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  1. 1. arOUND TOWN tions. She’s even performed at in- formal venues like aboard El trains. Friends have given her tasks to listings complete, such as take a sandwich IF YOU WaNT TO BE LISTED on the train during rush hour and Submit information by mail, e-mailFeeling the heat ask fellow riders for a beverage. (aroundtown@timeoutchicago.com) Another asked her for a series of or fax (312-924-9350) to Martina private phone performances once Sheehan. include details of event, a month, all of which involved “lov- dates,streets,address of venue with times,Moved by the deaths of 739 heat-wave ing letters to a faraway object.” cross nearest El station and bus routes, telephone number andvictims, one artist challenged herself to And she’s come up with a few admission price, if any. Deadline is 6pm shows on the spot: “One night, I Monday, ten days before publicationcommemorate them 365 days a year was planning on going to an open date. incomplete submissions will notBy Michael Schramm mike, but I came out of the sub- be included, and listings information will way and the sky was dark blue not be accepted over the phone. and there’s a full moon and it just t=recommended or notable was beautiful. I was like, ‘Forget the open mike, because I gotta hit Thursday 21 the beach in my white clothes, and City Picks I have to make something pretty Anne Fontaine Personal Appearance underneath this full moon.’ ” That u Anne Fontaine, 909 N Michigan Ave be- night, she did an improvisational tween Delaware Pl and Walton St (312-943- 0401). El: Red to Chicago. Bus: 143, 144, 145, movement on the beach, a ghostly 146, 147. 11am–3pm. White shirts never had figure dancing in the dark. it so good before Anne Fontaine came on the Back at tonight’s performance, fashion scene 11 years ago. Meetperson and Brazilian-born French designer in the young Garneau’s been interrupted by get her input on the right white for you. a phone call of her own from her Asian American Resource and Cultural Center Grand Opening mother. When she follows instruc- u University of Illinois at Chicago, Taft tions and sits down to talk, an au- Hall, 826 S Halsted St at Harrison St (312- dience member spontaneously 996-7000). El: Blue to UIC/Halsted. Bus: 7 Harrison, 8 Halsted. 11am–6pm. In honor stands up, grabs the swab and of Asian American Awareness Month, UICDaILY ShOW garneau’s Heat:05 ranges from impromptu performances in writes on the board about her own debutswhere youcenter. Drop by forof servic- house, this new can get a preview an openthe park to her recent It Hurts Worse to Break a Leg at Columbia College. grandmother’s death, writing, es and offer suggestions for programming. A “The last time I saw her was three ribbon-cutting ceremony takes place at 4pm.a tChef Art Smith Demonstration tub of water is closely miked, the tenth anniversary of the 1995 days before she died.” Garneau u Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chi- and sounds of drips and Chicago heat wave. Some 739 finishes her phone call, and realizes cago, 361 W Chestnut St at Orleans Ave. El: drops reverberate through- people died during one blistering her performance has mutated, so Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Chicago. Bus: 37 Sedgwick/Ogden, 66 Chicago. 3pm. What’sout the dimness of Columbia July week, most of them elderly that now she is in the audience read- good enough for Oprah must be pretty damnCollege’s intimate Hokin Annex and alone. Garneau was inspired ing quickly evaporating text about good. Chef Art Smith, knownCHIC for a cook- queen’s personal chef, visits as the talk-showgallery. A series of instructions to mark the anniversary with a someone else’s experience. ing demonstration of recipes from his recenttaped to candle-lit tables invites performance after reading Eric Like that impromptu perfor- bestseller, Kitchen Life, followed by a book signing. First come, first served.seated visitors to call “an elderly Klinenberg’s Heat Wave, which mance, much of Garneau’s plan FDR’s Unfinished Constitutionalparent, grandparent or other person examined the disaster and its social is yet to be determined. “I’d like to Revolution Roosevelt University, 430 S Michiganyou would like to call.” A few people causes. “The book is so wonderful,” do something on the steps of the u between Van Buren St and Congress Avehave accepted the challenge and are says Garneau. “Here he’s present- Museum of Contemporary Art, and Pkwy. El: Orange, Brown, Purple (rush hrs) toengaged in public conversations ing this social autopsy, with all this I’ve been thinking that might in- Library; Red, Blue to Jackson. Bus: 1 of social Hyde Park. 4:30pm. Privatization Indiana/with their relatives. “Yes, I am gain- research and all these statistics, but volve a lot of candles—perhaps 739 security was not what Franklin D. Rooseveltfully employed,” a young woman it’s written in a very accessible way. candles,” she theorizes, before drop- had intended, argues his grandson James Roosevelt Jr. This fireside-type chat with Casssays reassuringly into the phone. The book really draws you into the ping back into reality. “I haven’t Sunstein, professor at the University of Chi-In between the snippets of conver- kind of real social drama around asked anybody at the Museum of cago Law School, jumps off from there, con-sation and liquid noise, Nicole Gar- the issues of the heat wave.” Contemporary Art for permission tinuing a series of discussions about FDR’s leadership and vision.neau, dressed in stark white pants Garneau began planning her to do that, but there’s something Great Balls of Fireand a white long-sleeved T-shirt, daily performances, and soon real- about that site that’s very appeal- u Maggiano’s Little Italy, 516 N Clark St at Grand Ave (312-644-7700). El: Red to Grand.writes with a wet cotton swab on a ized her work would likely be high- ing to me.” Still, she’s not worried. “I Bus 22 (24 hrs) Clark, 65 Grand. 10:30am.black chalkboard about the death ly emotionally taxing. “Especially don’t know what I’m going to do to- Maggiano’s gets fired up for its annual fire-of her grandmother, Lucile. when you’re dealing with people morrow,” she laughs. “But I’m not station meatball contest. At each trade turn- area Maggiano’s, four firefighters of the four “It’s good to have a job when who have died, I feel like the least panicking about that at all. I know out coats for aprons, competing to have their I can do is do something hard,” she I’ll come up with something.” winning recipe featured on Maggiano’s menuyou are at the bedside of someone in June. All proceeds will be donated to thewho is dying,” she marks in wa- says. “I felt like it would be inter- This week, in conjunction with victor’s pet charity. There’s only room for 25tery text as the letters evaporate esting to try to do something that the Apartment Burlesque Orches- meatball fans to attend, so be sure to call your nearest location to save your table-side seat,and slowly disappear. Garneau’s would make me uncomfortable a tra’s last show, Garneau will per- cheer on the chefs, feast on meatball sand-job, she writes, was to swab her little bit, or to try something rigor- form The Belted Lady, a piece based wiches and—as if that’s not enough—take home a Maggiano’s apron.grandmother’s thirsty mouth, and ous that had to do with duration, on a character whom she describesher grandmother’s job “was to die.” that had to do with just marking as “an autoerotic belt fetishist.” arOUND TOWN This emotional scene, from an in- this thing more conceptually.”teractive piece titled It Hurts Worse So far, she’s done almost every- Don’t miss! 44 See The Belted Lady at the DaNKto Break a Leg, is part of Garneau’s thing across the spectrum of per- haus Friday 22 or visit www. Museums 45Heat:05, a yearlong series of daily formance: burlesque shows, open nicolegarneau.com for a detailed Getting around 47performances commemorating mikes and college class presenta- Heat:05 performance schedule.40 TIME OUT ChICagO l april 21–28, 2005
  2. 2. Around Town listingsHolocaust Remembrance Day manager and producer James McVicker,u Harold Washington Library Center, 400 and learn the histories of such theaters as theS State St at Van Buren St (312-747-4074). Auditorium and the Iroquois, now home to AROUND TOWNEl: Orange, Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Li- the Ford Center for the Performing Arts,brary; Red, Blue to Jackson. Bus: 6, 29, 36, 62 Oriental Theatre.(24 hrs). Noon. Mayor Daley first designated Historic Loop Skyscrapersa day in Chicago for Holocaust remembrance Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 Sin 1990. This year’s speaker, Barbara Steiner, Michigan Ave at Jackson Blvd (312-922-is a survivor who relates her experience in the 3432). El: Orange, Green, Brown, Purpleinfamous Warsaw Ghetto. The event takes (rush hrs) to Adams; Red, Blue to Jackson.place in the library’s Winter Garden. Bus: 3, 4, 14, 26, 28, 126, 127, 145, 147.IIT Restoration 10am; $12, students and seniors $9, CAFu Chicago Cultural Center, Claudia Cassi- members free. Walk through downtown’sdy Theater, 78 E Washington St at Michigan outdoor museum of towering “artifacts,” theAve (312-744-6630). El: Red, Blue to Wash- steel skyscrapers that rose from the ashes ofington; Orange, Green, Brown, Purple (rush the Great Fire of 1871 to permanently alter thehrs) to Randolph. Bus: 60 Blue Island/26th (24 city’s skyline through the 1930s. Learn abouthrs), 146 Inner Drive/Mich Exp. 12:15–1pm. the Chicago Board of Trade’s ornate Art DecoIf you’re an Illinois Institute of Technology architecture, the Rookery’s status as a Nation-grad or just an architecture buff, you’ll be in- al Historic Landmark and more.terested in this discussion by architect GunnyHarboe about the restoration of several build-ings at the institute.Rape Victim Advocates Friday 22Visionary AwardsCarrie Secrist Gallery, 835 W Washington City Picks BOOK IT View this painting by Michael Cadenhead and other studentBlvd at Green St (312-663-6303). El: Green to Celebration of Hope, artwork from the “at home with gallery 37” show at Bloomingdale’s.Clinton. Bus: 14, 20, 56. 6–9pm; $75, $50 in Celebration of Lifeadvance. Studs Terkel attends to honor local Joe’s, 940 W Weed St between Kingsbury and 899-5100). El: Orange, Green, Brown, Pur- ing BP Bridge, Kathryn Gustafson’s Lurieauthor Jamie Kalven’s efforts to end social Fremont Sts (312-337-3486). El: Red to North/ ple (rush hrs) to Madison. Bus: 3, 4 (24 hrs), Garden and, of course, “The Bean,” Anishviolence. Other notables attending include Clybourn. Bus: 72 North. 7–9pm; $30. Join the 14, 26, 127, 145, 147. Fri 11am–7pm, Sat Kapoor’s unfogettable reflective sculptureSteve Edwards and Dr. Quentin Young of energetic and enthusiastic folks of Team in 10am–5pm. Support the budding artists more formally titled Cloud Gate. It won’tChicago Public Radio and New Yorker and Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma at this annual art sale showcasing work be long before Jaume Plensa’s glass-brickNew York Times writer Alex Kotlowitz. Pro- Society for this benefit bash that includes a raf- by current students in nearly all media, as animated-screen fountains are turned onceeds from the silent auction benefit sexual fle, live music and free admission to an after- well as video and music installations. Who for the season.assault survivors. party at Crobar. Every cent of your ticket price knows—you may pick up a piece by theWine Tasting Series goes to the cause, while you down free apps next Picasso.The Book Cellar, 4736–38 N Lincoln Ave be- and drinks from the open bar. For info, contact Visions Blu Film Symposiumtween Leland and Lawrence Aves (773-293- Michael Bloomberg, 630-951-8126. Columbia College Film and Video Center, Saturday 232665). El: Brown to Western. Bus: 11 Lincoln, tChicagoland Home Expo 1104 S Wabash Ave at 11th St, Room 30249 Western (24 hrs). 7:30pm; $50. This three- McCormick Place, 2301 S Lake Shore Dr (773-955-2349, www.visionblu.com). El: Red City Picksweek course teaches you to read a wine list (312-791-7000). 10am–9pm; $7 online at to Roosevelt/State; Orange, Green to Roos- tChicagoland Home Expowithout selecting just by price. Explore vari- www.chicagolandhomeexpo.com; $10 at the evelt/Wabash. 6–10pm. $15 screenings; panel See Fri 22.etals and food pairings. door, children under 15 free. If your home discussion $40; VIP reception, “Up close with Family Day at the ChicagoWorld Kitchen sweet home is looking bland, pick up tips and Mara Brok Akil” and awards ceremony $50; Improv FestivalGallery 37 Center for the Arts, 66 E Randolph product ideas at this one-stop show. TLC’s combo ticket $105. Aspiring urban filmmak- u Chicago Cultural Center, Claudia Cassi-St at Wabash Ave (312-744-8925). El: Orange, Clean Sweep designer Angelo Surmelis offers ers, screenwriters and actors can rub elbows dy Theater, 78 E Washington St at MichiganPurple (rush hrs), Green, Brown to Randolph. advice throughout the weekend, and, perfect with established media professionals at this Ave (312-744-6630). El: Red, Blue to Wash-6–8:30pm; $30. Learn to cook for the body and for Earth Day weekend, the Green Pavilion event, which kicks off Friday with screenings ington; Orange, Green, Brown, Purple (rushsoul through this series of classes that takes showcases sustainable products. For Chicago of shorts, features and documentaries from hrs) to Randolph. Bus: 60 Blue Island/26thyou on a gastronomical tour of ethnic eats. residents who don’t have a place to call home, area fillmmakers. Saturday’s events take (24 hrs), 146 Inner Drive/Mich Exp. Noon–Classes are for kitchen dunces and pros alike. 50 percent of your entrance fee goes to Habi- place 11am–4:30pm at the Hilton Chicago 5pm. Make ’em laugh at this hands-on day ofIn today’s class, the buzz is on honey, from tat for Humanity. Got a home but no money? (720 S Michigan Ave at Balbo Dr). Included comedy for kids. Local companies performingapps to desserts, with tastes from the hives on Enter the Ugly Room contest to win a $15,000 are a panel discussion with Mara Brok Akil, include ComedySportz4Kidz, the Laughingtop of City Hall and other sweet sources. room makeover. creator and executive producer of UPN’s Aardvarks and Underage Sugar Addicts. Get Trashed on Earth Day Girlfriends and Los Angeles casting director Humboldt Park Earth DayTours u Leg Room, 7 W Division St at State St Chemin Bernard. Clean Up and Celebration (312-337-2583). El: Red to Clark/Division. u Humboldt Park Boathouse, 1359 NBobby’s Chicago Bike Hike Bus: 22, 36, 70. 7pm–4am. After your do- Sacramento Blvd at Humboldt Dr (312-742-Meet in front of Historic Water Tower, 806 good day of cleaning up garbage, continue Tours PLAY). Bus: 52, 70, 72. 9am–noon. Do yourN Michigan Ave at Chicago Ave (312-933- your support of our planet by getting trashed Architecture of Culture part to keep Chicago clean and green at this2980). El: Red to Chicago. Bus: 143, 144, with three special Earth Day cocktails: the and Commerce volunteer cleanup of one of the city’s most sce-145, 146, 147, 151 (24 hrs). 10am; $30; Mudd-tini, Ocean Blue and Apple Tree. Fifty Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 S nic parks. A “mini-festival” of food and musicstudents $24; kids under 12 $18. Cruise the percent of sales from the drinks benefit the Michigan Ave at Jackson Blvd (312-922- will follow.city at a relaxing pace and see the sights on Keep Chicago Beautiful organization. 3432). El: Orange, Green, Brown, Purple tMariachi Reyna de Los Angelesthis bike tour that takes you through the Gold Latino Alumni Board Reception (rush hrs) to Adams; Red, Blue to Jackson. Joan W. and Irving B. Harris Theater forCoast, Old Town, Lincoln Park Zoo and North and Silent Auction Bus: 3, 4, 14, 26, 28, 126, 127, 145, 147. Music and Dance, 205 E Randolph Dr be-Avenue Beach. Great for families. Loyola University, Water Tower Campus, 25 2pm; $12, students and seniors $9, CAF tween Stetson Ave and Columbus Dr (800-Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tour Pearson St at Wabash Ave (312-915-7660). members free. See some of the most ornate, 882-4275). El: Green, Orange, Brown, PurpleChicago Hauntings Ghost Tour, 610 N El: Red to Chicago. Bus: 66 Chicago. 6–9pm; lavish and innovative feats in design on (rush hrs) to Randolph. Bus: 3, 4 (24 hrs), 6,Clark St at Ohio St (773-404-4346). El: Red $45. This year’s undergraduate scholarship this tour that includes Burnham, Root & 20 (24 hrs), 60 (24 hrs), 147, 151 (24 hrs).to Grand. Bus: 22 Clark. 7–10pm; $30. You and alumnus of the year awards are present- Atwood’s stately Reliance Building, Louis 7pm; $25–$45. Si, señorita, this is a mariachiwon’t see this bus route on the CTA map, and ed, while you help raise funds for next year. Sullivan’s Carson Pirie Scott & Co. depart- band where no men are allowed. Mariachiit’s a lot more fun than the 22 Clark. On these Items on the auction include an Acer Aspire ment store, plus the Palmer House Hilton Reyna was the first all-female mariachi group,eye-opening trips, noted historian, author and laptop, hotel stays, tickets to baseball games and Marshall Field’s on State. Other stops and they’re still numero uno.parapsychology enthusiast Ursula Bielski and dinner packages. include the Chicago Cultural Center and the Nettelhorst French Marketand her staff of equally knowledgeable ghost Roger Ebert Book Signing city’s newest gem, Millennium Park. u Nettelhorst School, 3252 N Broadwayguides show specter-seeking guests about 30 u Illini Union Bookstore, 809 S Wright St, Bobby’s Chicago Bike Hike between Melrose St and Aldine Ave (773-534-haunted sites in the Chicago area. Champaign (217-333-2050). 9am–noon. The See Thu 21. 5597). El: Brown, Purple (rush hrs), Red toChicago Theater Stories morning starts with an interview with Ebert, Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tour Belmont. Bus: 36 Broadway, 151 Sheridan.Walking Tour then the Chicago icon/film critic signs cop- See Thu 21. 8am–2pm. Billed as East Lakeview’s “Sat-Millennium Park, Michigan Ave between ies of The Great Movies II and Roger Ebert’s Chicago Theater Stories urday Town Square,” this neighborhoodMonroe and Randolph Sts (773-508-4894). Movie Yearbook 2005. Walking Tour market serves up fresh produce, baked treatsEl: Red, Blue to Washington; Red, Blue to Sharks 3D See Thu 21. from Hahn’s Bakery, flowers, gourmet goodsMonroe; Orange, Green, Brown, Purple (rush Navy Pier, 600 E Grand Ave at Streeter Dr Historic Loop Skyscrapers and craft items.hrs) to Madison. Bus: 3, 4, 14, 124, 127, 145, (312-595-7437; for schedule, call 312-595- See Thu 21. Of Diamonds and Diplomats157. 11am, 1, 3pm; $10 for one-hour tours at 5MAX or visit www.imax.com/chicago). Millennium Park: Morning, Noon, The Field Museum, Lecture Hall 1, 1400 S11am and 1pm; $12 for 90-minute tours at El: Red to Grand. Bus: 29, 65, 66 (24 hrs). and Night! Lake Shore Dr at McFetridge Dr (773-871-3 pm. Theatre Club Chicago president Chuck $10.50; seniors $9.50; children $8.50. For- Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 S 1212). El: Orange, Green, Red to Roosevelt.Sussman brings to life the period in Chicago get Jaws, these teeth are looming large at Michigan Ave at Jackson Blvd (312-922- Bus: 12, 127, 146. 2pm; $16, students andtheater from the late 1830s to 1912 through this six-story, 12,000-watt digital surround- 3432). El: Orange, Green, Brown, Purple educators $14, members $13. Jacquelinestories and interesting tidbits of gossip. One sound IMAX Theatre screen at Navy Pier. (rush hrs) to Adams; Red, Blue to Jackson. Kennedy would have made Martha and Missjuicy nugget from the tour: Potter Palmer’s Hosted by Jean-Michel Cousteau, the film is Bus: 3, 4, 14, 26, 28, 126, 127, 145, 147. Manners quite proud. Get a glimpse of thewife was steaming with jealousy when she the first shark-themed IMAX film in 3D and 11am; $12; students and seniors $9, CAF humorous side of this First Lady’s fine-honedheard that her husband had accommodated premieres tonight. members free. See what all the hype is about style with a reading of etiquette expert LetitiaSarah Bernhardt in his hotel on what was Spring Student Art Sale on this tour of one of the most talked-about Baldridge’s memoir of her years as Jackie’sthe actor’s first American tour. Plus, hear u School of the Art Institute, Ballroom, parks in the country. See Frank Gehry’s Jay social secretary. Live Bait performers playabout the hard-won successes of famed stage 112 S Michigan Ave at Monroe St (312- Pritzker Music Pavilion, the long and wind- notable figures of the time. april 21–28, 2005 l TIME OUT ChICagO 41
  3. 3. Around Town listings Spring Student Art Sale Silver Springs Ride See Fri 22. Beecher Center, 908 Game Farm Rd, YorkvilleAROUND TOWN ThreeWalls Cafe: Champagne Brunch (630-553-4357). 7am–3pm; $23, ages 11–16 and Art Lectures $5. The Fox Valley Bike and Ski Club hosts its ThreeWalls, 119 N Peoria St at Washington 31st annual ride through quiet country roads Blvd, #2A (312-432-3972). El: Blue to UIC- of southwest Illinois. Choose a 25-, 45- or 62- Halsted. Bus: 8 Halsted, 20 Madison (24 hrs). mile route, all of which include SAG wagon, 11am. $40, members $30. Munch while you rest stops and a finish-line all-you-can-eat muse over contemporary art through a lec- pasta dinner (served until 3pm). ture and discussion. Visions Blu Film Symposium Tours See Fri 22. Bobby’s Chicago Bike Hike Young Adult Passover Seder See Thu 21. Temple Sholom, 3480 N Lake Shore Dr at Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tour Stratford St (773-525-4707; to register, call See Thu 21. 312-357-4662 or visit www.juf.org). El: Red Chicago Theater Stories to Addison. Bus: 146, 151 (24 hrs), 152. 8pm; Walking Tour $36. Passover always comes with matzo and See Thu 21. gefilte fish, but maybe you’ll find a handsome Historic Loop Skyscrapers young bachelor or bachelorette, or just a Jew- See Thu 21. ish pal at this first young-adult community- Millennium Park: Morning, Noon, wide Seder with Rabbi Taron Tachman. and Night! See Fri 22. Tours tSecond City’s Neighborhood Tour Architecture of Culture Chicago Historical Society, 1601 N Clark St and Commerce at North Ave (312-642-4600; for tickets, call See Fri 22. 312-337-3992 or visit www.secondcity.com). Bobby’s Chicago Bike Hike El: Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Sedgwick. See Thu 21. Bus: 22 (24 hrs), 36, 72. 4pm; $15. Chicago Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tour is known for its neighborhoods and its un- See Thu 21. matched comedy scene. Now the Chicago Chicago Neighborhood Tours: Historical Society and The Second City im- Chicago Theaters Tour prov theater lead you laughing through Old Meet at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E Town as actors from the comedy theater take Washington St at Michigan Ave (312-742- you to some of their favorite hangouts, past 1190). El: Red, Blue to Washington; Orange, and present. Stops include the Old Town Ale Green, Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Randolph. House where many of the comedians went to Bus: 3, 6, 26, 145, 147, 151 (24 hrs). 10am– tie one on over the years, Chris Farley’s for- 3pm; $50, seniors and students $45. This is mer apartment and Frank Sinatra’s favorite the only day for this backstage pass to some rib joint. The tour ends at The Second City on of the city’s historical theaters, such as the Wells Street. Chicago Theatre, the Aragon and Ford Center for the Performing Arts. Lunch at the Chicago Historical Society is included. Monday 25 Chicago Theater Stories Walking Tour City Picks See Thu 21. Combo Platter at Chicago Historic Loop Skyscrapers Improv Festival See Thu 21. u Chicago Cultural Center, Claudia Cassidy Junior Architecture Tour Theater, 78 E Washington St at Michigan Ave Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, 951 (312-744-6630). El: Red, Blue to Washington; Chicago Ave, Oak Park (708-848-1976). El: Orange, Green, Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Green to Oak Park. 10am; $3, ages 6 and Randolph. Bus: 3, 6, 26, 145, 147, 151 (24 under free. Specially-trained teen docents lead hrs). 7pm. There’s so much improv this week, these kid-centered tours around the famed you can’t decide what to attend. No worries. architect’s home and studio. Information is Try the combo. The Eighth Annual Chicago presented in a way that wards off tantrums Improv Festival debuts this new 90-minute but still gives adults an interesting overview show created by Chicago area artists and en- of the famous abode. sembles. It features a cross-section of improv Lakefront by Segway performances that include dance, music, per- Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 S formance art, spoken word, poetry and theater. Michigan Ave at Jackson Blvd (312-922- (For more improv, see “Laugh Riot,” page 14; 3432). El: Orange, Green, Brown, Purple Comedy, page 63) (rush hrs) to Adams; Red, Blue to Jackson. Organic Edible Container Garden Bus: 3, 4, 14, 26, 28, 126, 127, 145, 147. The Notebaert Nature Museum, 2430 N Can- 10am, 1pm. $65, CAF members $60. Whiz non Dr at Fullerton Pkwy (773-755-5100). along the lakefront on a Segway to get a look Bus: 74, 77 (24 hrs), 151 (24 hrs), 156. 6:30– at the city’s parks and notable architecture. 8:30pm; $49, Botanic Garden members and The two-hour tour includes training on how Chicago residents $39. Home-grown greens to use the two-wheeled transporters. taste best. Learn how to plant, water, fertilize Walking Tour: Gold Coast and harvest your own organic salad fixings Chicago Historical Society, 1601 N Clark St from Lynn Bemont, the Organic Garden at North Ave (312-642-4600). El: Brown, Coach. Register online at www.chicagobo- Purple (rush hrs) to Sedgwick. Bus: 22 (24 tanic.org/continuinged. hrs), 36, 72. 10am–noon; $10, CHS mem- bers $5. Stroll through the Gold Coast with Tours a Chicago Historical Society guide and find Bobby’s Chicago Bike Hike out how it got its high-falutin’ name. Tours See Thu 21. meet in the CHS lobby. Advance registration Chicago Theater Stories is recommended. Walking Tour See Thu 21. Historic Loop Skyscrapers Sunday 24 See Thu 21. John Hancock Center City Picks Chicago Architecture Foundation Tours tChicagoland Home Expo (312-922-3432). Meet at 875 N Michigan See Fri 22. Ave at Chicago Ave. El: Red to Chicago. Bus: Midwest Young Artists Concert 3, 4, 14, 26, 28, 66, 126, 127, 145, 147. u Chicago Cultural Center, Preston Brad- 12:15pm; $5, CAF members free. The tour ley Hall, 78 E Washington St at Michigan Ave begins at the lower level lobby off the sunken (312-744-6630). El: Red, Blue, to Washing- plaza. When the Hancock Center was com- ton; Orange, Green, Brown, Purple (rush hrs) pleted in 1970, it changed the look of North to Randolph. Bus: 3 King Drive, 147 Outer Michigan Avenue and quickly became one Drive Exp. 2pm. The young winners of the of the most recognizable structures on the Walgreens National Concerto Competition Chicago skyline. Tour this modern wonder play together for the first time in this concert. and learn about the challenges its architects Of Diamonds and Diplomats faced when designing what was then the See Sat 23. world’s second tallest building. 42 TIME OUT ChICagO l april 21–28, 2005
  4. 4. Around Town listingsWalking Tour: Lincoln Park shares his secrets to growing great tomatoes. because we’re already salivating for summer. fashion and sculptural photographers of ourChicago Historical Society, 1601 N Clark St at Holocaust Documentary Premiere Bistro 110 transforms into an oasis, serving time. Tonight, he presents his book, MovingNorth Ave (312-642-4600). El: Brown, Purple u Harold Washington Library Center, 400 Pictures! 40 Years of Moving Pictures from AROUND TOWN Polynesian-infused cuisine and cocktails,(rush hrs) to Sedgwick. Bus: 22 (24 hrs), 36, S State St at Van Buren St (312-747-4074). plus recipe demonstrations. Partial proceeds the Chicago International Film Festival. (See72. 1–3pm; $10, CHS members $5. Set out on El: Orange, Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Li- benefit Children’s Memorial Hospital. Museums, page 45)foot with a Chicago Historical Society guide to brary; Red, Blue to Jackson. Bus: 6, 29, 36, Lunchtime Lecture: The 1922 Woman Warrior Festivallearn about the rich history of Lincoln Park. 62 (24 hrs). 6pm. The Chicago premiere of Tribune Tower Competition Opening NightAdvance registration is recommended. Ponar features a Q&A with the film’s direc- u Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 Film Row Cinema, 1104 S Wabash Ave at tor, Racheli Schwartz. The movie recounts S Michigan Ave at Jackson Blvd (312-922- 11th St (312-344-6709). El: Orange, Green to the 1943 song competition in the Vilna ghetto, 3432). El: Orange, Green, Brown, Purple Roosevelt. Bus: 4 Cottage Grove (24 hrs), 62 Tuesday 26 told by winner and Holocaust survivor Alek (rush hrs) to Adams; Red, Blue to Jackson. Archer (24 hrs). 6pm; $65. This gala kicks Wolkovsky. His song expressed the gloom of Bus: 3, 4, 14, 26, 28, 126, 127, 145, 147. off the third biennial festival, presented by theCity Picks the ghetto, but was set to a lullaby tune to fool 12:15–1pm. Now an icon of the Mag Mile, Center for Asian Arts and Media of Colum-An Italian Flare the Nazis. Seating is first-come, first-served. the Tribune Tower could have looked entirely bia College. The awards ceremony honorsInspiration Cafe, 4554 N Broadway at Wilson different. Katherine Solomonson discusses women leaders in the Asian and Asian-Amer-Ave (773-878-0981). El: Red to Wilson. Bus: Tours her book about the competition. ican business and arts community, includ-36, 145, 151 (24 hrs). 7–9pm; $40. Mangia, Bobby’s Chicago Bike Hike One World on One Stage at ing acclaimed jazz singer Yoko Noge. Themangia. Chef Boudouvos of Francesca’s Bryn See Thu 21. Chicago Improv Festival week-long festival, subtitled “Starting fromMawr donates his time with a food sampling Chicago Theater Stories u Chicago Cultural Center, Claudia Cassi- Scratch: Celebrating Creativity,” focuses onand cooking demonstration of some favorite Walking Tour dy Theater, 78 E Washington St at Michigan the processes of artistic creations in areas ofItalian dishes. All proceeds benefit Inspira- See Thu 21. Ave (312-744-6630). El: Red, Blue to Wash- film, theater, culinary arts and more.tion Corporation, which helps people improve Historic Loop Skyscrapers ington; Orange, Green, Brown, Purple (rushtheir lives. See Thu 21. hrs) to Randolph. Bus: 60 Blue Island/26th ToursDoublemint Twins Casting Call (24 hrs), 146 Inner Drive/Mich Exp. 7pm. Bobby’s Chicago Bike Hikeu Michigan Plaza, 225 N Michigan Ave at Word Jazz host Ken Nordine joins the Eighth See Thu 21.Lake St (for info, call 312-233-1204 or visit Wednesday 27 Annual Chicago Improv Festival with a spo- Chicago Theater Storieswww.twinscastingcall.com). El: Red to Lake; ken word performance, accompanied by his Walking TourGreen, Orange, Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to City Picks five-piece jazz band and international improv See Thu 21.State/Lake. Bus: 143, 145, 146, 147. 10am– The Art of Observing the Heavens troupes. (For more improv, see “Laugh Riot,” Discovering Eastern Elegance2pm. Calling all twins: Identical, fraternal, un- u Newberry Library, 60 W Walton St page 14; Comedy, page 63) Winnetka Golf Club, 1300 Oak St, Winnetkacanny look-alikes, even people who resemble between Dearborn and Clark Sts (312-255- Salud Tequila Dinner (847-501-2050). 9:30am–5pm; $100. Thistheir pets are welcome to audition for the 3610). El: Red to Chicago. Bus: 22 Clark (24 Salud Tequlia Lounge, 1471 N Milwaukee tour starts in Winnetka but makes a beelinechance to be cast in a future Wrigley’s gum ad. hrs), 70 Division. 6pm. Starry, starry nights Ave at North Ave (773-235-5577; for reserva- for the city, stopping first at the Primitive ArtShow up in person or submit photos online, were once a mystery until astronomers such tions, call 773-276-7582). El: Blue to Damen. Works gallery in River North, then headingwhere non-twins can participate by voting for as Sir William Herschel began defining and Bus: 50, 56, 72. 7:30–9:30pm; $35. It’s not south to the Zhou Brothers’ Studio and lunchtheir favorite contestant. One double-your- describing the Earth’s galaxy. Learn how just about the worm, you lush. It’s about the in Chinatown. There are a few more culturalpleasure pair will win the role and $10,000. Herschel’s dual interest in science and the subtle differences of fine tequila, paired with and artistic stops, then afternoon tea at theHeirloom Tomatoes humanities shaped his study of the heavens a special three-course prix fixe menu. You’ll stunning Peninsula Hotel and finally backChicago Botanic Garden, 1000 Lake-Cook from Adler Planetarium assistant curator also get a special tequila cocktail with each to the ’burbs. The day is a fusion of the bestRd, Glencoe (847-835-5440). Bus: Pace 213 Marvin Bolt. course and a lesson in one of Mexico’s best Eastern antiques and arts, led by Z.J. Tong,Northbrook Court (runs between 5:40am and Destination Tahiti exports. Reservations required. president of the Chicago Chinese Cultural8:30pm weekdays, and 6:55am and 5:50pm Bistro 110, 110 E Pearson St at Michigan Ave Victor Skrebneski Presentation Institute.Saturday; no Sunday service). Metra: Union (312-266-3110). El: Red to Chicago. Bus 145, u W City Center, 172 W Adams St between Historic Loop SkyscrapersPacific North to Glencoe, then take cab to des- 146, 147, 151 (24 hrs). 6:30–8:30pm; $25. LaSalle and Wells Sts (312-332-1200, for See Thu 21.tination. 7–9pm; $33, Botanic Garden mem- A steel band beats an island rhythm at this reservations, call 888-718-4764). El: Brown, Tiffany on Wednesdaysbers $26. Who knew there were 300 varieties taste of the tropics with none other than yours Orange, Purple (rush hrs) to Quincy. 6:30– Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 S Mich-of heirloom tomatoes? Find out which are best truly, Time Out Chicago magazine. We’re 8:30pm. The School of the Art Institute grad igan Ave at Jackson Blvd (312-922-3432). El:from horticulturist Greg Speichert, who also hosting a Tahitian night to celebrate spring, is one of the most celebrated and respected Orange, Green, Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to april 21–28, 2005 l TIME OUT ChICagO 43
  5. 5. Around Town listings ington Northern to Brookfield. 10am–5pm. DON’T MiSS! Adams; Red, Blue to Jackson. Bus: 3, 4, 14, heads Reason. Then stick around for the Elite 26, 28, 126, 127, 145, 147. 3pm; adults $17, Turntablists Regional Championship battle $8, kids and seniors $4, kids 2 and under and members free. Set on 216 acres, BrookfieldAROUND TOWN seniors and students $14, CAF members $5. (see Clubs). Tiffany made more than just lamps. Discover Hispanocare Fundraiser is home to nearly 6,000 animals, including the company’s glass works in the architec- Excalibur, 632 N Dearborn St at Ontario St 3,000 invertebrates, representing 436 spe- ture of the Art Institute, the Chicago Cultural (312-266-1944; for tickets, call 773-296- cies. See Carver, the oldest-known wombat, Center, Marshall Field’s on State and the Mar- 7157). El: Red to Grand. Bus: 22, 36, 65. and the orangutans, monkeys, gorillas and quette Building. See vaults, mosaics and more 6–9pm; $25, $30 at the door. Transform gibbons that populate Tropic World, one of on this guided walking tour. your night out into a worthy cause by hitting the largest indoor animal exhibits anywhere. this party palace to help raise funds for His- Dolphin shows, Mexican gray wolves and panocare, a facility that specializes in serving meerkats are among the other attractions. Chicago’s Latino community. Apr 22–23, 11am–4pm: “Ear th Day at Thursday 28 Play the Field: Jimmy Brookfield Zoo.” Kick off your Earth Day Chamberlin Complex festivities with a tree-planting ceremony at City Picks The Field Museum, 1400 S Lake Shore 10:30am, followed by animal presentations, At Home With Gallery 37 Dr at McFetridge Dr (312-922-9410; for a theatrical interactive show with the Ram- u Bloomingdale’s Home and Furniture tickets, visit www.bigcreekevents.com). El: pling Naturalist, a Merit School of Music Store, 600 N Wabash Ave at Ohio St (312-324- Orange, Green to Roosevelt/Wabash. Bus: concert and a performance by Green E, the 7500). El: Red to Grand. Bus: 29, 36, 65, 125. 12, 127, 146. 6–11pm; $20, $15 in advance. environmental Elvis . 10am–7pm. Student artwork from Gallery Ex-Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan drum- Chicago Botanic Garden 37 and the Chicago Public School’s Advanced mer Jimmy Chamberlin rocks the Field with u 1000 Lake-Cook Rd, Glencoe (847- Arts Education Program gets the spotlight his new rock-jazz–influenced solo project. 835-5440, www.chicagobotanic.org). Metra: get ideas for your bed, bath among high-end furnishings and home acces- Ticket prices includes admission to the “Jac- Union Pacific N to Glencoe, then take cab and beyond at the Chicagoland sories at this month-long exhibit in the historic queline Kennedy” exhibition (open 6–10pm), to destination. Pace bus: 213 Northbrook Medinah Temple Bloomingdale’s store. a drink, hors d’oeuvres and an after-party at Court (runs between 5:40am and 8:30pm home Expo. weekdays, and 6:55am and 5:50pm Satur- Chicago Antiques Fair Preview Night Holmes Place Health Club. Proceeds benefit Merchandise Mart, 222 Merchandise Mart the museum. day; no Sunday service). Daily 8am–sunset. Chef Art Smith Demos Plaza between Wells and Orleans Sts (312- Salud Tequila Dinner Water plants are in abundance at this beau- (See Thu 21) Oprah’s personal 527-7714). El: Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to See Wed 27. tiful site during summer and early fall, and chef cooks up a few hot recipes Merchandise Mart. Bus: 37 Sedgwick/Ogden, Wine Tasting Series the sprawling gardens are literally a series from his bestseller, Kitchen Life. 125 Water Tower Exp. 6–9pm; $100; under See Thu 21. of islands. Stroll through 23 landscapes, 30 $50; $250 includes valet and two passes Zenobia Trunk Show including the Japanese Garden, green to the fair, $500 VIP. Get a sneak peek at the u Marshall Field’s, 111 N State St between year-round, and the Regenstein Fruit and Chicagoland Home expo items for sale at this eighth annual antiques Washington and Randolph Sts (312-781- Vegetable Garden, coming into its own in (See Fri 22) Shake off that fair. This benefit for the Rehabilitation In- 1000). El: Red, Blue to Washington; Brown, summer. Garden Walks kick off Apr 23 and inferiority complex caused by all stitute of Chicago includes cocktails, hors Orange, Purple (rush hrs) to State/Lake. are offered through May 28. Through Jun of those home-makeover shows d’oeuvres, live jazz and a silent auction of fine 10am–4pm. Get a sense of spring style with 12, 9am–5pm daily: “Fruitful abundance.” wines and frou-frou floral arrangements. this informal fashion show of the latest looks Four artists from around the country display and a get a few fresh ideas of your DMC American Battle Ground from designer label Zenobia. their artistic renditions of fruit. Visitors will own at this massive expo. Digitial Audio Workshop get a look at Dennis Worjkiewicz’s over- u Vision, 632 N Dearborn St between Erie Tours sized oil paintings, Tom Seghi’s fruits set and Ontario Sts (312-266-1944). El: Red to Bobby’s Chicago Bike Hike dramatically against a dark background, Animal Grossology Denise Mickilowski seasonal fruit in crates Grand. Bus: 29, 36, 65. 4–8:30pm. Reps from See Thu 21. (See Museums) last chance top hardware and software companies will Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tour and Susan Falkman’s tabletop stone sculp- to catch the vomit, blood, guts show you how to take those beats in your head See Thu 21. tures. Apr 23, 9:30–11:30am: “Keeping the and glory of this animal biology and translate them into real live hip-hop and Chicago Theater Stories garden healthy.” Learn from the best. exhibition that closes May 1. dance tracks. You’ll learn how to use Ableton Walking Tour The garden’s plant health-care supervisor Live, Pro Tools, Apple’s Logic and Propeller- See Thu 21. divulges the environmentally conscious se- Historic Loop Skyscrapers crets to maintaining a healthy garden. In this See Thu 21. class, he’ll talk about ways to keep your turf, The Rookery Lunchtime Tour trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials free of Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 S pest and diseases using integrated, natural Michigan Ave at Jackson Blvd (312-922- methods. ($33, members $26; call 847-835- 3432). El: Orange, Green, Brown, Purple 8261 to register.) (rush hrs) to Adams; Red, Blue to Jackson. Bus: Garfield Park Conservatory 3, 4, 14, 26, 28, 126, 127, 145, 147. 12:15– u 300 N Central Park Ave at Fulton Blvd 1pm; $5, CAF members free. See Burnham & (312-746-5100, www.garfieldconservatory. Root’s carefully restored 1888 masterpiece as org). El: Green to Garfield. Bus: 20, 52, 82. a CAF docent discusses how the Root interior Mon–Wed 9am–5pm; Thu 9am–8pm; evolved under architect Frank Lloyd Wright Fri–Sun 9am–5pm. About 120,000 plants in 1907 and William Drummond in 1931. representing some 600 species occupy the conservatory’s 1.6 acres, and four times a heights & Sights year flower shows premiere to herald the change in seasons. The conservatory also boasts what is likely the world’s largest Millennium Park Double Coconut Palm, a 25-foot-tall, 4,000- Michigan Ave between Monroe and pound plant with a giant seed that resembles Randolph Sts (312-742-1168, www. two coconuts. Fern lovers, check out the ex- millenniumpark.org). El: Red, Blue to Wash- 1/4 SqUarE ington; Orange, Green, Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Madison. Bus: 3, 4, 127, 145. This tensive fern room, filled with 60 types of your favorite plant. Through May 15: “garfield Park Conservatory Spring Flower Show.” 3.5” x 4.687” 24.5-acre park features Frank Gehry’s Pritz- ker Pavilion and serpentine bridge; sculptor Revel in the color and fragrances of the com- ing season at this annual show featuring Anish Kapoor’s 110-ton Cloud Gate (a.k.a. flowering perennials, hydrangeas, annuals, NAMe OF ADveRTiSeR “the bean”), undergoing final welding and pol- ishing through the spring; and Jaume Plensa’s trees, shrubs and much more. Lincoln Park Conservatory x: 36 pt Crown Fountain, with its ever-changing array of locals’ faces spewing water every five min- u 2391 N Stockton Dr at Fullerton Pkwy (312-742-7736, www.chicagoparkdistrict. Y: 377.5 pt utes in the summer. Navy Pier com). Bus: 151 Sheridan (24 hrs), 156 La- Salle. 9am–5pm. More than 40,000 plants 600 E Grand Ave at Streeter Dr (312-595- representing around 200 species thrive. At- 7437, www.navypier.com). El: Red to Grand. tractions include an extensive fern collection, Bus: 2, 29, 65, 66 (24 hrs), 124. Mon–Thu a room full of dozens of orchid varieties and 10am–8pm, Fri–Sat 10am–10pm, Sun a 100-year-old, 50-foot rubber tree. Through 10am–7pm. This tourist hot spot features May 15: “Lincoln Park Conser vatory shops, eateries, an IMAX cinema, a Ferris Spring Flower Show.” A changing array of wheel and the only stained-glass window the season’s offerings, including annuals and museum in the country. The offerings may perennials, fill up the greenhouse. not turn locals on, but in warmer months most Lincoln Park Zoo everyone can enjoy sipping beer and checking u 2200 N Cannon Dr at Fullerton Ave out bands at the Beer Garden. (312-742-2000, www.lpzoo.com). Bus: 151 Sheridan (24 hrs), 156 LaSalle. 9am–5pm. Zoos & gardens See some 1,200 animals, from apes to zebras, at the oldest and one of only a few free zoos left in the country. It is small, only 35 acres, but Brookfield Zoo big attractions like the Kovler Lion House and 3300 Golf Rd at 31st St, Brookfield (708-485- the Regenstein Center for African Apes pack 0263, www.brookfieldzoo.org). Metra: Burl- a big punch. 44 TIME OUT ChICagO l april 21–28, 2005
  6. 6. Around Town Museums arOUND TOWN AROUND TOWN MUSEUMSlistings make a craft item to take home or get in on interactive games and hands-on activities. Ongoing: “george Washington Carver.” This exhibit details the accomplishments of Dr. Carver beyond his work with the pea-IF YOU WaNT TO BE LISTED nut. Displays show how the African-Ameri-Submit information by mail, e-mail can scientist developed more than 500 food(aroundtown@timeoutchicago.com) products during his tenure at the acclaimed Tuskegee Institute.or fax (312-924-9350) to MartinaSheehan. include details of event, Carter g. Woodsondates, times, address of venue with Regional Librarycross streets, nearest El station and u 9525 S Halsted St between 95thbus routes, telephone number and and 96th Sts (312-747-6900, www.admission price, if any. Deadline is 6pm chipublib.org). El: Red to 95th. Bus: 8AS, 95W, 108, 112. Mon–Thu 9am–9pm;Monday, ten days before publication Fri, Sat 9am–5pm; Sun 1–5pm. Ongoing:date. incomplete submissions will not “Expressions in Reflection: acrylicsbe included, and listings information will by Quinton Foreman.” Take in the form,not be accepted over the phone. color, texture and rhythm of the award-win- ning, Chicago-based artist’s ten new paint- ings. Through Jun 30: “Chicago’s Blackt=recommended or notable Writers & Publishers.” More than 120 photos, letters, posters, rare books and memorabilia trace 100 years of African-adler Planetarium American writing in Chicago, from Fenton1300 S Lake Shore Dr (312-922-7827, Johnson’s first poem and the works of Rich-www.adlerplanetarium.org). Bus: 6, 12, ard Wright and Gwendolyn Brooks to the146. Mon–Fri 9:30am–4:30pm; Sat, Sun latest releases from Third World Press.9am–4:30pm. First Friday of every monthopen until 10pm. $7 (Chicago residents $5), Chicago Children’sseniors 65 and over $6 (residents $4), kids Museum4–17 $5 (residents $4). Add $6 to general Navy Pier, 700 E Grand Ave at Lake Shoreadmission for first show and an extra $5 for Dr (312-527-1000, www.chichildrensmuse-a second show. Through May 8: “Urania’s um.org). Bus: 2, 29, 65, 66 (24 hrs), 124.Daughters: Women in astronomy.” Rare Mon–Sat 10am–8pm; Sun 10am–7pm.books, photographs and letters, both by and Free family night Thu 5–8pm. Kids andabout women astronomers, trace the his- adults $7, seniors $6, members and kidstory of women’s contributions to the field under 1 free. Through Jun 12:“The Magicfrom the 17th through the 20th centuries School Bus Kicks up a Storm.” Remem-in this installment of the Special Topics in ber Ms. Frizzle, the adventurous schoolthe History of Astronomy series. Ongoing:“Sonic Vision.” The planetarium’s Star- teacher from The Magic School Bus televi- sion series? She’s back with this exhibition Picture book Victor Skrebneski’s career began with a black-boxRider Theater plays host to this completely camera he found on a Chicago park bench when he was about seven years old. of interactive displays that teaches kids Now over 70, the School of the art Institute grad is one of the most celebrateddigital, virtual outer space environment about weather and climate.conceptualized by electronic artist Moby. fashion and sculptural photographers of our time. On Wednesday 27 at W CityPulsing beats by artists such as Radiohead, Chicago Cultural Center Center, he’ll team up with Michael Kutza of the Chicago International FilmColdplay and Boards of Canada combine u78 E Washington St at Michigan Ave Festival to present his new book Moving Pictures!, a 250-page collection ofwith cutting edge digital technology to set (312-744-6630). El: Red, Blue to Washing- images that captures the glam and beauty of the Chicago festival’s directors,the pace as the Planetarium’s dome is illu- ton; Orange, Green, Brown, Purple (rush stars and producers. The book includes photos taken over 40 years, as wellminated with colorful morphing imagery. hrs) to Randolph. Bus: 3, 6, 26, 145, 147,(Fri, Sat 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm). Ongoing: as essays from film critics and historians. 6:30–8:30pm. 172 W Adams St 151 (24 hrs). Through Sun 24: “Chicago, between LaSalle and Wells Sts (888-718-4764)—Elisa Kronish“Stars of the Pharaohs.” The colorful his- 1964–2004: Photographs by gary Sto-tory of the ancient Egyptians, from their chl.” View the changing streetscape and365-day calendar to the role the sky and the city life as seen through the lens of local political participation, from rallies and 55 Garfield (24 hrs). Mon–Sat 10am–5pm;stars played in their world, comes to life in photographer Stochl, who has been captur- conventions to mass protests. The exhibi- Sun noon–5pm. $3, students and se-this almost 3-D show. (Daily 10am, 11:30am, ing Chicago and its inhabitants for decades. tion highlights Haun’s most active period niors $2, kids 6–12 $1, kids under 6 free.1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm). Through May 1: “alex Flemming: Fly- as a photojournalist, in which he captured Sundays free. Ongoing: “Creativity and ing Carpets.” Through his patchwork- the decade’s most emotional debates for Resistance: Maroon Cultures in theamerican Bar association carpet–covered wallworks, the artist Life, Newsweek and the Black Star agency. americas.” This Smithsonian travelingMuseum of Law explores themes of cross-cultural exchange Ongoing: “The South Shore Line Post- exhibition looks back on how escapedu 321 N Clark St between Wacker Dr between East and West. ers.” This collection of 1920s travel post- slaves started their lives a n e w b yand Kinzie St (312-988-6222, www.abanet. ers—commissioned by the Chicago South forming their own communities. Dis-org). El: Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pur- Chicago historical Society Shore and South Bend railroads—was de- plays include photographs, historicalple (rush hrs) to Clark/Lake. Bus: 22 Clark 1601 N Clark St at North Ave (312-642- signed to promote train travel to Northwest maps and artifacts. Through May 9:(24 hrs). Mon–Fri 10am–4pm. Ongoing: 4600, www.chicagohistory.org). El: Brown, Indiana’s natural wonders. “Countdown to Eternity: a Photo-“america’s Lawyer-Presidents.” More Purple (rush hrs) to Sedgwick. Bus: 22 documentary of Mar tin Luther Kingthan half of America’s presidents, includ- Clark (24 hrs), 36 Broadway. Mon–Sat Clarke house Museum and the Civil Rights Movement.” Pho-ing Adams, Lincoln and Clinton, began their 9:30am–4:30pm; Sun noon–5pm. $5, stu- 1827 S Indiana Ave at 18th St (312-326- tographer Benedict J. Fernandez capturescareers as lawyers. This exhibition explores dents 13–22 and seniors 65 and older $3, 1480). El: Red to Cermak-Chinatown. Bus: the drama of the last year in King’s life andthe connection between these legal eagles kids 6–12 $1, members and kids under 6 3, 4 (24 hrs), 24, 62 (24 hrs). Wed–Sun the work of other prominent civil rightsand their presidential aspirations with more free. Mondays free. Ongoing: “Focus: an tours at noon, 1 and 2pm. Joint tour of leaders in this show featuring 78 black-and-than 250 photos, illustrations, documents american Teenage Vision.” Ah, to be Clarke and Glessner Houses: $15, students white photos of King and the movement.and artifacts. young again. CHS’s latest teen-focused and seniors $12, kids 5–12 $8, kids under Through Dec 31: “annie Malone: Black exhibition, curated by documentary pho- 5 free. Single tour of Clarke: $10, students Beauty Culture Pioneer and Million-Bronzeville Children’s tographer Mary Ellen Mark, presents more and seniors $9, kids 5–12 $5, kids under 5 aire.” Wonderful Hair Grower developerMuseum than 60 photos taken by students across the free. Groups of ten or more must make res- Madame C.J. Walker wasn’t the only black9600 S Western Ave at 96th St in Ev- country. The collection views coming of ervations a month in advance. Wednesdays beauty business queen of the early 20thergreen Plaza (708-636-9504, www. age, and the tribulations associated with it, free. Built in 1836, this Greek Revival-style century. That royal designation also be-bronzevillechildrensmuseum.com). Bus: from cultural and geographic perspectives. home, graced with a four-columned portico, longs to millionaire Malone. You’ll learnX49, 49A, 95W. Tue–Sat 10am–4pm. $3, Teens contributing to the show are from symbolizes the first national architectural about her beauty business that included 48kids $2. Ongoing: “Footsteps of great schools in rural communities, the suburbs style and lays claim to being the city’s old- schools across the country and more thanafrican-american Chicagoans.” This and in cities across the country, including est house. 100 supply stores. On permanent display:yearlong, seventh-anniversary exhibition Chicago’s own Kenwood Academy and The “harold Washington in Office.” Exploretakes a fun approach to teaching kids about Latin School. Ongoing: “a Compassion- DuSable Museum Washington’s political career and travelprominent Chicago-area African-Ameri- ate Eye: The Photographs of Declan of african american history back to his heyday as the city’s first, andcans, both past and present. Kids can hop on haun, 1961–69.” This photographer’s 740 E 56th Pl at 57th St (773-947-0600, only, African-American mayor. Memora-a mini fire truck and head to the blaze, dress simple but compassionate shots of the www.dusablemuseum.org). El: Red, Green bilia and personal belongings tell the story.up like doctors for make-believe surgery, ’60s depict a decade marked by a flurry of to Garfield. Bus: 4 Cottage Grove (24 hrs), On permanent display: “Fight to Flight: april 21–28, 2005 l TIME OUT ChICagO 45
  7. 7. Around Town Museums Orange, Green Red to Roosevelt. Bus: 12, beyond the stigma-ridden trailer home by 127, 146. Mon–Sun 9am–5pm. $12 (Chica- employing cutting-edge technology and go residents $10), seniors 65 and older, kids innovative design concepts to produce aAROUND TOWN 4–17 $7 (residents $6), kids under 4 free. range of pre-fab possibilities—from high- Through May 8: “Jacqueline Kennedy: rise apartments with stackable modules to The White house Years.” Experience the single-family one- or two-story homes. On- fashion, style and grace of Camelot through going: “Sue at the Field Museum.” Say this exhibition of photographs, documents hello to Sue, one of the country’s best-known and film clips that chronicle how the former colossal fossils, the largest, most complete first lady’s carefully shaped image reflected and best preserved T. rex discovered to the Kennedys’ influence on American states- date. Make no bones about it; Sue is the manship and diplomacy. On display are real thing, not a plastic model, plaster cast more than 70 of Jackie’s stylish garments, or patchwork of different bone specimens including the fawn coat and signature pill- that comprise many other museum’s dino box hat worn at the 1961 inauguration and displays. Ongoing: “Trash to Treasure: the beaded gown worn during her historic Salvage archaeology in The Field Muse- visit with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. um’s Backyard.” Garbage never looked so Through May 8: “arctic National Wildlife good. Get a peek, not a whiff, of the trashed Refuge: Seasons of a Life and Land.” See treasures excavated from museum prop- it before it’s gone. This series of photographs erty during construction a few years back. taken over two years document the plants, When a new wing was added to the building, gREEN SCENE Celebrate Earth Day with the Notebaert Nature Museum’s landscapes, animals and humans that make workers uncovered a turn-of-the-century eco-conscious displays and activities. up the fragile beauty of the Alaskan refuge. landfill littered with stoneware, glass bot- Through May 30: “Treasures of the ameri- tles, and dishes that were dumped by local Blacks in aviation.” Learn the stories of museum houses the largest collection of his cas: Selections from the anthropology hotels, bars and restaurants more than a the pilots who held tightly to their dreams early 20th-century pieces, which depict both Collections of The Field Museum.” Culled century ago. to fly, despite racial discrimination. Astro- rural and urban American landscapes. from the 1.2 million anthropological objects nauts, the Tuskegee Airmen and Bessie stored in the museum’s vault, this exhibit Frank Lloyd Wright Coleman, one of the first-ever woman pilots, Ernest hemingway showcases the diversity and sophistication home and Studio are celebrated. Birthplace and Museum of indigenous cultures with rarely displayed 951 Chicago Ave, Oak Park (708-848- 339 and 200 N Oak Park Ave, Oak Park objects such as a glass-bead–embellished 1976, www.wrightplus.org). El: Green to Elmhurst historical (708-848-2222, www.ehfop.org). El: Green buckskin dress, an ancient Ecuadorian gold- Oak Park. Mon–Fri: tours at 11am, 1 and Museum to Oak Park. Sun–Fri 1–5pm; Sat 10am– en idol and a hunter’s spear point from the Ice 3pm. Sat, Sun: tours about every 20 min- u 120 E Park Ave, Elmhurst (630-833- 5pm. $7, kids 6–17 and seniors 65 and older Age. Through Jun 17: “Sneaky Sea Crea- utes from 11am–3:30pm. $9, kids 7–18 1457, www.elmhurst.org). Metra: Union $5.50, kids 5 and under free. The irascible ture: New Fossil Find from China.” Giving and seniors 65 and older $7, kids under Pacific W. Tue–Sun 1–5pm. Through Wed literary master was born in this Victorian Scotland’s famed Nessie a run for her money, 7 free. Wright designed and lived in this 27: “To Serve and Protect: all about Queen Anne–style home at 339 N Oak Park this 230-million-year-old sea-monster fossil structure that inspired the architectural aprons.” Retro buffs yearning for the days Ave in 1899. On the centennial of his birth, from China makes its U.S. debut at the Field. creations that would define his career. He of June Cleaver will get a kick out of this a restoration of the space was completed to She’s no beauty, however—the fossil reveals continuously changed its interior to test vintage apron showcase, which highlights reflect the period he lived here. Learn about a flippered predator with a long neck and his theories, and from that work came his 30 different stylish smocks from days of his formative years from original furnish- small head capable of sucking in unsuspect- legendary Prairie Style, characterized by old. Fusing fashion and function, the collec- ings and photos. At the museum about two ing fish in seconds flat. Ongoing: “Design horizontal lines and low-pitched roofs. tion includes fancy lace, cross-stitched and blocks away, find out more and buy books Innovations in Manufactured housing.” crocheted styles. Through May 15: “Lee by the author, tote bags and postcards. Through original models and drawings, this Frederick C. Robie house Sturges: Points of View.” In collaboration exhibition presents the latest and greatest 5757 S Woodlawn Ave at 58th St (708- with the Elmhurst Art Museum, this ex- The Field Museum in pre-fabricated home design. Featured 848-1976, www.wrightplus.org). El: Red, hibit showcases more than 100 etchings by 1400 S Lake Shore Dr at McFetridge Dr architects and industrial designers strive Green to Garfield. Bus: 55 (24 hrs), 59, the artist, a former Elmhurst resident. The (312-922-9410, www.fieldmuseum.org). El: to bring the notion of ready-made housing 170. Tours: Mon-Fri 11am, 1, 3pm. Tours 46 TIME OUT ChICagO l april 21–28, 2005