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Men’s magazines


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Men’s magazines

  1. 1. Men’s Magazines
  2. 2. Fashion Lifestyle (lads mag) Health and fitness There are three main genres of Men’s magazines
  3. 3. Front Covers Salient images – Well known celebrities who are considered role models. Masthead has been made to fit the salient image. The colours have been changed to fit the colour scheme. Language associated with sex ‘length matters’ and ‘sex pistol. Sex sells. Content relating to the genre of magazine Proof of the effect of the salient image- Barack Obama was featured on these magazines too. Business articles
  4. 4. The changing face of GQ Style of masthead is not consistent April 1966 Summer 1971 March 1976 July 2012 Simplistic/classic layout. Not much text. The male gaze Fashion Sexually suggestive Appearance – haircare The male gaze More text to inform the reader of the content Bright colours and white background – more modern
  5. 5. Contents Fitness – training tips Tech – iPhone information Lifestyle tips from a celebrity Comic image Glamour shoot spread – the male gaze Extreme sports – male interest. Amazing salient image. Relationship theme – men are stereotypically bad at buying gifts for women.