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Year End Statistics 2011


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Market Area Statistics for 2011 including Mason, Lakota, Kings, Loveland, Little Miami, Indian Hill, Milford, Sycamore, Princeton and others in the Northeast Cincinnati Area.

Published in: Real Estate
  • It's very interesting slide show and it can gives the observers a comprehensive view about the evolution of the phenomena. Thanks a lot. Morad Khalil
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Year End Statistics 2011

  1. 1. Madeline S. HogeExecutive Sales Vice President
  2. 2. More Statistics Available (currently available Northeast Cincinnatiincluding Mason, Lakota, Kings, Loveland, Sycamore, Indian Hill, Princeton, Little Miami, Kings, Milford )
  3. 3. Questions? More Information? Madeline S. Hoge Executive Vice President 513-659-0095