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AD611 Marketing & Brand Management

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AD611 04 Brand Management 090331

  1. 1. Brand Management FINI M PRESENTATION
  2. 2. AD611-01 Brand Management M
  3. 3. AD610-02 Brand Management Clive Moore BA(Hons)Design Management M
  4. 4. Different ways of doing Business “Marketing means finding out what people want and giving it to them” McDonald 2002 M
  5. 5. What is Brand? “I’m a great lover” MARKETING M
  6. 6. What is Brand? “I’m a great lover” “Hello” TELEMARKETING M
  7. 7. What is Brand? “Trust me he’s a great lover” PUBLIC RELATIONS M
  8. 8. What is Brand? “I’m a great lover I’m a great lover I’m a great lover” ADVERTISING M
  9. 9. What is Brand? ADVERTISING M
  10. 10. What is Brand? “I understand that you are a great lover?” BRANDING M
  11. 11. Question Branding & Marketing a £4.2 Million Asset... YOU! M
  12. 12. Background – consider you earn £25,000 pa – if you work for 40 years – your company will have invested £4,200,000... YOU! in M
  13. 13. Task – create a Brand – develop a Marketing plan – go beyond the 4P’s – SWOT analysis – Segment your market YOU! for M
  14. 14. What is Brand? “In the longer term, then, the role of brands in society will be exactly what we want to make it” Wally Ollins ONB2002 M
  15. 15. What is a Brand? Brands are more than logos and marketing jargon Icons of society, reflecting our personal preferences, values and life styles M
  16. 16. Unilever 150 million times a day, someone somewhere chooses a From feeding your family to Unilever keeping your home clean and product. M fresh, our brands are part of
  17. 17. What is a Brand? We Create Brand Relationships with:- What feels good What supports us emotionally What others define to us M
  18. 18. Coca Cola Coca-Cola, the largest global drink maker, net income $1.89 Billion M
  19. 19. What is a Brand? How does a brand function in a consumer society? With distinct personalities built by • Culture • Advertising • Colours • Shapes • Sound M
  20. 20. Walt Disney Walt Disney is the worlds #2 media conglomerat e with revenue: $37 Billion 2008 M
  21. 21. What is a Brand? How does the branding process work? Brand Architecture • Establishment and assessment of the positive attributes of the brand (consumer benefits) M
  22. 22. Monolithic brand Red Cross International has an annual donations of $874 Million M 2008
  23. 23. Endorsed brand Sony Net profits came to $3.53 Billion 2008 M
  24. 24. Product brand Henkel employs over 52,000 people with an annual turnover of $11 Billion M 2008
  25. 25. What is a Brand? How does the branding process work? Brand Essence • A few words or thoughts that represent the brand to the core and target consumers M
  26. 26. Brand Essence HARLEY DAVIDSON Revenue for 2007 $5.7 Billion 2007 M
  27. 27. What is a Brand? How does the branding process work? Brand Positioning • Customer’s sense of the tangible and intangible benefits of the brand and why it is better than the competition. M
  28. 28. M
  29. 29. The Progression of Economic Value £2.80 Specifi Different c and unique £1.20 Customer Need Differentiation 15p 5p Undifferentiated Generic M Low Market Value High
  30. 30. What is a Brand? How does the branding process work? Brand Design Team • Knows the brand’s essence, positioning and to whom they are speaking M
  31. 31. Creating Customer Value = Customers Your Best M
  32. 32. Question What’s in the BIG BOX? 1. Look at the box without touching it? 2. What is the size of the product? 3. The approx weight, form, size and smell of the product? 4. The box could be sealed and air tight? What “promises” are being made by the product? 5. 6. What customer experience await you? M Discus your ideas
  33. 33. Question Your Answers! Present your product to the group You are now going to create a full marketing and branding strategy for your product! M
  34. 34. The New Rule: “When everyone zigs, zag.” ∑ Finding your zag ∑ Designing your zag ∑ Building your zag ∑ Renewing your zag ∑ Ready? M Marty Neumeier 2007
  35. 35. Good & Different 1 2 Good Good Good but and Not Different Different 3 4 Not Good Different and but Different Not Good Different M
  36. 36. BMW MINI Americans had no interest l in a ultra small car and only wanted more SUVs... M
  37. 37. Looking for WHITE space M
  38. 38. Post-It Notes M
  39. 39. 1 0thers zig, we zag Are you ready to zag M
  40. 40. 1 others zig, we zag Who are you? ∑ Look inside – find passion ∑ Where's your passion? ∑ Where does your passion lie? ∑ Its now 25 years in the future, M write your companies
  41. 41. 2 others zig, we zag What do you do? ∑ What core business are you in ∑ What is your core purpose? ∑ Now write your business purpose within 12 words. M
  42. 42. 3 others zig, we zag What’s your vision? ∑ How concrete is your vision? ∑ Will it empower people? ∑ Produce a 30 sec Elevator pitch, that speaks your vision M
  43. 43. 4 others zig, we zag What wave are you riding? ∑ When focus and differentiation are powered by a trend the result is a charismatic brand ∑ What trend can you ride? M
  44. 44. 5 others zig, we zag Who shares the brandscape? ∑ What are your core values? ∑ Choose 4 from the following list: M
  45. 45. 5 others zig, we zag innovation market driven customer focused ethical responsive collaborative trusted quality-minded progressive proactive responsible optimistic M
  46. 46. 5 others zig, we zag M
  47. 47. 6 others zig, we zag What makes you the “only”?just differentiation, ∑ A zag is not but RADICAL differentiation! ∑ Complete the following sentence: ∑ Our is the ONLY M that
  48. 48. 6 others zig, we zag OUR IS THE ONLY THAT M
  49. 49. 7 others zig, we zag What can ADDED or SUBTRACTED? ∑ Consider your focus and customer promise ∑ Now throw out all that does not comply with this M design strategy
  50. 50. 8 others zig, we zag Who LOVES you? ∑ Every brand is built by a strong community ∑ How can you create your community? ∑ Ideas needed quickly! M
  51. 51. 9 others zig, we zag Who’s the ENEMY? ∑ Sometimes the enemy is not a competing company, but the old way of doing things. ∑ Who or what is your M enemy?
  52. 52. 10 others zig, we zag What do they call you? ∑ A name should be: ∑ Different from the competitors ∑ Brief – four syllables or less ∑ Appropriate ∑ Easy to spell ∑ Satisfying to pronounce ∑ Suitable fro brand play ∑ Legally defensible M
  53. 53. 10 others zig, we zag CATEGORIES STRONG NAMES WEAK NAMES AUTOMOTIVE BMW British Leyland Aston Martin Bristol BANKING Halifax COOP NEWS PAPERS Times Chronicle SEARCH ENGINES Google Ask COFFEE SHOP Starbucks Coffee bean PDA Blackberry MDA Touch ONLINE PAYMENTS PayPal Click & Buy CREDIT CARDS Visa Master card Maestro Switch M
  54. 54. 11 others zig, we zag How do you explain yourself? can speak ∑ A good “trueline” volumes about your business, that when used as a “strapline” reinforces your brand ∑ What's your trueline M
  55. 55. 11 others zig, we zag ∑ Just do it ∑ Nike gives you the opportunity ∑ Your flexible friend ∑ Vorsprung durch technik ∑ I liked it so much I brought the company ∑ Schhh... You know who ∑ The ultimate driving machine ∑ No FT, No comment ∑ Finger licking good M
  56. 56. 10 others zig, we zag How do you spread the word? have a name, ∑ Ok so you strapline, and a taglineA name should be: ∑ Different from the competitors ∑ Brief – four syllables or less ∑ Appropriate ∑ Easy to spell ∑ Satisfying to pronounce M
  57. 57. Perceived value M
  58. 58. Cost M 60p 32p 55p 65p £1.32p
  59. 59. Perceived value M
  60. 60. Perceived value M
  61. 61. Most Expensive $228 per case of 12 bottles (600ml) Per 750mls: $23.75 M
  62. 62. Most Expensive $40 Per bottle! M
  63. 63. Marketing Mix “Marketing is to establish, maintain and enhance long-term customer relationships at a profit, so that the objectives of the parties involved are met.” Gronroos, 1990 M
  64. 64. Key points of Marketing profit Enhance companies profile = Create organisational objectives Provide customer satisfaction Enable clear mutual exchange Planned and managed M
  65. 65. Sausages Challenge − High quality sausages but not generating value − Poor national market presence − Losing retailer own premium products − Needed to reposition & communicate in the minds of the buyer and consumers M
  66. 66. Sausages M
  67. 67. Rebranded Sausages M
  68. 68. Rebranded Sausages elmwood M
  69. 69. Outcome = Profits − Turnover +57% in 3 months − Tesco sales +26% − New Listings: Morrison's, Asda, Coop − Grew from 30K to £1m in 2 years − A result achieved with no price changes, not other communication and no other sales support M
  70. 70. Brand Marketing = Adding Customer Value Design products that satisfy's needs Enhanced sales and after sales service Enable customers to make better buying decisions Making purchasing easier and more enjoyable M
  71. 71. Brand is a structured process − Brand idea − Brand values − Brand expression − Brand application M
  72. 72. Brand identity Visual Identity Employee Communication s s Brand Environmen Portfolio t Product Culture design Customer service M
  73. 73. Question − Can you describe what your company stands for? − Can your employees, suppliers & customers describe what your company stands for? − Do your company’s literature, website and premises reflect your brand? − Does your company have any guidelines to ensure the brand is used M
  74. 74. Brand Let’s start by dispelling some myths FIRST A brand is not a logo! M
  75. 75. Brand SECOND A brand is not an identity M
  76. 76. Brand FINALLY A brand is not a product M
  77. 77. Brand what exactly So Is a brand? M
  78. 78. Brand A brand is a persons gut feeling about a product, service, or organisation. M
  79. 79. How do you feel? M
  80. 80. How do you feel? M
  81. 81. How do you feel? M
  82. 82. How do you feel? M
  83. 83. How do you feel? M
  84. 84. Virgin brand M
  85. 85. Virgin Atlantic M
  86. 86. Different ways of doing Business “Marketing means finding out what people want and giving it to them” McDonald 2002 M
  87. 87. Wolf Olins M
  88. 88. Simplify Are you clear what you stand for? And would your customers agree? if not, now’s a great time to simplify your brand model, strip out complexity, cut out sub-brands, and be crystal clear. A brand rationalisation could cut costs too. M
  89. 89. Involve Are you confident? And do your employees share that confidence? To keep the good ones, and keep them upbeat, involve them in building your brand. In particular, involve them in steps 3 to 5 below. Confident employees breed confident customers. M
  90. 90. Improve Do people trust you? The only way to build trust is to do what you say. Measure the gap between what you say you stand for, and what customers actually experience on the ground. And improve that experience – you’ll get a much better return than just spending on communication. M
  91. 91. Increase Are you amplifying your difference? Be absolutely clear what makes you special, and why customers will want to pay a little extra for it. By all means offer low-cost variants, but don’t abandon your high ground. Identify the one biggest thing that makes you different, and increase that difference M
  92. 92. Inspire Are you inventing your way out of recession? Drop 90% of your innovation projects, but keep the 10% that most closely deliver your brand – they’ll deliver the most value. And use your brand to inspire new services, new products, even new businesses that can stimulate demand, wake people up, get them out and spending. M 28 October 2008, posted by Robert Jones and Paul Worthington
  93. 93. Question − Consider these 5 points in respects to your companies brand − Time to reconsider your offering... M
  94. 94. Your TOOL KIT iDEOpoly M
  95. 95. Marketing Questions Any Mix Questions? What is it? Product Place Packaging Process Pricing Promotion People Physical Evidence Performance Implementatio n Case Study Product Place Packaging Pricing Promotion People Physical Evidence Performance M
  96. 96. Brand Management FINI M PRESENTATION