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  1. 1. Summer Festival Guide 2010 Peak Fats, oils and sweets Sure, most festival food is  Meat, poultry season glutinous, but traditional  and Fish Italian sfingi, cooked by  Dan Cordis’s shuttered  the Missionary Sisters of  Cordis Brothers Supper  St. Charles, might win the  Club took home the  artery-clogging crown: It  Ribfest title last year.  consists of deep-fried  He’s back with his new    ricotta covered with  venture, called Pitchfork,  id  The food pyram Milk, yogurt powdered sugar and  and the same saucy ribs. Vegetables   takes on a new and cheese honey. About $2, Taste of About $17 for a full slab We’ll yell “opa!” to  n  dimension whe Top off frozen kefir—a  frozen-yogurt look-alike  Melrose Park (Sept 3–5). and $9 for a half slab, Ribfest (Jun 11–13). Andies Restaurant’s spanakopita, Greek  summer  hits.    from Starfruit—with fruit  spinach and feta cheese  By Jenny an for a treat that has more  Jasper Meats promises its  on phyllo dough. About $4, Illustrations   digestion-aiding “good”  made-from-scratch  Andersonville by Joel Kimmel bacteria than average   fro-yo. About $5, Do- German meatloaf, called leberkäse, is never  Midsommarfest (Jun 12, 13). Division Festival (Jun 5, 6). frozen. About $7 for plate and $5 for sandwiches, While it’s pretty meaty,   La Sardine offers cream- German-American Fest St. Basil Church Fruit filled chocolate éclairs. (Sept 10–12). volunteers’ sarma, a Take green banana puree,  About $4 each, Taste cabbage dish stuffed with cram it with meaty fillings  of Randolph Street beef and pork, is also like pork and beef, create  (Jun 18–20). served up with potatoes a dumpling and then deep- and salad to help you fry it to create Sabor  reach your five a day. $10,Boricua, Sabor Latino and  Taste of Serbia (Sept 4, 5).Coco Restaurant’s traditional Puerto Rican Mana Food Bar’s alcapurrias. $2–$3 each, vegetarian sliders—mini Fiesta Puertorriquenas burgers made with brown (Jun 15–20). rice, mushrooms and  spicy mayonnaise on top Wholesome blueberry of a roll—fulfill heartier tarts from West Town  appetites. $4, Do-DivisionTavern were a hit last year  Festival (Jun 5, 6).and will make a comeback this summer. $5, GreenMusic Fest (Jun 26, 27). bread and rice Harold’s Chicken #71’s hush Chinese rice cake dessert is  Find a plethora of Eastern  We’d ditch our Atkins diet for  puppies, deep-fried balls of  made with sticky rice, milk and  European pierogi filled with  Dakshin Indian Cuisine’s dosa,  cornmeal, are everything you  sugar, and comes in plain or red  meat, cheese or vegetables  a traditional South Indian  want in festival food: easy to  bean flavors. About $3, served by Kasia’s Deli,  pancake filled with rice   carry, no drippy sauces and  Chinatown Summer Fair (Jul 18). Buscia’s, Nina’s Pierogi   and black beans. $5, deliciously greasy. About $2, and others. About $1, VeggieFest (Aug 7, 8). Taste of Chicago (Jun 25–Jul 4). Pierogi Fest (Jul 23–25).10 Time Out Chicago  TimeOuTChiCagO.COm/fesTivals