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Feb21 presentation

  1. 1. 2/21/13COLLEGE FORWARD
  2. 2. CLASS SCHEDULE Announcements Major of the Day Register for ACT ACT Reading Prep
  3. 3. MAKE-UP PRACTICE ACT Wednesday, February 27th 4:30-7:45 pm Room TBD If you have sports practice/work/an extracurricular, talk to whoever you need to talk to ASAP to let them know you have a mandatory test on Wednesday
  4. 4. MAJOR OF THE DAY: ENGLISH Good if you like: lots of reading, writing, researching, having class discussions Involves a lot of critical thinking Might become: freelance writer, teacher, publisher, editor, journalist, or go into a completely different field…being able to write well is an employable skill!
  5. 5. MAJOR OF THE DAY: ENGLISH  UT is ranked #26 in the world for top English programs!  University of Houston has a good English program w/ emphasis on creative writing  Sample classes (that I took): 1950s American Road Novels, Victorian Literature, Scottish Verse
  6. 6. College ForwardACT English – Rhetorical Strategies Review
  7. 7. What do we mean by ―Rhetorical‖?• Dictionary definition: rhetoric meanseffective and persuasive use of languageSoooooo…. The 35 rhetorical questions found in the English section are testing your ability to analyze language and choose the most effective way for the author to communicate with the reader.
  8. 8. Before we continue, please take a few minutes to read Passage II, ―Down at the Laundromat.‖ Do not attempt to answerquestions. Just read the passage. 
  9. 9. Passage Strategy• Opening and Closing Sentences o How well does the author guide the reader through the essay? Let’s look at Question 24 from Passage II, ―Down at the Laundromat‖• Transitions o Transitions allow the author to change topics or move on to a new argument without confusing the reader. o The answer to Question 24 should be a sentence that provides a smooth path between paragraphs.• Purpose of Writing—Main Arguments oWhat do you think the main purpose of this passage was?  What proof do you have?
  10. 10. Passage Organization• Ordering sentences and/or pieces ofinformation o Look at Question 21. You must read the entire first paragraph in order to answer this question successfully. o Sentence 5 talks about trespassing…where does this logically fit into the paragraph?• Identifying main ideas and supporting details o Question 26 asks you to classify an element of the paragraph. Is this a supporting detail? A transition? Foreshadowing? A main argument?
  11. 11. Passage Style• Eliminate redundant material oLook at question 20 and read sentence 5. What does trespass mean?• Ideas should be clear and concise o Question 28 is asking you for the best way to word the sentence. o How you can get the author’s meaning across in the most concise and clear way?• Style can also ask about the writer’s tone—dothey write formally or informally?
  12. 12. • Look at Question 23. o Is this a strategy, organization or style question? o What is the tone of the passage? Formal? Informal? Whimsical? Serious? o Do all of the answer choices describe the laundromat’s paneling in some way?