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Ux overview fxworkweek_april2012


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It's been a few months now since we merged the mobile and desktop Firefox user-experience teams into one supercharged all-platform Firefox design juggernaut (in the good sense). In that time, we've been hard at work digging into the next set of features and improvements, as well as pursuing one of our major goals for the year: getting Firefox to feel more like one product — more Firefoxy — across all our platforms, desktop to tablet to phone.

I presented an overview of what we're working on at the Firefox Toronto Workweek last week. Here are the slides (and a direct link, just in case). I had a fair bit to say about them, so I'll be posting a video of the talk soon, but the mockups and wireframes in the slides are too awesome to wait. The team will be posting about each of these projects, individually, in more depth.

This presentation makes reference to the Kilimanjaro project, a set of short-term priorities around integrating the browser and ecosystem projects (identity, apps, marketplace) that Mozilla is working on right now. You can learn about it on the Kilimanjaro wiki page.

Many thanks to the team (see slide 2!) for all their hard work.

  • Scrap the whole idea. I don't want to be using a Google Chrome knock off. (Has Google bought out Mozilla?) Unlike what most developers at Mozilla think I actually have a Brain and know how to operate a Computer. I don't need a V-Tech 3 year old's display to operate my computer.
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  • Great, but in Windows please get rid of the space between the tabs and the top of the window (in other words, leave that as it is in the current version of FF).
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  • very good
    clean and cle
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  • @vrehorst It makes a nice job, as you said: for now.
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  • The only one thing bother me about firefox and my monitor are the fricking title bar, I just hate it. Thats the reason I am using chrome right now, because it doesnt show it, it doesnt know it exists. btw i love FF, just cant stand that bar.
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Ux overview fxworkweek_april2012

  1. Firefox User-Experience Toronto Workweek — April 2012
  2. Firefox UX / Interaction Design Madhava Boriss Ian Josh Larissa Yuan ZhenshuoVisual UX Design Long-term Projects Stephen Jason Patryk Limi
  3. Our hidden agenda beautiful and engaging designquick and seamless access to your stuff both simple and powerful comfortable browsingFeel like Firefox across all our platforms Windows Windows Android phone Mac Mac Android tablet Linux Linux Metro ! B2G m ore a nd
  4. Beautiful and Engaging Design (What is "Firefoxy"?)
  5. Soft, Friendly, Human
  6. Soft texture
  7. Smooth curves
  8. Fast
  9. Distinctive and Unified
  10. So, the projects
  11. How Kilimanjaresque are these?1/5 Kilimanjaros5/5 Kilimanjaros
  12. Android Tablet ibarlow
  13. Android Phone ibarlow
  14. Reading Mode Patryk
  15. AustralisShorlander Ian Zhenshuo
  16. Australis - Windows
  17. Australis - Mac
  18. Australis - Linux
  19. Australis - New Menu
  20. Australis - Customization Mode
  21. Australis - Panel
  22. Australis - InContent UI
  23. Win 8 MetroYuan Shorlander
  24. Layout Explorations
  25. Interactions across desktop and mobile
  26. Basic Layout
  27. Awesome Screen Concept #1
  28. Metro UI Design - Start Screen Mockup
  29. Metro UI Design - Tabs Mockup
  30. Metro UI Design - Web Page Mockup
  31. Firefox on B2G Larissa
  32. Dev Tools Shorlander
  33. DevTools - Floating Tools Palette
  34. DevTools - Layout Mode
  35. DevTools - Debugger
  36. Sign-in-to-browser Zhenshuo
  37. Hometab / Firefox Start Boriss
  38. And a few other things Cleaning up Preferences (Zhenshuo) WebRTC (Boriss) User-switching feature on tablet (Zhenshuo) In-browser translation (Yuan) PDF.js (Shorlander) Printing (Yuan) Find-in-page (Zhenshuo) Android Widget (Madhava and Patryk)
  39. finfind us in #UX and #fx-team