. 328.4m in Q2 2010 (feb related app onto 2011) smartphones (feb 2011) People love their mobiles Mobile is appropriate, timely and convenient 38% of internet users in It takes 26 hours for the the UK connected to the average person to report Mobile coupons get ten internet on a mobile a lost wallet. It takes 68 times the redemption device, not from the minutes for them to rate of traditional home or work computer report a lost phone. coupons. (feb 2011) People love their mobiles more thanMobile is the third screen – people oral hygiene embrace it There are 6.8 billion 70% of all mobile people on the planet. 5.1 searches result in action billion of them own a cell within 1 hour. phone, but only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush
    5. 5. MOBILE FOOD, MOBILE MARKETING • LA food trucks have created a craze for individual, non- chain, convenience food. • Multiple mobile apps available to track – mobile payment – digital POS screens. • All trucks use Twitter to inform whereabouts and market offers. • Instant customer interaction, feedback and response.
    6. 6. HOW WILL PHYSICAL STORES CO-EXIST WITH MOBILE AND ONLINE? In the future it could be said that physical ‘shops’ may be on the decline, and instead brands could offer some kind of alternative ‘brand experiences’ that then interact with mobiles for further information and purchase.
    7. 7. MOBILE TV Services like SkyGo mean you can now watch your TV subscription on up to four mobile devices. Now you can be marketed to on the train, on top of Mount Everest – even on the loo? In future, it could be that combining this with the geolocation ability of iPad, television ads on handheld could be delivered dependent on location, e.g. watching SkySports on SkyGo on the train to Euston on a Friday night, you see an advert for sports event at the O2 arena etc. Don’t miss the match when you’re dragged to do the big shop – iPad SkyGo at Sainsbury’s
    8. 8. TWITTER MARKETING • Twitter can reach customers at all stages of interest/buying process. • It’s easily measurable. • Noise has increased exponentially in the last few years. • Attention span has decreased. • Communications need to be fast and brief. • It’s really powerful at influencing! 16,433,586 7,092,448 Would you buy the brand Would you of eye shadow she uses? buy his boots?
    9. 9. MOBILE INTERACTING WITH STATIC MEDIA • Worlds first AR newspaper, the Metro Herald in Dublin. • See a taster of a trip to Paris. • Interact with the hovering airline shamrock buttons to learn about flying to central airports. • Click through to the Paris specific offer page and book their flight.
    10. 10. SUMMARY • People won’t ever not have mobile devices (remember the toothbrush stat earlier?). • Requires acceptance by consumers – you’re basically putting your hand in their pocket! • Has to offer something appropriate, timely and useful. • Remember, like a lot of new developments in marketing, it’s just another channel, another tool to interact with the customer. Therefore the brand needs to ensure it still retains its core values so it doesn’t appear fragmented on different channels. • It does have distinct advantages in its immediacy and ability to be personalised, but as quickly as things can go right they could also go wrong. The channel and technology need to be useful to consumers – hence the offering of free content and ‘social buttlering services’ (things that make people’s lives easier).