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Webinar: Privatization of Child Welfare Services: A Guide for State Advocates


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Webinar: Privatization of Child Welfare Services: A Guide for State Advocates

  1. 1. Oklahoma Child WelfareOklahoma Therapeutic Foster Care Association Privatization Plan HISTORY HIGHLIGHTS • Children’s Rights Lawsuit – February 2008 • House Bill 1359 - Passed 2010 • Lawsuit Settlement Agreement – January 4, 2012 • Finalization of Pinnacle Plan – June, 2012
  2. 2. Oklahoma Therapeutic Foster Care Association HB 1359 created the Foster Care System Improvement Task Force  Recommendation  Expand partnerships between state/tribal/public agencies and private sector resources for increased capacity and efficiency with proper court and agency monitoring and enforcement:  1) in placement (not to include case management) and services to custody youth along a continuum of care, to include out-of-home placement, such as emergency foster care, traditional foster care, kinship foster care, contracted foster care, therapeutic foster care, or other services as might be authorized by DHS  2) foster care home recruitment, training, home study and retention 3) in the involvement of community groups for local support, community resource development, and participation.
  3. 3. Oklahoma Therapeutic Foster Care Association Pinnacle Plan  By September 30, 2012, OKDHS will complete the bidding process to obtain an adequate number of private partnerships for the recruitment, support, and retention of non-relative resource parents. OKDHS will provide directly or through its private providers a seamless customer service experience for families by providing one point of contact for the entire onboarding process, including recruitment, resource family assessment, training, and ongoing support. The point of contact will support families as they interact with OKDHS throughout the approval process, during placement and care of children in their homes, and in understanding the child welfare system. The goal is to have one contact helping the family throughout the process.  If a private provider is not selected for a particular district, OKDHS will ensure the district is allocated adequate OKDHS staff and support for recruiting and retaining resource families.
  4. 4. Expanded Collaboration Private Child Placing DHS Agencies DHS retains foster care case  Agencies have responsibility for management and permanency foster care home, placement management/responsibility services, and placement > in contract monitoring management (?). = investigators, case managers,  > flexibility within a single placement licensing (special services, training, support, reimbursement) < home study workers, recruitment/training specialists  > training of traditional foster parents “verticle re-alignment” of lines of  > responsibility for foster parents at authority in child welfare all skill levels  > responsibility to community
  5. 5. Oklahoma Therapeutic Foster Care Goals Association  Managing for outcomes, not process management  > shared responsibility: participation by community and private sector  Delineation of specific functions for state (i.e. case management) and specific functions for private sector (i.e. placement management)  State determines want it wants contractors to do (i.e. placement, recruitment/nurturing of foster parents, FGDM, home studies, independent living, etc.) and how to pay for it.
  6. 6. Where are we now inOklahoma Therapeutic Foster Care Oklahoma: Association  Private contracting RFP as per Pinnacle Plan to be announced by Oct. 31st, 2012.  Ed Lake, new Director OKDHS, to begin work November 1, 2012.  State Question 675 on Nov. 6 ballot: Would abolish OK Human Services Commission and reinvent the agency with Dir. begin hire of Governor with approval of Senate and “commission” reconstituted to consist of 4 citizen boards providing oversight of DHS.
  7. 7. Child WelfarePrivatization in Nebraska Lead agency model • Originally, 5 private agencies across the state coordinated all CW services • State retained case management oversight Goal: reduce the # of children in out-of- home care Executive branch initiative
  8. 8. Timeline of NebraskaChild Welfare Privatization 2009 2011• Nov: Contracts signed • Jan: Case management transitioned to KVC & NFC 2010 • 77 HHS FTEs eliminated• April: Implemented across • $19M amendment the state • April: Moratorium on• April 2: Cedars terminated privatization in rural areas contract• April 16: Visinet terminated • Feb: LR 37 adopted contract (filed bankruptcy)• Sept 30: Boys & Girls Home • June: $5.5M to KVC terminated contract• Oct: $15M amendment
  9. 9. Legislative Resolution 37 “The HHS Committee of the Legislature shall… review,investigate and assess the effect of the child welfarereform initiative…” 6 interim study hearings across the state Reports from State Auditor, Legislative Fiscal Office & Legislative Performance Audit Committee • State CW costs increased 27% between 2009 and 2011 with no significant improvements in outcomes. Surveys from judges, attorneys, parents & foster parents Final report Dec. 15, 2011 • 400 pages & 18 recommendations •
  10. 10. 2012 Legislative SessionLR 37 package of legislation  Prohibits lead agencies except Omaha area  Allows for a “pilot” in Omaha  Sets caseload limits and defines how cases are counted  Created Children’s Commission  Created Title IV-E Committee and Foster Care Reimbursement Rates Committee  Created Office of Inspector General of NE Child Welfare  Increased financial transparency, provides for development of new data system, and requires additional reports and evaluations
  11. 11. Where are we now in Nebraska? Privatization “pilot” in Omaha • Reviewed by April 1, 2013 New Director of Children and Family Services Children’s Commission • Strategic Plan and committee recommendations by Dec. 15, 2012 Sarah Helvey Staff Attorney & Child Welfare Program Director Nebraska Appleseed