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Fundit Mobile Application Screen shots

  1. 1. Fundit Welcome to Fundit Mobile Fund Raising Application
  2. 2. Mobile Fundraising Application Fundit MobileFor Charities and NPO’s
  3. 3. Fundit MobileFundRaising ApplicationFor Contributing toYour Favorite Charity
  4. 4. Things you need to know
  5. 5. How can you find us? Online at: (follow the links)
  6. 6. The Mobile AppThis is the landing page http:/
  7. 7. The Registration ScreenTap the “Register icon at the bottom of the screen and it will take you tothis screen
  8. 8. Basic Info Fill in your basic info 6 digit password and then “Press” the Register Tab
  9. 9. You Are Now Registered!Go Ahead and tap this Icon to get you to the Login Screen
  10. 10. LOGIN SCREENType your UserName and PasswordTap the Login button If you forgot your password, tap this icon and you will be sent an email that will enable you to reset iT
  11. 11. Easy Login Procedure 1. Username 2. Password 3. Tap the Login
  12. 12. DONATION CHOICES1st Time Contributor The payment gateway needs to acquire your credit card # that you will be using… so you need to tap Donate & Save Repeat Contributor Donate  If you are making a repeat donation, the Gateway (much like Save PayPal) has already remembered your information so you simply need to tap Donate Donate Now Now
  13. 13. Donate Now / Quick Donation Payfirma (Vancouver based payment gateway provider) is our processing partner (like a PayPal) Tap the Organization window to select the Charity you wish to contribute to
  14. 14. Select Your Favorite CharityA popup screen appears and you can scroll to find your favorite charityPick “Done” when you have completed your selection
  15. 15. Select Your ContributionAmountChoose from $10 to $100 by tapping the Amount
  16. 16. Confirm Your RequestTap YES to Confirm your donation
  17. 17. Your Donation is Confirmed Once you have confirmed your contribution you will see this screen and you will have three options 1. Hit “ok” to return to home 2. View Donation to see your receipt 3. Tap “Logout” to leave the app
  18. 18. Making your 1st& Save… Donate Donation 1st time contributors use the Donate & Save tab to register their credit card and decide on options of “One Time” or “Recurring”
  19. 19. “One Time” or “Recurring” Option • At the time of your 1st contribution, you will be asked if you want your donation to be a “one time” donation or you may choose “recurring” • “Recurring” will automatically deduct your card for the same amount on the same day each month… painless and it sure helps your charity, Note: to change your option you can sign into your account OnLine and adjust your profile there
  20. 20. Enter Your Credit Card Info
  21. 21. Complete Your Personal Info & Donate Once you have finished inputting your information … Tap the Donate & Save bar and your 1st registration and 1st transaction are complete
  22. 22. Check For Your Receipt
  23. 23. Donation Details
  24. 24. You AreDone… Logout and feel good that You helped make a difference to your charity Today!
  25. 25. Questions? More Information? Fundit Mobile