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Web Analytics Basics, WSI WebAnalys


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Web Analytics - minimizes the guesswork!

A tool to understand the effectiveness of your company’s online and offline initiatives to help optimize your website.

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Web Analytics Basics, WSI WebAnalys

  1. 1. Web Analytics –minimizes the guesswork!
  2. 2. Defining Web Analytics• The collection, analysis and reporting of Website usage by visitors• Web Analytics “is about measuring your success with customers” – Jim Sterne• A tool to understand the effectiveness of the company’s online and offline initiatives to help optimize their Website
  3. 3. Web Analytics: A Marketer’s Dream• Web analytics can be an important part of a marketers’ goal to optimize – Customer Acquisition – Conversion – Retention Strategies• Minimizes the guesswork, marketers can better plan their activities and achieve more accurate forecasts than ever before
  4. 4. Web Analytics vs. Site Objectives• Commerce Objective: Get customers to buy directly online.• Lead Generation Objective: Get visitors to submit their contact information so that the company’s sales force can contact them• Content Objective: Get the customer to return – Content sites revolve around the advertising business model• Support/Self Service Objective: Provide customers with the ability to find the answers they need regarding their products
  5. 5. What do you need to consider when setting up metrics?• Must have standard metrics• Must stick with those metrics for comparable data you can track over time!• Not all information is completely accurate, in this case you must look at trends• An absolute number is not always as important as the relative number
  6. 6. Key Objectives Related to Metrics• Maximize Profits – enhance your marketing campaigns and identify profitable target markets• Improve Content – discover the content that brings in customers, not just visitors to your site
  7. 7. What is Web Conversion?• Occurs when a visitor successfully completes a pre-defined goal/action via the website• A key variable when measuring Web ROI• Defining the goal is your first step to understanding and improving the site’s conversion rate.
  8. 8. Web Conversion CalculatorNew Flash-based tool forWSI Internet MarketingSpecialists demonstratesthe potential impact on aclient’s sales simply byimproving their website’sconversion
  9. 9. Data Value Pyramid Uniquely Identified Visitors Visits Page Views Hits Volume of Available Data
  10. 10. Ways to Identify Unique Visitors• IP addresses – Inadequate• Cookies – Better• User registration (Access to Intranet) – Most Accurate
  11. 11. Build an Effective FunnelIncrease the Conversion Rate on your website!“You want to Pour your customers through the sales funnel like oil”• People need to find precisely what they’re looking for on your webpage• Track conversion and tweak website accordingly!
  12. 12. Things to Remember..• Integrated Marketing with Web Analytics: – PPC – SEO – Email Marketing – Traditional (Offline) Marketing – And other, depending on industry
  13. 13. Contact us for more info:+ Free web analysis of your company website!,