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Ottawa Travel

  1. 1. TM: is the UICKEST TRIP Depart at 8:51 AM Regular tare Arrive at 10:01 AM Duration: 1 hour. 10 mi Depart at 8:51 AM Arrivhoa10:o1Au Hransier nuies. At 8'51 AH, walk to station CAMPUS 2A(10 min. ) At 9:01 AM, take Bus route 96 direction Kanata and get air at station TERRY FOX 30. Arrive at QABAM Ci flgik to station TERRY F OX 4A for transfer :3 Wait 4 minute(s). At 9:54 AM, take Bus route 118 direction Hurdman and get off at stop TERRY FOX! MAPLE GROVE, street TERRY FOX following street MAPLE GROVE. Last intersections: DAVIS AVE, TERRY FOX DR, MAPLE GROVE RD. Arrive at 10:00 AM. flgikto 100 MAPLE GROVE. Arrive at 10:01 AM (1 min. ) 0 Click on I bus stop to see more pacing times lotal walking: 13 minines K 8:51AM 0 111 COOPER ST(0TTAWA) Q r: AMPLIE. 21: Qgll) Q TENRi so» 3«: pegs; granny n: u- 4» gfig) Q TERR1 FD‘ f MAPLE GEE! ‘-/ E (§3§3)