Health care capstone week 1 disk 1 confidentiality


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Health care capstone week 1 disk 1 confidentiality

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIALITY Marcuse Dezir MHA 690 Health Care Capstone Instructor: Hwang-Ji Lu 09/26/2013
  2. 2. IMPORTANCE OF PRIVACY Privacy within the healthcare is very important and probably the most difficult thing to do as well. Lack of resources, lack of internal control over patient information and lack of training leaves many healthcare organizations ill- prepared to address privacy and security risks and medical fraud. Information security and privacy in healthcare are very important matters that need to be addressed and find solution that will benefit everyone involved. Privacy protection should be every organization main concern because everyone would like for their organizations or business to be secure and protected from all things
  3. 3. MANAGER’S ROLE As a manager I would I use Slideshare as Web 2.0 tool to train all staff members; All staff members should have training at least every six months or annually on confidentially simply because the staff members are dealing and have access to personal and sensitive information’s. The training should include the HIPPA security regulations because staff members need to be up to date on the latest security systems and regulations. Staff members should know that there can be serious complications for violating patient privacy or breach of contract. A lot of companies give handbooks to all their employees that covered company’s policy and regulation and if employees violated any of those policies under any circumstances, then the employees should be aware of the consequences to pay for their actions. Above all things it’s very important to make sure all employees/staff members read and sign the handbook regulations and company policy before starting the new position. The company should also give all employees a copy of the regulation signed for they files. Bottom line it’s important to respect people’s privacy and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a well-known celebrity or a regular patient, the health care facility is entitle to respect and protect the patient privacy because we wouldn’t want our information out there for the world to know.
  4. 4. PRICE TO PAY Knowing that all staff members and employees have read and sign the disclose information about their role on the job. If violated for any reasons certain action need to take place. Of course it will depend on the violation committed by the staff member/employee then the manager will know what action to take. The result of the violation can be suspension, termination or anything the manager find appropriate. Bottom line we all know there’s always consequences to pay for our actions and that too should also take effect the work place.
  5. 5. HIPAA TRAINING The online HIPAA training course helps teach HR managers and employees HIPAA privacy and security laws. The HIPAA compliance training program helps companies involved in the healthcare industry better protect the privacy and security of personal information and patient data. HIPAA compliance is essential in healthcare, where individuals share details of their health, personal lives and finances when they are at their most vulnerable. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA") addresses these issues by imposing stringent privacy and security requirements on healthcare providers and their business associates
  6. 6. PRIVACY PROTECTION Protecting privacy is important not just to avoid harm, but because good healthcare depends on accurate and reliable information believes that privacy and security protections will build public trust, which is crucial if the benefits of health IT are to be realized. A comprehensive privacy and security framework must be implemented by all stakeholders engaged in e-health efforts. Such a framework, as outlined for Health, would include: • Implement core privacy principles; • Adopt trusted network design characteristics; • Establish oversight and accountability mechanisms. • Establish oversight and accountability mechanisms.
  7. 7. IMPLEMENTATION The framework should be implemented in part by strengthening the HIPAA Privacy Regulation for records kept by the traditional health system participants, but also needs to address the increased migration of personal health information out of the traditional medical system. The Privacy and Security Framework emphasizes the concept that trust in electronic health information exchange can best be established in an open and transparent environment. It also stresses that it is important for individuals to understand what individually identifiable health information exists about them, how that information is collected, used, and disclosed, and how reasonable choices can be exercised with respect to that information.
  8. 8. ENFORCE TRAINING Many times we are worry about the external aspect of security and forget about the internal, but all types of security are important. Internal security is even more important because we have all kind of people inside the facility, some can be trusted and others you just don’t know where they stand. Let’s not forget that problems will occur, for example staff member may lose identification and not reported it to the head of security or the charge nurse or doctor. Other times people let colleagues borrow their access card to the facility. These are the issue that organizations, physicians need to really get control over. They have been able to use other people’s identity for criminal purposes, but the bad part of it all sometimes there is no easy way to know the real person. It is also important to keep in mind that they are hackers out there. Hackers can use computer viruses to get into personal files such as emails and/or propagate their nastiness by sending new emails that looks as if someone their know may have sent it, like friend and family. While it is a good and secure idea as part of the training for every single staff members/employees to have their own login names and password, it should also be enforce those information need to really be secret because security is too important and they are lot at risk for either the organization, the patients and/or the staff members as well.
  9. 9. CONCLUSION Confidentiality is important to everyone whether in our surrounding or the working place. Knowing that as human being there are certain information we may or may not want people to know, therefore the same should be in the work place. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a well known person or just an everyday person, staff members/ employees have no right to go thru those people files especially when it has nothing to do with they work. Confidentially should never be broken under no circumstances and if someone violated those simple rule, they should pay the price of their actions.
  10. 10. REFERENCES HIPAA Privacy and Security Training training/122103-hipaa-privacy-and-security-compliance-training-courses- classes Comprehensive privacy and security: critical for health information technology version 1.0 may 2008 Protecting patient privacy and security in healthcare information system