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travel agency

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  1. 1. DTM 132: TRAVEL AGENCY AND TOUR GUIDE OPERATIONS Assignment : Starting Up a New Travel AgencyThis assignment is more of practical step in setting up a new travel agency. This is a grouppresentation. The assignment files (PowerPoint presentation file and summary file) are to besubmitted in week 12, by 5.00pm on 29th April 2011 . The presentation will take place in yourtutorials in week 13, starting from 10.00am – 12.00pm on 3th May 2011. Marks will be deductedupon late submission.To be successful in this assignment, you will be need high level use of appropriate academic andnon-academic sources.For this assignment you are to compete a presentation supported with PowerPoint and a summaryfile with the following sections: - Title (including title for this assignment and group members name) - Introduction - Company name and history - Company structure - Human resources in the company - Daily, weekly and monthly procedures - Products and services offered - Sales and promotion - Conclusion - ReferencesAdditionally, complete a summary report of the presentation. DO not submit a PowerPoint hand-outas your summary.Retain a copy of the assignment until results are finalized.Suggested presentation time: 15 – 20 minutes presentationMarks available: 12% of the final markA general breakdown is included below: - Introduction 5 marks - Company name and history 5 marks - Company structure 10 marks - Human resources in the company 10 marks - Daily, weekly and monthly procedures 10 marks - Products and services offered 10 marks - Sales and promotion 10 marks - Conclusion 5 marks - Presentation 30 marks - References 5 marks Total 100 marksAssignment will be marked with a grade only