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2019 Lone Cub - Finals


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Finals of the Lone Cub quiz, a solo quiz for high school students, conducted at the Karnataka Quiz Association, on 20th October, 2019.

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2019 Lone Cub - Finals

  1. 1. Lone Cub – Finals
  2. 2. Quizzes set by Sriprada S Nagaratna Patil Gautham Shenoy T N Avinash
  3. 3. • 4 rounds of quizzing • 2 rounds of 8 questions each + 2 written rounds • No bounce, but you can pounce • +10 points for correct answer on direct/pass • +10 if correct on pounce; -5 if you get it wrong Guidelines for the quiz
  4. 4. Round 1 Clockwise
  5. 5. Chaprah is a pungent chutney unique to the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh, that is made of __X__s. The name translates to “a leaf basket” and is a reference to the nests that __X__s make with the leaves of the sal tree. A similar dish, called Demta, the word for __X__ in the local Mundari language, is also found in Jharkhand. What is X?
  6. 6. ANSWERS….
  7. 7. Red Ants
  8. 8. Last week, British DJ Fatboy Slim remixed his 1999 smash hit by combining it with the audio from a recent speech that caused a stir. Identify the person speaking. Where was this speech made?
  9. 9. ANSWERS….
  10. 10. Greta Thunberg She spoke at the United Nations General Assembly
  11. 11. X is derived from the Sanskrit words meaning “wanderer of the forest”, while the word Y is derived from the Sanskrit lavana, meaning salt, a product that these people (Y) were well known for transporting across the country. Identify both X and Y.
  12. 12. ANSWERS….
  13. 13. Banjara & Lambani or Lamani
  14. 14. The Destruction of _______ and Herculaneum is a large 1822 painting by English artist John Martin. The Last Day of _______ is another large painting by Karl Bryullov produced in 1830–1833. Based on these paintings, identify the place X.
  15. 15. ANSWERS….
  16. 16. Pompei
  17. 17. The general consensus is that the Swiss company Nestlé was the first to develop XY commercially in 1936. The story is that it was a way to use up excess milk powder that had been produced for World War I, and was no longer in demand. Although it is made from cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids, many argue that it isn’t really Y as it doesn’t have everything that a Y would usually have. What is XY?
  18. 18. ANSWERS….
  19. 19. White Chocolate
  20. 20. Excerpt from the trailer of a biopic of a famous Indian, played here by Dev Patel, and his mentor, played by Jeremy Irons. Identify both real life personalities.
  21. 21. ANSWERS….
  22. 22. Srinivasa Ramanujam GH Hardy
  23. 23. In 2013 Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy designed an e- commerce website called Bundl to facilitate courier services and ship goods within India. However they soon had to shut shop, and so decided to start afresh with a different venture. With the help of Rahul Jaimini they founded the company X, one whose services aren’t that different from Bundl’s. Identify this company X.
  24. 24. ANSWERS….
  25. 25. Swiggy
  26. 26. The First Emperor of the Roman Empire (27 BCE – 14 CE) thought of himself as being equally important as his maternal grand-uncle and hence wanted ‘something’ named after him to be of the same length as the preceding ‘something’ which was named after the grand-uncle. This is the often told story (though incorrect) behind a discrepancy in the pattern of something we all use & change once a year. What is the discrepancy we’re talking about?
  27. 27. ANSWERS….
  28. 28. The only time in the calendar year a longer month is not followed by a shorter month. July (after Julius Caesar) and August (after Augustus) both having 31 days
  29. 29. Round 2 Written Round
  30. 30. Written Round  5 coins – identify the country it was issued in  +10 for each; no negatives  +10 bonus if you get all five correct
  31. 31. 1.
  32. 32. 2.
  33. 33. 3.
  34. 34. 4.
  35. 35. 5. +Lion
  36. 36. ANSWERS….
  37. 37. 1. India 2. France 3. South Africa 4. Australia 5. Kenya
  38. 38. Round 3 Anti-clockwise
  39. 39. “War not determine who right. War determine who left.” “Man with feet firmly planted on the ground have trouble putting on his pants.” “Man who run behind car get exhausted.” “Man who sit a sharp nail, get the point” “If you cut yourself while shaving, you lose face.” These are some punny sayings (wrongly & intentionally so) attributed to/in the style of which Chinese philosopher?
  40. 40. ANSWERS….
  41. 41. Confucius
  42. 42. Photograph taken in 1947 at a meeting between Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru (extreme right), the defense minister Baldev Singh (extreme left) and two other men. The person in the military uniform was the last king of this region, and the one to his left, wearing the cap, went on to become the Prime Minister of that region. Identify either of the two men.
  43. 43. ANSWERS….
  44. 44. Maharja Hari Singh & Sheikh Abdullah
  45. 45. Tweets composed before (inset) and after a certain event. What was the event? OR Who was finally “good enough”?
  46. 46. ANSWERS….
  47. 47. 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry “for the development of Lithium ion batteries” Stanley Whittingham Akira Yoshino & John B. Goodenough
  48. 48. The late Girish Karnad wrote 3 plays in Kannada based on 3 episodes in Karnataka’s history that he found most fascinating. 1990’s Taledanda was about the rise of a religious movement in the 12th century, and Tipu Sultan Kanda Kanasu was, well, about the 18th century king Tipu Sultan. His final play, Rakshasa Tangadi, was about a 16th century event that had consequences outside of Karnataka too. What religious movement was the basis of Taledanda? What specific event was Rakshasa Tangadi about?
  49. 49. ANSWERS….
  50. 50. Rise of Sharana movement (Lingayatism) Battle of Talikota (also called Battle of Rakkasa-Tangadi) Also accept Fall of Vijayanagar empire
  51. 51. In the 1860s post-operative moratality rate was >90% - doctors operated in street clothes with bare hands, used sawdust lifted from the floor in surgical dressings, instruments weren’t sterilized etc. All this changed when Joseph Lister pioneered sanitary operating room procedures. Lister later gave a speech in Philadelphia in 1876, expressing his ideas on germs, but the audience wasn’t interested. Except for one chemist named Joseph Lawrence, who came up with a surgical antiseptic. What product did Joseph Lawrence create?
  52. 52. ANSWERS….
  53. 53. Listerine
  54. 54. To spot instances of plagiarism, organisations that compile original reference works often include fictitious entries so that they can spot who has copied their work as-is. For example, map-makers have been known to include fictitious places in their maps. Such entries are known by many names: phantom settlements, trap streets, cartographer's follies or _____ _____. _____ _____ is also the name of a YA novel by John Green (Fault in Our Stars) that was made into a 2015 movie starring Cara Delevingne. Fill in the blanks.
  55. 55. ANSWERS….
  56. 56. Paper Towns
  57. 57. ____ of Croton lived in ancient Greece (6th century BCE) and was renowned for his strength, athletic prowess & military accomplishments. A six-time Olympic winner, he is reputed have been able to easily carry a bull on his shoulders, and burst a band around his head by merely inflating the veins in his forehead/temples. Referred to in the works of Shakespeare and Alexandre Dumas, his name is now associated with a product that always shows children engaged in some sort of sporting activity on its packaging. What product?
  58. 58. ANSWERS….
  59. 59. Milo
  60. 60. The track is based off a tune for an ode used in the finale of (probably) the most famous symphony composed. Who was the composer? It now is also the anthem for a multi-national entity. Which entity?
  61. 61. ANSWERS….
  62. 62. Ludwig van Beethoven (Ode to Joy from his 9th Symphony) European Union
  63. 63. Round 4 Written Round
  64. 64. Written Round  5 questions, again based on comics  +10 for each, no negatives  +15 bonus if you get all five correct
  65. 65. Set during the Golden Age of comics, this novel tells the tale of two Jewish cartoonists who create various superhero characters. It was directly inspired by the story of Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster, who sold the rights to their creation for a paltry $100, never saw the riches they deserved & went unacknowledged for several decades. What iconic character did they create?
  66. 66. Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo is set in 16th – 18th century Japan, with anthropomorphic animals replacing all humans. His hero is a rōnin who roams the land on a warrior’s pilgrimage, occasionally taking on the role of a bodyguard. If ‘Yojimbo’ refers to his job, what does the word ‘Usagi’ mean?
  67. 67. Two comic book characters drawn in the style of two other comic characters. Identify both pairs of characters. (5 points for each pair)
  68. 68. Eric Shanower’s Age of Bronze is a faithful (both archeologically & to literary tradition) retelling of a story described in many epics. What story?
  69. 69. 2018 graphic novel exploring the current plight of undocumented immigrants into Europe. The writer is more familiar for a series of SF/F novels featuring a teen-aged criminal mastermind who tangles with fairies, dwarfs, leprechauns, centaurs etc. Who is the writer?