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Eagle eyes (Bussines English)


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carlos alvarez
miguel yepson
madelein saavedra

Published in: Technology, Business
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Eagle eyes (Bussines English)

  1. 1. Carlos AlvarezMiguel YepsonMadelein Saavedra
  2. 2. WHY DID IT WAS CREATED?• It was created in order to protect the vision of the people from the solar radiation, while looking good and in style wearing them.
  3. 3. WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE WILL BUY THEPRODUCTS?• There are different styles, so people can choose the one that adapts to their lifestyle.
  4. 4. WILL THE PRODUCT LAST?• As with any other pair of glasses, the client has to give them the proper treatment and basic care so they wont break. If the client does so, the glasses should last for a couple of years.
  5. 5. IS THE COST OF YOUR PRODUCTAVAILABLE FOR ALL TO BUY IT?• Yes, it´s an accessible price for anyone who wants to own a pair of Eagle Eyes.
  6. 6. CAN YOU REMODEL THE PRODUCT?• Of course, we have different styles and have other more in production.
  7. 7. IN SIMPLE WORDS ... WHAT MAKES ITINNOVATIVE?• Its HD integrated vision with 3 transparent quantum Touchscreen LCDs.